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Sunday, August 14, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011 - Where The Street Has No Name

Coz I don't give a damn about the street's name or neon trees!!!
(not Neon Trees, but neon trees of i-City. The TREES... yeah. lols!)
*cough* padahal Leanne teruja gila tengok pokok lampu2 yg cantik gemerlapan gemilang ibarat menerangi pertemuan dua hati (me and Jared of course) selepas 10 tahun. Gyahahaha! <-- dush! qualified to be kicked. kahkahkah!*cough*


Silly Unnecessary Rants That You Can Skip If You Want But I'm Gonna Be Hurt If You Do So 
But If You Must You Can Just Skip Right To The Next Underlined Header <3:

Okay, the truth is, all I'm sexcited about on that eventful day was Mr. Jared and Mr. Jared and Mr. Jared. Liar... Hahah! I do care about the other two smexy bandmates (I still heart you Shannon! Tomo i wanna cut your hair <.< ) and of course, I'm excited that Beast was coming. 

yeah, this guy. who can ever resist this sexy devil?!
photo credit: jaredleto.com

It's been three weeks and the heat is still there. I'm still lourve-strucked *fanning myself* and yeah, i'm replaying the 30STM's MTV unplugged like a million times a day just to make myself go sane and focus again. And re-watching Jared's movies with passion like it was the 1st time i'm watching. I stalked Shannon & Tomo's twitter accounts like a crazy fangirl and i smiled whenever i saw Mr.sexygorgeous' super rare tweets appearing on my Timeline.

It doesn't stop at that. I practically went through the youtube just to get to know about Neon Trees more. Oh, goddamn Tyler, you, yeah you made me wanna born like an Animal in 1983! Leanne, that pun is so lame!!! SHUT UP!!! hahaha! =X <-- plaster mulut macham ni! Not to mention my friends sudden craziness over Beast. Le sigh. Yes. They are the avid devoted Cassiopeias. They never (really?) love (likecrazytothemaxoverthetopkindoflove) another kpop band other than TVXQ. But i think ever since their Beast FM and MTVWS2011's heavenly performances, my friends, they kinda explodes in exploring the sweet escapism of guilty pleasure among younger men~ teeheehee! i am so gonna get killed by this miahahaha! XDD

she's one of those that has been mesmerized by Beast! XD
ignore the skinny bum please. 
How did all of this started? 

Oh blame it on Yuulina. She was screaming at me, a girl that is always too indulged in my daily job life to click my guts, urm, my fingers out on my poor mouse (R.I.P) to get free passes for this event as soon as the contest was started. I WIN NO FRIGGIN PASSES THOUGH I CLICKED AT THE FRIGGIN FLIGHT CASES AND CREATED SEVEN SUCKEST DUMBEST SLOGANS I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!I thought i'm about to lose a finger or two. It was a paralyzing experience.  -tarik nafas- lepas~ fuuuuuumtv~~~ 

the only person that can make me do things i never think i'm gonna do 
such as paralyzing my own fingers at 3am.

But then, miracle really did happened. I almost got killed on a road accident when Yuu texted me that she won the passes (never read SMS while driving guys!) and as she promised, she'll take me with her. Really. I almost died out of happiness. I stopped my car just to cry. My 10 years of a dream, to meet that band, gonna comes true within a month. I'm thankful to you, Yuu. Really. Hugs. Now i know why Dyla called you, you know, the shooting stars. -bear hugs and wet sloppy kisses for dear Yuu- 

tix that yuu got teeheehee <3
photo credit: yuulalingbucukmanje
It was just the two of us at 1st, but then joined by so many friends later on. Some won the passes like Yuu did. Ice got her tix from Celcom and some were lucky enough to have rock awesome bosses that gave their underlings (urm, yeah, underlings) free tix to the event. hahah! i sound like a friggin manga gangsta lols~! 

muka pura2 innocent pura2 tak excited senyum sopan gahaha! 
tapi yuu memang tak reti berlakon pon pfft!
The thing i like the most about this event was the punctuality. Audience were already there, queuing up since morning. Yuu and I, we're both already there at 12 noon or so, but decided to get some lunch anyway instead of being crazy empty-stomach fangirls, standing under the hot-after raining- sun, gawking with scrutinizing eyes towards the registration booth. Laen la kalau Abam Jared ade kat situ, laen la cerita. Ha Ha Ha. XD 

long queue!
While waiting for registration, VJ Utt and Holly were throwing so many merchandise of MTVWS2011's sponsors.  Fans were going crazy trying to get the free goodies! Damn both VJs were looking so fine! I am so hyped up at that time because they were playing 30STM's hit songs. And then, wham! Beast was doing the sound check dude!!! From under the hill, through the giant screen, fans were screaming like a bunch of banshees (fanboys' squealing sound was funny yet awesome) when each of the Beast members appeared on screen, singing live, rehearsing their dance move while donning simple white shirts and jeans. Fara, Lea and Aina joined us right before the registration started. Fara baked a friggin box of green cupcakes homg!!! I'm sugar high after one bite muahahaha! -jump! jump! jump!- 

Accurately at 3.30pm as promised, the registration started. The organizer prepared us ponchos since we can't take umbrellas with us into the venue. No water bottle too. My evil dumb side suspecting them wanting us to buy their super expensive drinks, but been to some concerts before, it was just a customary to do so. Plus, I can't imagine if those crazy jerks (read The Hell and you'll know who i meant) had bottled drinks with them. We're gonna be soak in drinks and sweat kot? Hmmph! They gave us a really cool looking fan too. Risau kami pengsan kepanasan barangkali? But because of the excitement, i failed to notice all of those free goodies and ran off the hill towards the venue. I curse the very second i thought wearing gladiator would be cooler than sneakers coz it was definitely not. My legs were killing me since minute one. T_T 

We were asked to wait a bit just outside the venue so that the staff (some of them looked like undercover FBI agents i swear! -insert X-FIles song- ) could re-arrange the audience's movement into the venue. Aww i love how systematic the event was. We were sitting under the neon trees as if we were picnicking while enjoying the views and expensive drinks. Hahaha. I know i know. I should drop the expensive drinks matter like now. 

stress, panas, and thirsty yet excited! yuu is busy updating her twitter maybe?
Suddenly everybody gets up and start moving into the venue. NO PUSHING! the staff that act as guards were super strict! We walked obediently slow and once we were in, we ran as if our lives depends on it to get the best spot! \(~_^)~ ... 

And the magical night begins. <-- KAT SINI HA UNDERLINED NEW PARAGRAPH HEADER~

*nada riak* hahahaha! jauh kan dgn stage kan? kan? kan?
The show started off as planned, just being delayed by a few minutes so i don't care much. Pop Shuvit was rocking the opening! Whoa am i not proud of them as a Malaysian? They rock big time!!! The only song that i knew was Marabahaya and their collaboration for new song with Man Bai (i almost cried seeing him. Kau Ilhamku was like legendary so the guy himself is a legend!) titled Seperti Syurgamu (thanks yayas). They collaborate with E.A.R too and it was awesome! Right band choice for the opening coz they definitely heat up the venue like crazy! The audience were singing and jumping and dancing along like crazy! They perform another song with Sizuka or something as the title and that song was awesome too. Pendek kata Pop Shuvit memang awesome lah! Hihi! <3

frontman of Pop Shuvit yang cool gila
photo credit: MTV

After they finished performing, everybody get a 30 minutes rest for them to clear up the stage for next performance and for us audience to freshen up or resting a bit. This 30 minutes thingy happened for each performer. At this moment me and yuu ran to get ourselves into the Express Zone lols! it was an action to avoid crazy dudes from The Hell entry and also, the guards were the one offering us the access coz the Express Zone was like EMPTY duh~ Ade ke patut. Tsk Tsk Tsk. So some of us regular tix holder were permitted to get into the front stage zone hehe! yeah, i know, we're lucky bitchez gahaha! I love the fact that they played awesome MVs on the screens for the next performer also some cool MVs so the crowd were all chilling and singing along and spazzing like mad. And guess what? Beast was next~! 

The air was getting hotter and smelled muskier (ade ke perkataan ni?) well, musk-er in bad way of sweat (yeah, ewwh, i know) and the sky was getting darker. The screaming was craazy!!! The express zone was filled with their fans apparently. I'm all giddy looking at Beast's MV been played on the screen. I think the admin of Malaysian B2uty (Beast's fanclub's name) were the busiest that day. They handed out gray/white balloons and posters and keep the fans chanting for the group! Oh how i wish JYJ/TVXQ came too. Its gonna be a serious war between red balloon holders and those kpop haters coz seriously, if you ever been in TVXQ/JYJ fandom, you'll know how seriously defensive their fans were towards anybody that is rude to our JYJ/TVXQ. 

photo credit: MTV

Damn! Beast was the awesomeness of awesomeness when they perform live! the dance move was sharp and sleek and the vocal was amaaaaaazing! maybe that is why i looked up at Beast that day just as much as i looked up at TVXQ when TVXQ were debuting. Almost same quality. But pfft, the super sleek almost perfection performance was getting brow-raising-comment from our local newspaper saying they maybe had it lipsynched and possibly lying to the fans. Well duh, FYI miss reporter, K-pop stars did not lipsynch. They were forced by contract to practice till they vomit blood to achieve perfection thank you very much. This fact, maybe only known among kpop fans. 

BEAST or B2ST or Batoost from South Korea!
photo credit: Chang Lih Ren

Talking about Beast or Batoost, like Simon from eatyourkimchi.com claims, they heighten the already hot atmosphere to another level. They came up on stage and starts to perform Shock in all white! And oh boy i have to admit, i had a sinful crush over ALL of them at the very 1st second hahahaha! Like i said, i like them before, but after that night, i love them like i love my Ebun. Err.. Ebun is my pet cat hehe. XD The screaming of B2uties was deafening i tell you! I manage to get some fancams but well, my 1st time doing it, so i suck big time hahah! but in case you wanna see the LQ vids, just visit my YT account here. I swear i had it in HD, but Youtube won't let me upload the HD vids hahah!

After that they performed Fiction. The dance move. AWESOME. The vocal. Oh yeah. AWESOME. I think i wrote 'awesome' for too many times already but bear with me coz this MTVWS2011'S PERFORMANCES WERE ALL OH-SO-AWESOME! Back to the topic, Beast then perform On Rainy Day next. OMG i'm speechless. You guys should watch they sing this song! They are the only group that impressed me with the ability to sing ballad song live with crazy passion after TVXQ and FTTS! Yeo Seob's vocal was flawless, i almost cried. The same goes to Hyun Seung. Amazing vocal you got there dudes! They even perform Special, Beautiful and another hit song called Soom or Breath (if you wanna know the meaning in English). Very impressive song choices as the songs themselves were impressive to start with lols! 

That was the 1st time i listened to Beautiful and Special and those two songs got me hooked and kinda sealed my secret crush over these young boys (omg i sound like a pedo hahah!). Very fresh and sweet! Love love love the dance move too. Just cute and sweet and amazing! Omo i spazzed too much about Beast already that i'm afraid Yoochun aka my real life husband (of JYJ if you dunno him) might divorce me hahah! But, *in super low voice* i don't care, i must talk about how their performance that night has changed my view over this new idol group all at once! 

Seobie and Seungie are two amazing singers! Gi Kwang's sharp dance move and vocal caught me breathless! Dong Woon's cute English during the short ment was adorable! And he looks amazingly like a Malay hahahah! XP Doo Joon, his charisma was oozing all over the place damn he's hot! And not to forget, Jun Hyung, the rapper, awww the smexy rapper... His swag and voice and attitude were all just right! He's gonna be big someday if he's not already is~ Why i always had a crazy crush over rappers and guys with J as initial is always beyond my understanding coz i ended up marrying a guy with Y as his initial lols! 

alaa tak nampak muka Gi Kwang pulak! =(
photo credit: MTV

And oh, there is another detailed fanaccount for you Beast lovers to devour your addiction of the beastly Beast if you wanna relived the craziness or for those who couldn't be there with us. Here. Yayas, i pinjam your LJ link okay? Okay! hahah. Thanks!

Right up next after 30 minutes massaging my own feels-like-broken legs, the crowd went crazy wild all over again when a guy covered with some kind of cloth (?) went over to the crowd accompanied by some serious looking bodyguards and then that guy ran over to the stage through the audience and wham the show get started all over again! IT WAS TYLER OH MY EFFIN GOD!!! ok, at that time, i'm not a fan of Neon Trees coz i don't really know them, so i kinda went "huh, who is that punk?". And after that, wooohooooo! They rock the stage like a friggin rockers! Urm, yeah, you got me right, i thought they are a rock band. Is it? Right? No? Yes? But anyway, they sung some serious shit songs that night. Holy shiz i danced to them okay? 

photo credit: MTV

That drummer girl, Elaine, she rocks big time that i feel like marrying her to Shannon Leto that friggin night! Like seriously, she almost stole the show (before 30STM's of course hehe. no offense i'm a MARS fan from the very beginning lols) if not for Tyler's crazy cool performance. Tyler was wearing this crazy cool shirt with an eye on it. I WANT THAT SHIRT!!! NOW GIMME THAT FOR MY BIRTHDAY PLEASE?!!! shut up Leanne. hahah.

photo credit: MTV

The whole crowd went wild when Tyler sings Animal coz well, i think that is their most hit song maybe? I dunno haha. The other song that got me all hyped was 1983. Damn i love that song so effing much lol! I know this is crazy, but i seriously don't recall any title of their songs they performed at MTVWS coz well, at that time i'm not even a fan. So... i found this setlist from jovenatheart.com. They were performing Your SurrenderCalling My NameIn The Next RoomLove and Affection1983AttractionSins of My Youth and Animal. Major awesome MVs they got yeah!

I just wanna say this, if it was not because of MTVWS2011, i will never ever know how awwsome, (yeah, double W for them coz the drummer is a WOMAN :P) they are. Damn i practically in love with them after that fateful night i even think of adding 'learning to play a drum' into my 'to-do before i die' list! But, doesn't it kinda funny that Neon Trees was performing at a venue that is famous as the very 1st place in Malaysia that has ginormous number of neon trees? The trees was like extra props for them! Love it!

After another 30 minutes of resting, the climax is finally approaching muahahah! *rubbing my hands like a greedy bitch* The stage was awesome like so awesome i awesomely swear it was the awesome-est stage i ever saw. Damn i feel like crying again thinking about it wargh! Okay that statement is so biased lol! coz i think Neon Trees had the prettiest stage decoration and they used super cool animations at the background screen! But ignore me fangirling biased-ly at 30STM ok? hahah! 

awsome kan? kan? kan? XD
The numbing legs, tired body seems like nothing when there was this creepy humming sound that any 30STM's fans would feel familiar with and then Shannon of Thirty Seconds To Mars starts playing the drum like nobody's business for Escape. The already wild crowd went even crazier as they heard Jared's voice from the dark stage and started to push to the front rail just to get a closer look at the legendary rock band. The echoes created when the crowd sings along "This is war..." was just overwhelming! Damn i silently cried though i appear to be all excited. Yuu and I manage to get closer to the stage to get our best shot for the fancam. We were just a few feet away and the chanting was madness. T_T 

The stage was dark! But his voice shines like a vampire!!!
i know, that doesn't make sense hahah
photo credit: lellitoe

And back to the spazzing, then Jared appears rocking his guitar (along with cool shades, all black rocking jacket, leather pants and long black shirt which i suspected to be sexier than any little black dress owned by any woman) when they started to perform A Beautiful Lie. HOMGHOMGHOMG! it has been my dream to watch them performing this all time fave song of mine, live, right in front of my eyes and man aren't they awesome?! Words can't tell how proud i am being able to finally saw it with my own eyes. Jared. He's just amazing and i'll kill anybody that dare to say he can't sing live. The same goes to his band mates!

yes i know, looks like he's wearing a dress, but wait until you see that jacket came off~
he's gorgeous from his side teeheehee! 

Right after A Beautiful Lie, they perform the infamous Attack. At that moment, for the first time, i-city echoes extravagantly with the crowds singing along from the beginning to the end. That song was so damn epic! All that while i was looking at Tomo for so many reason. His guitar sounds oh so smexy and his hair was so super long and messy i feel like jumping onto the stage and cut them right then! XD 

"Run away! Run away now !I'll attack! waaaarghhhh!!!" =P
photo credit: lellitoe

Right up next, they tone down the craziness by performing  Search & Destroy. Not a slow song, but compared to Attack, this one is a little bit tamer yet sound sexier. A song  that i think not many recognize or too lazy to sing a long lol! Kesian abang Jared penat suruh crowd join him sing the "a million little pieces" part though kat screen terang2 ade tulis the lyrics ahahah! never mind sayang, i sing it with you till the end! <3 

*peek at his side profile gahahha!*
i swear most of us at the front has turn into either pervy or gay!
blame his shirt showing off his rippling torso
and super low pants accidentally showing off his oh cute bum XD
photo credit: Chang Lih Ren

Actually, i remember Jared sings 100 Suns without Shannon and Tomo, just him and his guitar, but i can't remember if it was before Search & Destroy or This Is War lols! But i friggin love that performance. It was relaxing. Feels like Jared was lulling the crowd with his sweet voice. The crowd went "Oh.. Oh... Oh..." precisely like in the record and i love it! Echelon you are the best!

After that, when This Is War started, the crowd went C-R-A-Z-I-E-R by hundred times!!! Damn Jared your voice is to die for i think i can stay all night listening to your low notes and drooling dammit! -swoon- It was a mesmerizing performance. 

mata macam rasa rabun kan?

Then they perform Vox Populi, a song about friendship and looking at how Jared made the crowd sing and in union clap their hands together like one big family made my chest swell in pride. Well he's one good example of entertainer that knows how to make people stick together through their songs lol! i-city once again echoes with the sound of the crowd clapping their hands in union. It was another heartwarming sight!

i must say the crowd was practically worshiping this incredible dude lol!
photo credit: MTV

And finally the song that I've been waiting for the whole evening. Hurricane  acoustic performance woohoo! can i scream another woohoo? WOOHOOOO!!! Hahah! I think each Echelon was waiting for this performance. It was infamously epic and nobody can tell otherwise coz it was epic even in the lowest quality video in Youtube! So can you imagine the ecstasy listening and hearing this live?  Hurricane's acoustic was... Eargasm. 

this one has clearer sound  =)

The song itself is crazy beautiful and with acoustic version, it was a dream comes true! Even those who listen to it for the 1st time that night was mesmerized! Jaw dropping madness crazy good i have to say. The chills i got when the whole crowd was like stunned at Jared's beautiful voice and i can't stop giggling when he sung the bridge part "do you really want... do you really want me..." and everybody including me start to scream "YEAH!!! I DO!!! I DO!!!!" ahahaha! but the irony is... when you listen to him right after that, it was "do you really want me... dead?" LOLOL! you can't die Mr. Jared, you are a vampire and downright a machine right?! 

After Hurricane, Jared fools around with the crowd, trying to speak in Malay but fail miserably and he picked a boy up on stage to teach him. Jared was so cute trying to get "saya cinta kamu" right but ended up saying "saya cinta pamooo" puahahaha!. That red shirt kid, what a lucky bastard. Yeah, i am so jealous, i called him that ahahaha! So pardon me =P Sorry ye budak, tapi kau memang bertuah gila! All hugging and buddy2 on stage like omg making thousands of us feels like ripping the stage apart out of jealousy! XD And, it didn't stop there, Jared called out another fan to join him on stage. This time a lucky girl named Amira. She hugs him and he hugs her back! -wails- He keeps on hugging her shoulder all the while he's talking to the crowd. Lucky bitch. I swear till today my heart had a pang of jealousy whenever i heard "AMIRA". 

seriously, lucky bitchez! T_T
look where Jared's hand is. -wails-

Then Jared asked these two fans if they want him to sing any song they wanted to hear. He asked if they know Alibi song. And if they know some other songs that i refuse to remember coz i'm extremely jealous at the moment =P but he finally decided to sing the acoustic version of The Kill. Damn, if i was on stage, i would so beg him to sing Night of The Hunter. That song is a major killer in acoustic compared to The Kill. Not that The Kill is not good, but Jared sings The Kill all the time during concerts. But anyway, The Kill that night was amazing. The crowd sings along and it was just beautiful. 

it must feels like a dream having Jared singing next to you T_T

And after Jared finish singing The Kill, he asked both boy and girl to call out one of their friend each. And the girl in white (friend of Amira) requested to hug Jared too. And he let her with an O_O eyes lol! Double damn. Jared why so cute?!!! The boy called out another boy that look like Hafiz AF lols! 

Le sigh~ -wails again-
photo credit: Chang Lih Ren
Then those four kids were told to go somewhere else (to the side of the stage maybe) and Closer To The Edge was next! It was just like in the MV! Click on the link if you wanna know what i mean. It was AWESOME! People was jumping and all hyped up like impossible! If all of us could fly, i bet the sky would be filled with thousands of flying adrenaline-high Echelons and audience! It was crazy. 

MARS is always famous in including their fans in any activity they were doing and that includes pulling up hundreds fans on stage lols! Jared went crazy and keep pointing to the crowd, "you, yes you! you! you! you!" though the staff was like "has he gone mad? the stage will collapse!" hahahahah! but Jared was so sporting and cool he said "never mind, let them up on stage" or something like that to the guards and staff. He even encourage the fans whoever want to be with them on stage to come to the front and run up! That's how cool MARS is! Period! 

But i think Malaysian stage was like so big and he filled it with so many fans compared to their other stages. I don't even try to get on stage coz it was crazy with fans pushing to the rails just to be chosen so me and yuu opt to stay back out of the crowd and stare straight at Jared from the middle of the crowd in Express Zone. The excitement of the fans and Jared, it was so clear from where i stand. The funny thing is, the guard had to restrain the jumpy fans from running to crush Jared in hugs hahah!  

see? the stage was full!
that's how awesome MARS is.
never in my life had i saw any artist drags hundreds of fans on stage with them like this.
photo credit: Chang Lih Ren
So the fans were all giddy on stage and we all knew the 'dragging fans on stage' was a tradition alarming us that the encore finally came when MARS started to perform The Kings And Queens. It was a beautiful song. I swear i saw a lot of Echelons shedding tears knowing that the night is about to end. I don't know why i didn't cry but i think it was majorly because i am so happy to finally be able to witness the epic-ness of Thirty Seconds To Mars. Right at the end, Jared said thank you and Shannon adorably threw his drum sticks to the crowd and it ends. 

MTV World Stage 2011 live in i-city Malaysia ended just like that. Oh i forgot to mention the giant red balloons and confetti. It was an amazing sight. For a free concert ( i bet most of us have the ticket for free), it was even better than the paid one. Unbelievable to the point that i can't wait to come again next year. I don't mind if i have to spend my money for the vip ticket next time around coz MTV is a hot awesome organizer! Thanks to the hardworking crew, Celcom, Twisties, Mastercard and whoever was there to make the show as awesome as that. Thanks to the artists for the amazing dream-like night!

if she can smile that wide, then she must be having super fun ahaha! XD
To Yuu, thanks for the tix, i had a great night. Me love yah! To Yayas, Lea, Aina and Ice (and her friend i lupa nama dia lol) i'm sorry you guys couldn't really enjoy the night because of some pricks. Im sorry coz you guys lost the chance to see why me and yuu are so into Jared lols! To Lela lellitoe, kalau ko datang awal, for sure aku dah drag ko pegi depan awal2. But i know you enjoy the show too hehe. Now you know why your sister ni gila MARS kan? =P Yasmin and Nolly, sorry can't spend much time with you two. 

photo credit: lellitoe
photo credit: lellitoe

Oh yeah, i'm suppose to call this post as The Heaven yeah? naah... That event would be The Heaven without the jerks. But indeed, it was a heavenly (literally practically obviously) night to me. Why?


photo credit: farayas
thanks babe, i'm gonna save and stare at this till i'm a granny!

I choose to not split this entry because i'm evil like that. Please forgive the typo, grammatical & spelling mistakes coz my english sucks but i pretend it is not XP Till we meet again. xoxo


jae4yuu said...

THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! (apart fr going to JYJ's concert)
Sume sakit2, sengal2, lenguh2 tangan clicked flight passes tu berbaloi bile dpt tgk 30 Seconds To Mars and especially the vampirish abg jared.
Throughout the concert, i menjaga suara utk tidak menjerit. LOL! so that i boleh lepas gila2 time 30STM. Time tu lupa kaki n badan dah sakit n kebas.
Apa2 pon, sangat berpuas hati setelah 10tahun minat 30STM akhirnya dapat jugak attend concert (not a full one) diorg. Now i wanna aim for their full concert, which i hope they will have =_=
Long live 30STM and Echelon!

Anonymous said...

Awesome spazz entry (dah terjangkit your penyakit awesome ke nih?) I'm glad you had fun btw ^^

I'm bummed I didn't want to stay for 30stm but yeah, you know why it happened right?

I remember hanging outside (after seeing Beast's van *spazzes*) and I could hear you guys singing along to 30stm. It must've been great ne? Maybe someday there'll be a chance for me to see them again? Who knows~

Oh btw, wanna go see 2PM in November? Or you x minat? Keke~

chechoki said...

Not to mention my friends sudden craziness over Beast. Le sigh. Yes. They are the avid devoted Cassiopeias. They never (really?) love (likecrazytothemaxoverthetopkindoflove) another kpop band other than TVXQ.

^that.. tak tau nk gelak ke, or rase nk babab u kuat2! ahhaa..

abg jared mmg ensem ah.. i tgk die kat tv aritu ^^

Anna said...

Jared was awesome. He single-handedly controlled the crowd. I like how he spoke to us like we are his friends. His voice was relaxed and comforting. He didn't need to shout like other performers. I found that irritating and trying too hard to impress.

About the VIP passes, one of my friends told me that her brother actually bought a pair for rm100 just one hour before the concert. I thought that was a good bargain.