Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Monday, September 12, 2011



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“Aw, that hurt!” Jaejoong winced at us. “Are you crazy?!!” He glares at Ryn.

Ryn smacked Jaejoong. “How dare you treat Elle like that?” Ouch! That must be painful! She smacked him again! Oh gosh, Ryn! Hahaha!

“How dare you walk away like that? She saved your best friend! She deserves to know what the hell is happening to Yoochun!” Ryn who had been silent all this while seems to be very angry. I can’t help but to smirk at the fact that Ryn, who had adored and idolized Jaejoong over years, was now raging like a lioness over how he was treating me.

“You’re Elle?” Jaejoong is still wincing over his hurt back. I bet there’ll be bruises. I inwardly roll over the floor, laughing at the whole “throwing Jaejoong with shoes and smacking him with a handbag” situation. Ryn, if this was South Korea; you’d be murdered by his fans!

Sunday, September 4, 2011



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My mom stares at the both of us as if we suddenly grew another head. I ate my breakfast quietly and threw a deadly glare to my left when I felt another leg touching my left leg under the table. The person meant for that glare is smiling like a goner, eating his fried noodles with a knowing look. A stupid smirk crossed his face, eyes glinting with never ending mischievousness.

“There is plenty of space! Can’t you move?!” I snapped at him. He just acts as if I wasn’t there; continuing to feast on my mom’s delicious home-made fried noodles. I’m not angry at all. Trust me, but this is nerve-wrecking! His right leg is rubbing teasingly at the side of my left. I can’t hold it any longer. “You know what, I hate you!” I glare at his teasing gaze.

“Elle… Care to explain? What’s with your snappy attitude this early?” My mom just can’t let me off the hook, can she? I so don’t want to explain anything to her, so I shut myself off. I took a brief glance over at the old clock hanging on the wall. It is still early. I bathed extra fast this morning and dressed up with the same pace too. My heart was burning to leave the house as soon as possible! I just can’t be under one roof with that insufferable male today. Not today. I might kill him if I did!

Friday, September 2, 2011



*A/N: Missed Elle & Ayden??? They’re back! Yay!!! Elle’s POV*Here comes another short update... been too busy... sorry my loyal reader... Beta-ed by Skye Lin :)


A prince in a black Audi R8 was just what I needed.

Why is it so noisy? The birds are chirping. Where did my dream stop just now? The prince in the black Audi... What’s poking my butt? Ugh! That hurt! Can’t people just let me sleep? I need my beauty sleep! Tch!

“Ouch!” I rub my sore, left butt absentmindedly, groaning while doing it; definitely not feminine, but who cares. It hurt. Plus, who would have known. Just then, I heard giggles at the edge of my ears, lulling me back to my heavenly sleep. “Miss Elle...” I heard that small voice again. Apparently that little creature is real. None of my two, hellish days were a dream. I open my eyes slowly. It’s still dark as I saw that the pink, heavy curtain shielding my sister’s bedroom’s window had not been touched by the sun’s rays.

“Miss Elle... Wake up...” I heard Ayden’s small voice again, waking me up while his small hands were shaking my butt off.