Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Monday, May 28, 2012



“Daddy,” Ayden was lying on top of Yoochun’s broad chest. His head was moving upside down ever so slightly whenever his dad breathes. Yoochun hummed a little, giving the silent permission to Ayden to continue his query. His eyes were fixed outside the room, through the widely open sliding door- staring at the sky as the strong wind blowing the white light curtain off the large door, leading his vision outside to the balcony. 

“What song is Eddy playing?” Ayden murmured his question while looking up at his daddy’s face. Yoochun smiled back at Ayden. He heard it too. Eddy apparently was practicing his guitar. The sound was calming. 

“I don’t know, Ayden. Why don’t you ask him later?” Yoochun place his left hand on Ayden’s small head, making Ayden chuckles gleefully. The small boy hugs Yoochun even tighter. “Do you love music, Ayden?” Yoochun asked. 



*A/N: Listening to Taylor Swift’s Invisible.*


- Back to Elle’s POV-

“You need to make him go back to Seoul, Elle! You have no other choice.” I swallow the lump I’m imagining existed in my throat. My body is shaking. Ryn’s voice over the telephone echoes in my head, thumping. It creates a new headache. I move my left fingers to massage my throbbing temple. 

“How is that, Ryn? Even Jaejoong couldn’t! I can’t just chase him out of my house! He got Ayden with him for god sake! Gosh, Ryn... Help me!” My voice sounds nasally. I’ve been crying and my nose is starting to get runny. I use my palm to clean my wet face. I must’ve look like a mad girl. “I’m running out of time here, Ryn. I wish I could take his place. He’s suffering! If only you saw him last night, Ryn.” I sense Ryn been crying too by the soft sound of someone sobbing at the end of the phone. Something sharp was definitely been stabbed straight to my heart over and over again. We’re both sobbing, failed in our attempt to hold our tears back. 


Chapter 2: In Time With You, The Retard

“Yes?” I tried so hard not to sound malicious over the other person on the phone.

“Hello?” There’s no reply so I’m planning to hang up. He’s always like this. It was always hard to talk to this one on the phone as the circumstances had always be retard-like or just stupidly silly. And I have no time for silly retarded stuff as I’m managing superstars like Kim Junsu.

Yup, I might sound cocky, but being Junsu’s manager has been physical and emotionally challenging. And yet this guy over the phone always manages to make me feels like pulling my hair off my scalp. I should have just ignored his call, but no. He might be annoyingly annoying, but I love him as much as I love Kim Junsu. So I decided to bear with it. I usually regretted my decision. Haha.

Friday, May 25, 2012


*A/N: In response to the most anticipated fanfic contest organized by Malaysian Cassiopeia Group, I gather my courage to kick off my laziness and tried to write a oneshot containing 2000 words. But yeah, i failed to put my thought in simple sentences, hence the birth of this simple chaptered fic. So I decided to write a new one and share this one with you guys. Forgive my grammatical errors and typos since I haven't send this fic for proof reading. Hope you'll be excited to write good oneshot for the contest. Enjoy!*

Chapter 1: In Time With You, The Narcissist

Inwardly, I laughed. Secretly. Like a stalker. Carefully, so I wouldn’t get caught while eavesdropping. But that doesn’t mean a knowing delightful smirk never escaped. I love watching, analyzing. That’s what I do best in my life. Observing. And yeah, listening is my best quality too.

“Hmm… I am gorgeous…” those vicious eyes confidently trailed over the fogged mirror while patting more shaving cream over his perfect jaw and chin. I can’t help but to hold down a giggle that was threatening to explode. This one sure is so full of himself.

Slowly he shaved away all the stubborn stubble maiming his perfect skin. All the while, confessing to god knows who, how good he looks. “I’m a perfect specimen of a man.” Sly smile drawn across his face while he checks his own muscular left arm. Roll my eyes I must or else I’d die right there and then. Maybe he’s talking to himself, one of the Gods. Okay, now that makes great sense to me.


*A/N: Not beta-ed yet. So... haha... enjoy! =)*

It’s almost midnight but the city seems undead; just like the cigarette in between his fingers. Fiercely burning while the smoke astoundingly hung in the air, swirling. Just like his mind. Absentmindedly, he cursed the festive spirit his country owns but immediately corrects himself for being such bastard.

He then thought it was the stagnant silence within his condo that had killed his mood. He’s been considering going out to the crowd a few times but decided it would be too much. The crowd would drop everything at a mere sight of him. He doesn’t want that to happen. Not when everyone is suppose to focus on the celebration.