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Friday, September 2, 2011



*A/N: Missed Elle & Ayden??? They’re back! Yay!!! Elle’s POV*Here comes another short update... been too busy... sorry my loyal reader... Beta-ed by Skye Lin :)


A prince in a black Audi R8 was just what I needed.

Why is it so noisy? The birds are chirping. Where did my dream stop just now? The prince in the black Audi... What’s poking my butt? Ugh! That hurt! Can’t people just let me sleep? I need my beauty sleep! Tch!

“Ouch!” I rub my sore, left butt absentmindedly, groaning while doing it; definitely not feminine, but who cares. It hurt. Plus, who would have known. Just then, I heard giggles at the edge of my ears, lulling me back to my heavenly sleep. “Miss Elle...” I heard that small voice again. Apparently that little creature is real. None of my two, hellish days were a dream. I open my eyes slowly. It’s still dark as I saw that the pink, heavy curtain shielding my sister’s bedroom’s window had not been touched by the sun’s rays.

“Miss Elle... Wake up...” I heard Ayden’s small voice again, waking me up while his small hands were shaking my butt off.

“God... Ayden, I need more sleep!” I whined at the little darling. I refuse to wake this early.

“Miss Elle... Grandma said it’s seven already. You’ll be late for work!” There’s urgency in Ayden’s voice. I sigh. I forgot the fact that I have to work today. Ugh! It’ll be great if I was actually a princess or had loads of money, and didn’t have to work.

“No... I’m still sleepy... Why aren’t you still sleeping?” Without opening my eyes, I grab Ayden’s small body, and pulled him under my blanket. I heard him squeal in delight. I can’t help but to smile at his gleeful scream. I hold him close to my body. His small frame felt fragile in my embrace. I feel his small arms snaking around my waist. He snuggles closer to me. It felt warm.

“I can’t sleep; I’ve sleep too much!” Ayden said out loud. His usual husky little voice sounds painfully high pitched this morning. I winced at the sound. Ayden seems to notice it when he whispers to me, “Oh, I’m sorry... Hehe... I can’t sleep; I’ve sleep too much.”

I can’t help but to chuckle at Ayden’s innocent behaviour. He repeats the exact same words in slower tones when he thinks that he talks too loud. How cute is that? “Yes, you sleep too much.” I kissed the top of his head. He smells nice, just like his dad. Well, considering that Ayden slept next to Yoochun last night, it’s no wonder he smelt like Yoochun in the morning. Imagine sleeping in Yoochun’s embrace… That is just so perverse, Elle!

I inhale Ayden’s presence. I already loved this boy ever since I met him. I heard his breathing even out in my embrace. I just listen to it until I feel myself drifting back into another deep slumber.

Then, I felt him tug the front of my shirt. “Ayden, let me sleep for another five minutes, okay?” I told him tiredly. My whole body feels like hell. My muscle and joints are sore and tired. I heard him grunt in protest.

“Miss Elle, you have to wake up. Grandma will come here herself if you don’t. She said she’ll kick your butt if you whine for being late again.”

“No she wouldn’t, Ayden.” I retort lazily. I’m too tired to argue. It felt so good lying lazily on the soft bed, under thick blankets and surrounded by fluffy pillows, and a kid hugging to you, of course.

“But she said she would Miss Elle.” Oh my god… My little Ayden is now officially my mom’s little soldier! Damn. My mom must have brainwashed him, and Ayden had only been in our home for not more than twenty-four hours! Imagine if I let him stay at home with mom for the whole week! Help me dear god.

“Five minutes Ayden. Okay?” I still refuse to fall for my mom’s trap. She always lies to me about my waking time. She always tells me that it’s already seven even though it’s actually just around 6am in the morning, and now she is sending this little soldier to wake me up? Slim chance! I will not fall for that!

Ayden’s small arms which were draped on my waist tightened. He snuggles even more closely to me. Maybe he’s cold. Even without air conditioning, my sister’s room is arctic cold. “Are you cold?” I asked him. I felt his small head nod a couple of times, so I pull the blanket over him, right until it covers his neck. I smile at the overwhelming feeling I felt right now. Ayden felt so cuddly in my arms.

“Is your dad up yet?” I ask him sleepily, still clasping my eyes shut. I silently laugh at my query. I feel like a married woman all of sudden. When you’re married and have a son; you ask your son if your husband is up yet. I have that kind of feeling right now. It’s eerily heaven. The irony is that I’m just imagining things. My absurd sleepy mind is, well, absurd.
“Yes, he woke when I did; maybe he didn’t sleep at all.” I sense sadness in his quiet voice. I open my eyes, rubbing them to rid me of the sleep I craved. I try to look at Ayden’s gray orbs. Apparently, Ayden’s eyes were half lidded, staring at my chest.

“Hey, it’s rude to stare at girl’s chest.” I giggle at my own remarks. I was only joking, but Ayden’s cheeks flush with a red, dusty blush. His eyes widen, staring back at mine. I run my finger on his button sharp nose, smiling at him. I saw a smile start to creep up his feature.

“Don’t you worry about him; I saw him sleeping early last night. When I checked on you two again late at night, he was still sleeping.” I saw his eyes brighten up bit by bit. “So you don’t have to worry, okay?” I gave him my assuring smile. I don’t want a depressed kid this early on my bed. Well, in this case, my sister’s bed.

Ayden nods his head vigorously. His unruly hair bounces along with his movement, adorably. “You’re a good boy; did your dad ever tell you that?” I ruffle his dark locks. He leans into my touch affectionately. Boy, you love when people do that don’t you?

“No, he never tells me that.” We are now looking at each other’s gaze. I no longer felt like dozing off. I saw Ayden smile sadly. His eyes look extra glossy to me. Please don’t cry yet, dear. I’m not used to kids crying this early for god’s sake.

“And why is that? Did you ever wonder about it?” I think, although Ayden is just nearing five years old, his mental ability in holding a serious conversation is spectacular. I thought I might just confront him like an adult.

Ayden gave me a look—an ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ look. His left eyebrow quirks up questioningly. “What’s with that look?” I pushed his forehead playfully. Ayden laughed at my daftness.

“Wasn’t it obvious?” Then I saw the past sadness appear again in his eyes.

“No, tell me. What do you think? Stop giving me that look, Ayden! I really can’t connect what you are trying to say here with that ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ look. Tell me... My brain doesn’t work quite well in the morning.”

“Language, Miss Elle. I’m four, remember?” He raised his eyebrow again. I felt offended and ashamed of my tongue-slip.

“Sorry Ayden.”

Ayden loosens up his arms and sat straight in front of me. His legs crossed under him, like some yoga-guru. Both his small arms wrapped around his small body. I bet he’s cold. “It’s obvious. He hates me!” Ayden pouts annoyingly while stating what he has been thinking about his daddy’s lack of affection.

I must’ve heard it wrong. Ayden thinks that Yoochun, his dad, hates him? Wow, now that is so not true! Well, how would Ayden know, right? He’s four, and if I was four and my dad never tells me I’m a good girl, I might have thought the same too. “Ayden, I can tell you this for sure. Your dad loves you more than anything. Trust me on this, okay?”

“I don’t know how to say this, Miss Elle, but I just know it. His perfect life is no longer perfect after he took me in. He has to run away like this. I know he hates me. I would hate me if I had to run away from everyone I love because of an unknown son that just popped out of nowhere.” Ayden bit his lips nervously. His fingers were fidgeting on his lap.

My brain tries to process what he’s talking about, but somehow I actually understand what he meant. “Honey, let me tell you something, but you have to keep what I tell you as one of our secrets.”

“A- a secret, Miss Elle? What is it? Do I have to hide it from daddy too?” His eyes widened all of a sudden. Is it just me, or does this kid really love secrets and gossip?

“Of course, if you tell him, it will no longer be our secret.” I saw him nodding his head eagerly. Boy, you really love secrets, don’t you? “Okay, you have to shut your mouth and listen carefully.” He nods his head again, moving his body closer to me to listen to my voice clearly as I told him ‘the secret’.

“You were very sick the last time we were in that hotel, right?”

“Mhm,” I laugh inwardly at Ayden’s curious expression.

“Your dad practically got a major panic attack at time. He cried. ” Well, I lied about the crying part. It was a white lie, but I perfectly know that Yoochun was crying in the inside the whole time Ayden was sick. It was obvious!

Ayden’s forehead forms a deep crease. Confusion marred his face. “Ayden, when you saw Adam… You still remember Adam, right?” I saw Ayden nod his head. Curiosity was still etched on his face. “When Adam said harsh thing to me, did you panic?” He nods his head once. “Did you feel upset?” He nods again. “And you told me you love me, right?”

“Yes, Miss Elle. I think I love you.” That little boy… When he said those words, he was on the verge of tears. His lips and chin quivered, as if he was trying so hard not to cry. The only thing that I thought relevant to do at that moment was to place both of his hands in mine, holding them as if they were precious to me.

“I know that Ayden, because when you love someone, you will always want them to be safe. You’ll panic if they get sick or hurt. As I have told you just now, I saw how panicked your dad gets when you’re sick. He freaked out. He can’t even call the doctor to get help.” Ayden’s face brightens up a bit at my revelation.

“Now don’t you ever think even for a second that your dad hates you, understand?” I purposely gave Ayden my serious look to stress the fact.

Ayden smiles brightly; his left hand rubbing his wet eyes. “Really, Miss Elle? So you really think he loves me?” He asks me again to make sure of it. I sigh, pulling him onto my lap, hugging him in a crushing embrace, kissed the top of his head and said,

“Yes, I’m perfectly sure of it Ayden. He loves you. He told me more than twice that he loves you. You didn’t have to hear him say it, Ayden. You just have to feel it; here.” I touch his left chest where his heart is beating. Ayden giggles at the touch. “Ticklish, aren’t you?” I laugh at his giggles. I hug him tighter, having the urge to let him know that I love him too.

“He’s the only person who never said good things to me. He never told me he loved me before either. He asks Jaejoong to replace him whenever he promises to do things with me. Even Changmin-hyung told me that he loves me, but not my dad. How pathetic is that?” Ayden sighs. Man, this young man really has some serious issues in trusting the fact his dad actually loves him.

With a squeaky little voice, he continues “But I don’t blame him. He doesn’t want me in the first place.” Now that slaps me straight across my face. Yoochun not wanting Ayden in the first place was something new to me. Yoochun didn’t tell me that. He said he didn’t know he had a child at all. Not until recently.

“And where did you hear that?”

“The Sanders told grandma when she came to take me from the protection house. They said grandma better leave me there because my dad doesn’t want me.”

“That is just nonsense, Ayden. Don’t you know that your dad is the one who asked your grandma to take you out of that place? Don’t you know that he had been sacrificing a lot of things just to bring you home and be with you?” Ayden shakes his head weakly.

“I think one day you’ll need to ask your dad about all of this; maybe when you’re older. I’m sure he didn’t tell you about any of this because you’re just four. You’ll know all of it when the time comes. Okay?” He nods his head, looking unsure. “Don’t tell your dad I told you that he had a panic attack. Promise me! He’ll kill me if he knows!”

Ayden chuckles at my panicked voice. He looks up at me, “Thank you, Miss Elle. I love you.” then he grabs my face, and kisses me square on my lips. Oh. My. God…

I am speechless. That was my first kiss, you damn kid!!! 

“Ayden! That was my first kiss!” Ayden jumps away from my lap like a mini version of 'The Flash', giggling while jumping on my sister’s queen size bed. Damn brat; making me curse so much this early. I have to repent my sins later on. Tch! That little devil...

“You know what, I don’t care. You’re not even valid to be my first anyway.” I fold the blanket that has been left pooling on the bed begrudgingly. Ayden happily jumps on the bed. There’s a tinge of jealousy at the back of my heart when I look at his carefree behavior.

“I wish I was four, just like you.”

“Why is that Miss Elle?” He asks me back, sitting his butt on the blanket I folded neatly. I pull the blanket off his butt; he chuckles happily, rolling on the bed.

“I want to jump on my bed like you did too.”


“No and, it’s almost seven and I have to get ready for work! Move your butt off you handsome soldier! Help me tidy this up. I’m late.”

“Ay-Ay captain!” He starts arranging the fluffy pillows happily on one side of the bed. “Are you going to take a shower?” He asked. I nod my head and head to the door. “Can I join you?” He continues asking absurd query. I rolled my eyes.

“No you cannot. You’ll tell your dad what you see. I know you.” I left. I heard his protest, but I ignore him. I’m late for work already. When I step out the door, Yoochun was standing at the side of the wall beside the bedroom’s door, leaning on his right.

“You’re up already? It’s still early...” I walk past him, trying to ignore the fact that he looks as sexy as hell with tousled dark hair. He reminds me a lot of a very hot D-Gray man villain character, Lord Tyki Mikk.

“Good morning to you too, not a morning person, are you?” I felt his hand on my right wrist, grasping warmly. Yoochun’s teasing voice sounds amazingly; not annoying to me at all. I smiled.

“Nope, what are you doing here? Go help my mom make the breakfast if you don’t want to continue sleeping. I need to get dressed and all. I have meetings to attend this morning.”
“I already did. She asked me to call Ayden and check on you.” He rests his head on the white wall, closing his eyes. He looks sleepy.

“Go back to sleep. You look like hell. Have some rest while you’re here. You look paler than yesterday.” I touch his forehead. It’s burning a little.

He took my hand off his head, held it absentmindedly in his other hand. Now both of my hands are in his. “I’m fine. Don’t worry too much, okay?” He smiles reassuringly. I nodded, mentally noting that it was too early to have an argument.

“Elle... thanks,”

“For what, Sleepy-head?” He chuckles deeply at my remark. I’m confused.

“I heard what you told him,” He smiles genuinely. “Thank you. I wouldn't have known how he felt about me if it wasn’t for you—“I wanted to cut him off, but he cut me off first.

“Let me finish talking first, please.” I sigh and then look at him, straight into his dark gaze allowing him to continue. “You are the best thing that happened to both of us after all of the nonsense that occurred since we landed here. I would be so dead without you, so, thank you.”

“What have I told you about your habit of repeating your gratitude over and over again?” I rolled my eyes. I hate it when people say thank you too many times to me. I don’t really need their gratitude. I was just doing the thing that I thought was right.

He laughs. “Yea, I know you hate it, but still, I’m not taking you for granted. You are important to both of us. Plus, I don’t think you’ll accept the other way of me expressing my gratitude with an open heart.” I saw how his eyes glinted with mischief. It would not be good. I better run ASAP, but my ego tells me not to.

“And what is that?” My voice sounds challenging. My inflating ego always manages to push me into a hellish situation, and I just sense another one coming up when I heard him chuckling deeply.


You know what; I don’t think I can express what happened right after he said that. The first reason is because my brain was totally blanked out, and the second one is that I totally felt like digging my own grave and die of humiliation. Somebody kill me please! Park Yoochun, the heartthrob, kissed me right on my lips, and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet! Oh my god! Kill me!


To be continued...

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