Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Chapter 7: The Aftermath

It was almost 2 am in the morning when the front door creaked open. I smiled at the sound of his footsteps. My heart swelled when I saw the man I hate to love appears with a silly smile plastered on his handsome face while entering the kitchen.

“Are you drunk?” I asked while arranging some zucchini strips on top of the kimbab I’m making. He's attending the after-party, he must've drink with the others. He shook his head adorably. Yup, he didn't smelled like he's having alcohol when he came near me.

“You look happy. You looked so cool tonight.” I smiled as I feel his hands snaking around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest.

“You are warm" I can perfectly feel that he's smiling against the side of my head. His familiar musky smell made me feel safe. "I am happy and I know I am cool tonight, thanks anyway hehe.” He kissed the side of my head lovingly. 

“You really made something for me at this hour?” His voice sounds so raspy. He surely had given his all out while performing their last comeback tonight.

“I have nothing in the freezer, kimbab will do, right? I’ll treat you something nice at breakfast tomorrow okay?” He just simply responds to me with an ‘okay’ and childishly rest the side his head on top my head. Yeah, he's so tall. All that while, still possessively hugging me close from behind.

“Want to drink anything?” He shook his head. “You’re too tired aren’t you?" He chuckles." Yah! Don’t fall asleep! I’m making you a whole plate special  2am kimbab here!” I tugged his right ear playfully so he didn't fall asleep on me.

“Why can’t you be romantic for a second? I missed you like crazy; I wanna hold you for the next 6 months!” He groaned exasperatedly, hugging me tighter. I scoffed at his audacity.

“And leave me again for the next 6 months to god knows where for filming right, Jung Yunho?” I elbowed his tummy just so he released me, but he just winced and turns me over so I’d be facing him.With my back at the edge of the counter, his strong arms securing at my side, the proximity was ridiculous. i thought i could count his lashes if i wanted to.

“You’re sexy when you’re scolding me, you know that don’t you?” His mischievous smile was twinning my angry pout. I nodded and within seconds, his lips sought mine as he annoyingly giggles.


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