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Friday, August 24, 2012



*A/N: Look at the title of this chapter! It is so scandalous! LOL!!! XD... I’ve been listening to 4minute’s Funny nonstop for 3 hours & I think I’ve gone crazy- unfortunately.*


“I’m late!!!” I ran to the front door. “Mum, where’s my phone?!” I spun around looking for it. I heard my mum babbling on the background- complaining to someone about my annoying habit; misplacing stuff here and there. She adds a few more rants about me being hard to woken up in the morning. I heard another voice chuckles funnily. Ugh! Where the hell is that phone?! Gosh I’m a mess!

I went through my stuff in my larger than life handbag a couple more times. Where is it?!
“Miss Elle! Your phone!” I saw little Ayden running from kitchen across the living room. His little feet looking so fast running with a speed of light towards me. Have I told you before that Ayden move faster than The Flash? He is the mini-me of The Flash! My white phone is in his left hand. Aww... Thank you god for your benevolent gift- Ayden... I can perfectly feel a smile creeping up my face.

“Ayden! Don’t run!” I heard my mum said that in union with Yoochun. Then I saw Yoochun’s strong arms swept Ayden’s running form off the ground causing the little angel to scream gleefully. He held Ayden possessively in his embrace. Ayden laughing form seems glowing in his dad’s embrace. 

A new feeling seeps through me. Thank god Yoochun’s getting better. His coughing fit subsides along with his abating fever. It surprised me that he looks normally fine despite his one month time left. Maybe it was the fact that his skin always looks porcelain-ly handsome; making his pale feature to be pleasant to be behold. He looks healthy. And that freaked me even more as I can’t figure out if he’s in pain or anything. He had return to his playful self. He’s smiling again after three heartbreaking days and that’s what important to me.

“Miss Elle,” Ayden lift my phone, waving it in front of my face. His voice dragged me back to reality. I smiled. “You left it on the kitchen’s table.” Ayden was beaming brightly to me. His always unruly hair is surprisingly neat this morning. My mum must’ve combed it. I placed my right hand on top of his small head, ruffling his hair a little. He giggles happily.

“Oh Ayden, what would I do without you?” I took it and sloppily kissed Ayden’s forehead a couple of times. God I love him! I heard Yoochun chuckles as he saw my reaction. “Thank you! You’re my angel! Did you know that?” I said that as a matter fact. I even lift my left eyebrow to emphasize it. Both Yoochun and Ayden laughed. I smiled. This felt surreal.

“Yes, I know that! Hehe!” Ayden stated back with such pride. Yoochun cracks another laugh at Ayden’s forwardness. Never mind Ayden. You are too cool to be humble! I granted everything you said! My heart swell with such pride all of sudden. I turn my gaze from Ayden to the man holding him. I inhale the morning cold air. It was mixed with Yoochun’s musk-earthy smell. Damn he smelled sexy. I’ve gotten too used to it by now. And it does freaks me out. I’m afraid that I might miss him when he’s not around anymore.

“Feeling better?” I asked him.

He nods his head, a bright smile twins with his smiling eyes. I can’t stop myself from pinching both his cheeks when I saw the dimples adorning them. Damn he’s cute! I laugh as he grimaced. “Argh! Elle! What the hell was that for?!” He used his right free hand to rub his cheeks. His eyes watered by the sudden blinding pain. It makes me chuckles even more.

“Nothing. I’m glad you’re getting better.” He gave me a ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’ look. I crack another laugh. “I think your passport will be ready tomorrow, I’ll call them this morning as soon as I reach my office.” I place my cold right hand on his reddening left cheek. He’ll be gone by the end of the week. He’d promise me to undergo the surgery. I saw Ayden struggling to get down, off his dad’s embrace. I saw his skinny legs ran towards my mother. Ayden drags my mum into the house, leaving us both alone at the front door.

I turn my gaze back to Yoochun. In a blink of eyes I felt his dusty pink lips on mine. Huh?!
“Thank you,” He said. Half whispers. I can feel his breath breezing on my skin. Then he kissed me again. “Thank you very much.” Both of his hands were at the both sides of my face- thumbs grazing my cheekbones feathery. God, this is too surreal! Someone wake me up please!

He kissed me- twice. I blushed. I pushed his face. My face felt hot. Involuntarily, I pouted my lips. Gosh I’m annoyed. I looked up at him. He’s smiling- so handsome. Huh... I know I’m red as tomatoes. I can’t understand why he looks so happy right now. I almost flinch when I felt his fingers grazing my left cheek. Damn, I’m nervous. We’re two strangers who had just met six days ago. We’re two strangers who had met at the oddest place of all. Petaling Street. Huh... I exhale heavy sigh. We’re two strangers who get together because of Ayden; because Yoochun had a death wish.

His deaths wish...Tch! My mind crossed something so wicked and awesome all of sudden. I grinned. No, I practically smirk like an evil woman. “Hey, you know what... I think I should be the one thanking you.” I gave him my best mischievous smirk. He seems to be confused.

“And why is that?” He asked.

“You just make me kissed three TVXQ members in a row!” HAH! I AM SO GENIUS! That’ll hit him hard. Kissing a girl randomly like that is so not cool. It’s not like he loves me! I’ll get my revenge at him for stealing my first, second and third kiss!

“What?!” He’s even more confused. He’s eyes drilling into mine with a hard expression. “You must’ve gone mad, woman.” He stated that as a matter fact. I rolled my eyes in annoyance at his daftness.

“Just now, I’m kissing Jaejoong and Junsu-sshi indirectly. Duhh...” I rolled my eyes again.


“Yoochun-sshi must I repeat the fact that you had some romantic histories with them before?” He seems even more confused. I just smirk at his daftness. “Oh... I wish I could kiss Jaejoong-sshi for real!” I purposely fan myself with my left hand to emphasize my annoyance. He’ll get what I mean soon. Then I saw his face changed in expression. His cheeks start too flushed with dusty redness.

“Elle! No!!! Eww!!!Perv!!!” Yoochun stared at me heatedly. I laugh at his slowness. I stuck my tongue out just to annoy him more. His left hand flew to hit me but I was fast enough to avoid it. I let out giggles, amused by the fact he wanted to hit me.

“Stop kissing me whenever you felt like kissing me, please. I really didn’t appreciate being kissed by a gay celebrity!” I laugh even more. I saw his lips twitching- wanting to smile. But I bet his ego stopped him.

He huffed. “I’m not gay. How many times must I tell you that?” He looked offended. I raised my eyebrows.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m already late.” I grab my shoes on the floor and started to walk away. Then I felt his hand grabbing my left arm, turning me around to face him again. I’m startled as I felt my lips being smack with a force. Ouch! It stung a little. Damn, I let him kissed me again!

“Nobody tells me what I can and cannot do. I’m dying; let me do whatever I wanna do, okay?” He smirks mischievously. Hah! Using death as license to do anything he wants, was he? Just like his death wish. He is so damn impulsive and manipulative!

When I think it over, I felt like rolling my eyes over and over again while throwing my hands at all over directions. I felt like jumping too. He is just so irrelevant and childish. And I don’t want to forget mentioning how stubborn he is when he gets to his death wish. He’s so stubborn that my dad gave up from making any comment to stop him. He’s so stubborn that he made my mum cry. Ugh! Everything seems annoyingly nonsense to me these days. Is this the only way dear god? Maybe... Hmm... I guess... According to his death wish, that was the only way.

Elle, stop complaining. That way you got the liberty to protect Ayden. Hmm... Protecting him from Yoochun’s messed up celebrity life and some whacko killer too! Wait a sec! Killer?! That mean I’m in danger too! Right?! OMG... Now I’m scared. Nah... They’ll never know where I live... Right? Huh... I hope so... Gosh I’m scare! T__T

“Did you just kissed her?!” I heard another foreign husky voice at the background. We both jump- distancing ourselves from each other. I bet Yoochun was shocked by that angry tone. Well, I’m shocked. 

I closed my eyes. Sigh... and turn around just to see the angry Jaejoong. Yes... It’s Kim Jaejoong.


I clearly remember the chaos happening last night. It’s almost midnight. I bet everyone has drift away in slumber as in the day time we’re busy satisfying Yoochun with his irrelevant death wish. I sat alone on the balcony when I saw a car get into our lawn. It’s Ryn’s blue Myvi.

“Ryn?!” I screamed for Ryn from the balcony. Then I saw her getting out of the car. She waved her hands, directing me to get out of the house. I ran to the front door. “Hey? What are you doing here this late?” I tied my hair into a messy knot. “What happen?” I asked.

“Urm... Elle, I can’t be long. I got a flight to catch tonight. I’m going to Australia in three hours. My boss already waited for me at the airport.” Ryn scratch the back of her head- looking miserable.

“Huh? Then what are you doing here?” I’m confused. Then I saw the other figure that has been standing at the other side of her car- wearing black sweater with dark coloured shirt- Kim Jaejoong. Oh. My. God! 

“Jaejoong-sshi! What are you doing here?!” I gaped at him in confusion. This must be a dream. I might’ve fall asleep while sitting at my balcony. Right? Hmm... Not right. This is real. I can smell his perfume mixed with the cold night air. Nice.

“Hello, Elle.” Jaejoong smiled.

“He’s here to get Yoochun home. I would like to help, but I really need to go now. So I think I’ll leave Jaejoong here, okay?” Ryn pulled me into a hug. I gaped at her too. 

What the hell is going on here? She can’t just leave Jaejoong here. My family will be freaked out with another celebrity staying here. My dad almost murders me this morning because of Yoochun’s death wish. Having Jaejoong here will absolutely make my dad mad at me forever. He hates Jaejoong the most! Well duhh... My mum loves Jaejoong! All female members in my family excluding me are practically crazy in love with Kim Jaejoong! I drag Ryn away from Jaejoong.

“Ryn! Why don’t you leave him at any hotel or somewhere?” I lowered my voice, so that just Ryn heard me.

“He called me as soon as he arrives at the airport. He said he can’t reach your phone. I’m already late, so I think it’ll be much easier for him to coax Yoochun if he’s here with you.” Ryn reasoned out. I sigh.

“Yeah, you’re right. But anyway, Yoochun had already promise me to undergo the surgery. We’re just waiting for his passport and ID and all. Then he’ll be off to Seoul.”

“Really?! Wow! How did you do that?!” Ryn beamed at me in awe.

“You didn’t wanna know what I had done just to make him agree.” I sigh again. I turn my gaze to Jaejoong who had been standing in the middle of my lawn like a lost puppy.

“Jaejoong-sshi,” I called for him. He turned his gaze to me. He’s no longer wearing his black head gear. Head gear? Hmm... What should I call that thing? A snow cap? Is it? Blah! Never mind. That knitted thing- it covers his brown short hair all the way to his eyebrows a moment ago. “Yoochun’s upstairs. Wanna meet him?” I asked. Jaejoong’s blank features brighten. He smiled happily.

“Ayden already sleeping?” He asked. I smiled and nod my head. I help him took out his things from Ryn’s car. “Aww... I missed him.” Jaejoong chuckles. He genuinely smiled at me.

“Okay, I have to go now,” Ryn was about to get into her car. “Good luck Jaejoong-sshi!” Ryn wink at Jaejoong. I rolled my eyes at her flirty attitude. Well, she loves him. I couldn’t say anything about that, right? Flirt Ryn flirt! HAHAHA!

“Thank you, Ryn-sshi!” Jaejoong pulled her into a warm embrace. I saw how shocked Ryn is. I inwardly was screaming ‘KYAAAA!!!!’ at the cuteness of the situation. Ryn was blushing furiously.

“Ryn! You got a flight to catch! Off you go now!” I laugh at her sudden static form.

“Oh! Bye!” Ryn ineptly get into her car and drove off. I look over the smiling Jaejoong. Gosh he’s pretty!

“Wanna eat something first?” I remember giving him my best smile to hide my nervousness being with the prettiest man alive. He smiled even more. “I got some pizza in my fridge. Hehe...” I lead him into the house. I bet my mum will have a major heart attack in the morning. 

Well, I didn’t have to wait until morning because she did faint at the kitchen’s door as she came down to get some water and realise that she had Kim Jaejoong in her kitchen eating left over pizza and cold milk on her counter.

And again, “Did I just kill your mum?!”

“Try something more original please.” I sighed. I’ve heard that twice this week. I remember that last night was another longest night in my life.

“Is she dead?!” Jaejoong panic face was so damn funny. Hahaha!


“Did you just kissed her?!” Jaejoong repeats himself. The angry tone is no longer enveloping his voice. He looked hurt. I sigh. Oh no... Did I just make Kim Jaejoong jealous?! No Elle, its Yoochun’s fault.

“I don’t need to explain anything to you.” Yoochun replied in annoyed tone.

“Jaejoong-sshi, it wasn’t like you think. He was just trying to annoy me.” I nervously smiled. “It’s not that he has any feelings towards me.” I turn my gaze to Yoochun. His pale face was now a little flushed. “Right, Yoochun?” I elbowed Yoochun, asking him to clear things out. Yoochun rolled his eyes, refusing to say anything.


“He’s not my boyfriend or anything, so I don’t have to explain anything to him.”

“What?! I’m not your—“ Ok-oww... Jaejoong was rather mad I guess. He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He sighs heavily. “Fine! Do whatever you want! Don’t explain anything coz I don’t even care.” Jaejoong walk away, going outside the house.

“Huh... Whatever! You two have issues to settle.” I shook my head at how childish Yoochun and Jaejoong behave. They had been like that since last night. I thought when I brought Jaejoong into my room last night, meeting Yoochun, they would be crying and hugging and all like any lovers (I suspected they are lovers though Yoochun keeps on denying it) would do after being apart for quite sometimes. But no, they had a cold war. 

“When I’m back from work, I want this cold war to end. Okay?” I firmly voiced out my annoyance. Yoochun just ignore me.

“I’m going,” I pouted my lips. “Kiss me goodbye.” I said. He stares at me like I’ve gone mental. “I wanna kiss Junsu and Jaejoong indirectly again.” I was actually joking, but Yoochun rolled his eyes in annoyance while murmuring something that sounded like ‘pervert’ and peck me a little on my forehead. 

I laugh when I saw his features starting to blush all over again. He’s embarrassed! Hahaha! Then he left, leaving me all smiley. 

Gosh I’m gonna be late!


“What are you doing standing there?!” I saw Jaejoong standing at the side of my car under the porch.

“Take me anywhere. I don’t want to be under one roof with him right now.” Said Jaejoong. I gawk at him. He’s got to be kidding me. I unlock my car.

“I have to work, Jaejoong-sshi. I have to get there by nine.” This is ridiculous. I throw my handbag and laptop onto the back seat.

“Take me with you.” He got himself into my car.

“Jaejoong-sshi! No—“

He cut me off. “He needs to rest. I don’t want to have another fight with him.” He reasoned out. I sigh. Yeah, they fought last night. Like old married couple.

“You know what; I am so going to request special song made just for me sang by the both of you! Both of you drive me mad! I deserve to be rewarded!” I heard him chuckling funnily as I get into the car.

“Don’t you chuckle at me?! I am damn serious okay?! Both of you are more troublesome than Ayden.” I huffed. I drove my car, leaving my house for work. My colleague must be thrilled I’m bringing a celebrity to work.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve tried to be civil with Yoochun. He just can’t stand being in the same room with me. It’s not my problem, it’s his.” Jaejoong stated as a matter of fact.

“And why is that?! Bother to tell me? Coz I’m so clueless about what really had happened between you two.”

Jaejoong stayed in silence. I glance at his silent form with annoyance. I bet there’s something special going on between them. I even caught Jaejoong trying to kiss Yoochun last night. 

Well, I didn’t mind they kiss at all, I love JaeChun for real. But the fact that I saw how Yoochun was trying so hard pushing Jaejoong away make me smack Jaejoong at the back of his head to stop him from forcing Yoochun. Forceful gay kissing is so not cool to me. Plus, if my dad caught them doing gay stuff, Yoochun wouldn’t have to wait one month to meet out creator- god it is- coz my dad would’ve kill them both on the spot.

“Well at least tell me if he’s actually dating you or anything right now.” I tried to dig out some more.

“No, we’re not dating.” Jaejoong replied. There’s a visible bitterness in his voice. I gawk at him.

“And you love him?”

“Yes, I love him.” Uhuh! I knew it! Yee...! ^__^

“But he didn’t feel the same I suppose?” Jaejoong didn’t reply me. I sigh. “Are you sure he didn’t feel the same?”

“I don’t know. He broke up with Junsu right after we slept together—“

I practically jump on my seat as I hit the brake with a force. I heard a loud horn from a car behind us. The engine died. Thank god we’re not being hit from behind. I inhale as much air my lungs can afford. Wow! So they already slept together. That’s shocking!

“Elle?! Are you trying to kill us both?!” Jaejoong’s face paled. I started the engine back and continue my driving. I mumble my sorry to him.

“You slept together? While he’s dating Junsu? That’s low Jaejoong-sshi!” I’m not being judgmental here, but poor Junsu. No wonder he’s depressed and stuck in comatose after taking too many sleeping pills. Jaejoong told me about what happen to Junsu last night.

“I know. I’ve hurt both Yoochun and Junsu by telling Yoochun I loved him.” I saw how Jaejoong’s face filled with such regret.

“He must’ve feel something for you, if not he wouldn’t be sleeping with you, right?”

“I’m not sure about that, Elle. He changed so much after that day. When I got to know that he broke up with Junsu, I thought he must’ve felt something to me. But things are getting complicated after that. He’s avoiding everyone. Now that I know he’s very sick and dying, I had come to think that he’s distancing himself from all of us because he doesn’t want any of us to know he’s sick.” Jaejoong rubbed his tired face. 

“Maybe he still loves Junsu and wouldn’t want Junsu to be sad knowing he’ll be gone.” I sensed the hurt in his voice.

“And that doesn’t mean he didn’t love you, Jaejoong-sshi. I think he’s just trying to protect what he had- love and friendships. He wanted it to be the same, untouched. He’s dying, it’s normal to want everything to be perfect if you’re dying. I would’ve wanted the same if I’m about to die, I guess.” I coax Jaejoong with my opinion.

“Yes. But the problem is; you are not Yoochun. Nobody knows what he wants.” Jaejoong sighed heavily.

“Jaejoong-sshi, I wanna ask you something.”


“If his surgery becomes a success, if Junsu wakes up... Would you still try to win his heart?”

“Unless he told me not to, I will.” Jaejoong firmly states his stand.

“Even if it’ll hurt Junsu?” I asked carefully. I saw how Jaejoong bit his lips, thinking so hard over his words.

“Love is a battlefield. I’ll fight for Yoochun no matter what. And Junsu could do the same if he still wants to be with Yoochun. I wouldn’t mind.” Jaejoong closed his eyes. “He’s a brother to me. Junsu, he’s important. I’ll fight him fair and square. But only if Yoochun didn’t tell me to stop.” He opens his eyes, throwing his gaze outside the moving car.

“After all of this mess, I’ve come to learn to respect everybody’s feeling." I look at Jaejoong in awe. He’s so calm yet sounds crazy. Love is a battlefield eh?

“What important is the present. No matter what will happen after the surgery, I wanted him to know that he’s not alone in this mess. He still got his family and us. I wanted him to be home, where he belongs.”

“How’s his mother? Have you informed her about Yoochun and Ayden’s whereabouts?”

“Yes, she knew they’re both safe with you. She’s doing fine I guess. She’s one of the reasons why I’m here. She asked me to get both Yoochun and Ayden back to Seoul. She’s thankful that you and your family take care of her two boys with such concern.”

I nodded my head a couple of time. “I’ve told him to call his mother a few times, but he keeps on delaying it. And last three days he’s been very sick, so he hasn’t got the chance to call her yet. But not to worry, I bet my mum will remind him to do so.”

“I haven’t told her about Yoochun’s sickness yet. I didn’t have the heart to tell her.” I understand him. I wouldn’t have the heart too. I felt bile creeping up my throat. Yoochun’s hazy fate is so pathetic. My chest tightens to the urge of crying. I held it back. Whenever I realize that we’re about to lose him, I felt like dying too.

“Did Ayden know that his daddy is dying?” Jaejoong asked.

“Yup! That smart kid knew it even there’s nobody telling him about it.”

“I really don’t think it’s a good idea to bring Ayden back to Seoul right now. Things are chaotic there. Those paparazzi are dying to get a glimpse of him. They’re searching for him ever since the news about Yoochun had a secret son leaked out. They refuse to accept SM’s bullshit about Yoochun’s mum adopting Ayden. Those fan cams and stalker videos are more than enough to prove that Ayden is Yoochun’s biological son. He looks exactly like his dad.”

“You don’t have to worry about Ayden. He’s going back to Seoul, but not with you and Yoochun. He’s going with me a few days after your flight; maybe on Yoochun’s operation day. Though Yoochun forbid me from bringing Ayden to Seoul, but Ayden must’ve wanted to meet his family. Plus, he’s not going to live in Seoul at all after this. He’ll stay here with me.”

“Huh?! What the hell is that suppose to mean?”

“Yoochun’s nonsense death wish.” I stated.

“His nonsense death wish?”

“Yes, I’m legally Ayden’s mother.” I stated my status as a matter of fact. Jaejoong opens his mouth to retort, but he shut it as there are no words coming out. He’s in major confusion I guess. His attention was now 100 percent on me. He turns his whole body to face me from the passenger’s seat.

“And what is his death wish again?” He asked, seriously.

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Yes, I do wanna know. Tell me. He asked you to adopt Ayden, right?”

“Well, that’s just a part of his death wish.” I chuckle. “Hmm... The only single make sense thing in his stubborn plans.” I added. Jaejoong gaped at my addition.

“Come again?”

“He’s so afraid that he’ll die and have Ayden left unprotected, so he asked me to marry him—“

“HE WHAT?!!!” I didn’t have the chance to finish my words at all as Jaejoong burst in sudden outrage.

“I’ve told you, you wouldn’t wanna know. That crazy friend of yours asked me to marry him in order to protect Ayden.” I smiled at Jaejoong’s flushed feature. Having the man he loves marrying another woman must’ve hit him hard. Well, I’ve warned him.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we have any romantic feeling or anything. I’m doing it for Ayden. I’m doing it because that’s the only way to make Yoochun agree going through the operation.”

“Why don’t you just adopt him?”

“Tell that to your crazy dying boyfriend. He’s so stubborn. He said that even if I adopted Ayden, I’ll still have limited custody over Ayden since his family; Yoochun’s mum and brother and the Sanders might’ve wanted to take him back to Seoul or US. He told me that it is not safe for Ayden to be near his real family. He wanted me to give Ayden a new life here when he’s gone. So he made me marry him and sign for Ayden’s adoption and sharing custody papers.”

“Yoochun’s kinda right. It’s a total different when you’re Ayden’s step mum. You have Yoochun’s name, so you have all the liberty to keep Ayden with you. You are basically his mother now. Plus he already shares his guardian right with you. Even his mum will find it hard to get Ayden back. But don’t you think it’s unfair to Mrs. Park? She’s his grandma you know.”

“Yeah, it’s unfair. But the most important thing to do now is make Yoochun agree to undergo the operation. I’ll never stop Ayden from meeting his real family. But for now, it’s safer for Ayden to stay with me.”

“But sometimes I think it’ll be better if the press know about who Ayden is. As long as he’s free to be with his family, I think we could just let the press know about his relationship with Yoochun” Jaejoong share his opinion.

“The problem is; Yoochun is not just trying to protect Ayden from those paparazzi. Someone’s trying to kill Ayden. And that person had succeeded in killing Sara.” I don’t know why I told Jaejoong that, it was suppose to be a secret. I trusted him. Yeah, he loves Ayden so much. He should be told about the truth. I stay in silent as I let Jaejoong digest the new revelation. He looks even more confused.

“Then, please. Protect Ayden with everything you got, Elle. I had to believe in you because Yoochun believed in you.”

“The truth is Jaejoong-sshi. I don’t know how the hell I am going to do that. I just pray to god that that whacko didn’t come around, following him here coz I really have no idea how am I going to fight them when Yoochun’s not around.”

“We’ll think something out, Elle. There must be some ways to end all of this.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

Then my phone rang. Jaejoong took it out from my bag and handed it to me.

“Hello?” It’s my other phone number, so I know it’s either Yoochun or Ayden calling me. Then I heard Yoochun’s voice. He asked me if I’ve reached my office. “Not yet Yoochun, why are you calling? Missed me already?” I stuck my tongue at Jaejoong. He smiled knowing that I was just joking.

“The police came just now. They had found all my belongings. Well, except my money of course. I can go back to Seoul right away.” Yoochun said. I was astonished. Wow. The police found all of his stuff? They sure are efficient!

“Whoa... Great! Then I’ll book your flight ticket today, okay?”

“Yea, you do that.” There’s something wrong in his voice. He sounds lonely. Huh? Lonely? Really?

“I’ll call you later, I’m driving. Bye.” I hung up the phone. Jaejoong look at me expectantly.

“You’re both going home tomorrow.” I smiled at Jaejoong. I smiled. But I felt a weird pain throbbing deep in my heart. I might not see Yoochun again after this, forever.


to be continued...

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