Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Chapter 6: The Comeback

Hundreds of media companies’ representatives and thousands of fans were flocking the scene. Jamshil Stadium was about to witness its biggest event of the year. It was phenomenal as it was said that more than 90, 000 fans had came flying from all over the world just to witness their comeback.

Camera flashes were blinding as the biggest announcement in history is about to be made precisely at 8.00pm KST. The dark sky wasn’t even lit by the stars. The lights were shining the arena. I sat next to my boss, the CEO of CjeS with my heart thumping nervously. Next to him were the board members of SME.  It has been concluded after these long trialing years that CjeS and SME finally at peace, hence bringing them to this moment of truth.

“It’s been a while. No, it’s been so long since we’re standing on the same stage together as five…” Jung Yunho was obviously shaking. Aww..He's nervous. Yes, they’re back on stage that night as five. I smiled as I saw Yoochun standing next to Changmin like always on the expansive stage. It was like their Rising Sun album showcase. The arena was filled with red pulsing ocean as the fans were coherently waving their lightsticks in union.

“It’s been 10 years… We had made all of you wait for us for 10 years…We're really sorry...” Junsu can’t hold his tears. “Once again tonight, we’re back together, to sing on the stage together, one last time.” What Kim Junsu had just announced brought gasps and fiery questions from the press. The fans were screaming, almost hysterically at the boys who have now grown to be five fine men. 

“What do you mean with ‘one last time’? Isn’t this press conference were scheduled to announce Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback after 10 years???” A journalist voiced out his question which I bet was in the others’ mind too.

“Yes, this is a comeback, for our fans that had stayed loyal, waiting for us all these years without doubt. This is a comeback just for them. We’re thankful, so thankful. That’s why we wanted to let them go, officially, with this happy memory.” That was Changmin, calmly explaining to the raging press.

“You mean, you’re disbanding for real this time? After 10 years?!” Another journalist dropped the bomb. The thing that fears the boys the most lately has been openly spoken.

“We had never announced our disband. We had never disbanded anyway, but we think it’s about time now, to grant our fans’ wish to see us back together. We’re doing our best nowadays; we’re not fighting or anything. We just think this is the best way, to be remembered at the end as a group that sticks together till the end even without performing together. So the performance tonight is our present for our fans that had have their faith on us till this second. Ah.. I think I talk too much, hahah!” Jaejoong let out an airy laugh, trying to lighten up the tense atmosphere.Which he succeeds. Everybody seems at ease after his laughter echoes through the speakers.  

“Yoochun-sshi, you wanna say anything to our fans?” Yunho pats Yoochun’s shoulder affectionately in order to encourage the quiet Yoochun to speak.

“Yes, of course.” He cleared out his throat with a playful smile which made the fans standing inside and outside the arena to awe over him in union. He still got that charm.

“Dear fans, we’re healthy and happy. Thanks for your prayer all these while. We know that you love us and always supporting us. So please know that we’re not doing this to hurt you, but we’re moving on with our lives. We’re doing our best to be the best in our own fields. And we’re still good friends, like brothers till now. So you don’t have to worry.” Yoochun smiled towards the camera with teary eyes. Again, the fans were crying like crazy at his words.

“We’ll be performing so many songs tonight. So please enjoy and sing with us okay?” Yunho smiled happily as the intro of One echoes through the crowds and they sing it together.

I can’t help it. I cried uncontrollably witnessing their greatest comeback.

And, they looked so happy. He looked so happy. That's what most important to me.

To be continued... 

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