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Monday, July 9, 2012


Chapter 5: In Time With You, The Sappy Devil

“Yoobin, why are you calling at this hour? Aren’t you at school right now?” I’m worried. Yoobin never called me unless something totally wrong had happened.

“Ahjumma…” I winced at that. At 33, it felt really old being called ‘ahjumma’. She’s clearly sobbing her snot out according to her nasally voice. “Daddy won’t let me go with him tonight! Can’t you talk to him?” I can only sigh at the 5 years old’s request.

“Where are you right now?” Silently Yoobin said ‘at home’. “Is daddy home right now?” I further my query.

“He’s not. He went out to get his suit altered with Jaejoongie Oppa…” Still sobbing, Yoobin replied.

“Yoobin-sshi, its Jaejoong ahjusshi, not Oppa.” I can’t help it. She’s too young to call Jaejoong as ‘Oppa’. “Never mind, I will call your dad. Okay? Now stop crying and go watch TV or something.”

“Okay.  Halmoni isn’t home. I’m hungry.” Aww… I feel like smacking Park Yoochun so hard at that moment. How dare he leaves his little kid all alone starving at home?!

“You haven’t had your lunch yet? I’ll come as soon as possible. Just have some milk first ok?” I ended the call and text Junsu to meet me at the lobby. There’s a kid starving at Yoochun’s house and I can’t brief Junsu peacefully with that knowledge in mind.

I dialed Park Yoochun’s number. He answered my call within 3 rings.

“If you’re calling me coz you wanna nag me, just stop coz I’ll hang up on you.” His voice was filled with tiredness. That alone made me hold my tongue and reconsider what I’m about to say.

“Your daughter called me just now. She happens to told me that you won’t let her join us tonight and she’s all alone at home, starving, and I just realized that you are an incompetent asshole. Bye.” I hang up on him. I just can’t talk for too long with him. I might strangle him in his sleep someday if I did.

My phone rang furiously. I bet the caller is furious at me.

“What?!” I spat at him.

“Yoohwan was at home when I left the house. Can you help me pick Yoobin up to Bum’s Story? Let’s have lunch together. I need you.” His tiredness hasn’t ebbed away apparently. He sounded almost bored. He’s definitely not mad at me.

“Noona, we’re going to Yoochun’s house?” Junsu appeared out of nowhere. I nodded. “But I have radio appearance within 15 minutes.” Gosh, I had totally forgotten about his 2pm radio appearance.

“I’m sorry, I forgot. Go ahead. I need to fetch Yoobin first. Yoochun wanna discuss something with me. Can we meet later on at the venue? I’ve promised Jaejoong to help him get ready since his stylist had an emergency today.” Junsu smiled and just nod his head a couple of time, agreeing to meet me at the press conference venue. “Great! Now go! Do your best, okay?”

“Okay, Noona!” He gave out his best angelic smile that makes me sickly happy. I went away to get Yoobin right after that, heading to Bum’s Story where Yoochun was waiting for us with grim expression.

I saw him sitting near the large window as soon as I enter the Japanese restaurant. Yup, he’s in black mood. Definitely. I hate to confront Yoochun while he’s at his foulest mood. I drag Yoobin along towards her dad.

“I already ordered for us” I’m too lazy to argue over his control freak syndrome, so I just nod in agreement. As soon as the waitress spread the lavish cuisines, Yoochun finally spoke his fear.

“I’m not going tonight.” His voice, it came out eerily cold yet calm.

“Why are you telling me this, anyway? You know things still gonna go as planned since the other four had agreed?” I don’t even look at him while I’m talking. I’m too busy popping out Edamame beans out of its hairy green pods for Yoobin. Grimly he sighed. “Did Jaejoong know about your decision?” This time I looked at him straight in the eyes.

“No. I haven’t got the courage to tell him. He’d be devastated that I’m not on this with them.” He rubbed his porcelain stressed out face with his palm.

“That’s why you tell Yoobin you aren’t taking her with you tonight?” He nodded upon hearing that.

“Yoobin... ne sarangie, it’s not that I don't want to take you with me but daddy is not going too.” Yoochun picked Yoobin onto his lap and feed her some Edamame. “So don’t cry okay?” Yoobin nodded in understanding. “Good girl…” Yoochun kissed the side of Yoobin’s head. I have to admit that I'm always at odds with Park Yoochun, and I do think that he’s not a good father to Yoobin. But seeing how fragile he was with Yoobin around him made me think otherwise.

“What are you looking at?” He snapped his fingers in front of my face, killing my short inner monologue. “You’ve fallen for me, do you?!” Damn, that smirk. He noticed I’m looking at him did he? Fall for him? Blegh! No way! He’s smirking like a devil. This is why Park Yoochun and I can’t talk civilly for even a minute. He’ll turn his jerk button on whenever I’m around.

“I’m looking at Yoobin, you d.u.m.b!” I had to spell that dumb part out because Yoobin was present.

“You know my smart daughter can spell right?” He let out a deep chuckle and closes Yoobin’s ears with his hands before blurting “you dumb woman” out of his sinful mouth. I had to hold myself together to stay in compose so that I wouldn’t climb up the table and lunged the heartthrob and murder him on the spot.

“You know what; I think you are a coward that is too afraid to face the reality though evidently you wanted the same thing as the other four brothers you had. You don’t have to admit it, but I know you can’t sleep at night these days ever since the decision was made.” He was about to protest when I shut him down with my last opinion.

“I know you have nobody outside your circle that has the ability to understand you as much as I do, and the only person that has the same ability is out of reach. That’s why you called me every time you’re feeling like crap. So stop putting up that false wall and rejecting me whenever I get closer to you.” There. I said it. I know he needs a friend out of his league after his most important person died giving birth to Yoobin. His late wife isn’t someone in the business yet she understands him like no other.

Yoochun seems stunned. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a press conference to attend tonight. I need to get ready and help Jaejoongie get ready too. I don’t even care anymore if you wanna be there or not. ” I grabbed my bag wanting to leave when he grabbed my wrist and announced quietly that he’s sorry.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t be there tonight. I don’t want to be there. I wanna stay this way until I’m too tired to move ever again. It’s too much for me to handle. The guilt if things go wrong would be too much for me.” He whispered solemnly, as if begging me to listen to him with the deepest care. I pulled him closer and hugged him tightly nevertheless.

“I’m supporting any decision you make. I still think you’re a coward, but it’s your call to make, not mine. I’m here only to assist you. Okay?” I felt his warm breath over the nape of my neck. If it was 6 years ago, I might’ve melt in his warm embrace. But I’m a different woman now.

“I’m sorry.” We’re looking at each others’ eyes. I nodded. That’s his choice. I walk away as soon as we moved apart. “Hey, you…” I heard his voice, trailing for me so I look back at him and Yoobin. “I should’ve taken you home to meet my mom 6 years ago…” Yoochun smiled, sincerely.

“Well, sadly, you didn’t. Someone else did. Haha.” I smiled and waved him and Yoobin goodbye. I still wish to see him tonight.

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