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Monday, May 28, 2012


Chapter 2: In Time With You, The Retard

“Yes?” I tried so hard not to sound malicious over the other person on the phone.

“Hello?” There’s no reply so I’m planning to hang up. He’s always like this. It was always hard to talk to this one on the phone as the circumstances had always be retard-like or just stupidly silly. And I have no time for silly retarded stuff as I’m managing superstars like Kim Junsu.

Yup, I might sound cocky, but being Junsu’s manager has been physical and emotionally challenging. And yet this guy over the phone always manages to make me feels like pulling my hair off my scalp. I should have just ignored his call, but no. He might be annoyingly annoying, but I love him as much as I love Kim Junsu. So I decided to bear with it. I usually regretted my decision. Haha.

“Yah! Hello?!! Hello?!!! Don’t hang up on me! Wait a sec!!! Wait a sec!!!” His voice was almost like shrieking. There’s a strange noise at the background. Sound of train and wind maybe?

“Where are you?” I asked in a boring tone. “At the filming set huh?” He’s always at the filming sets. He just loves to call me while he’s working at noisy places. So damn weird. Today is no exception.

“Noona, why are you so smart?!!!” His voice was loud; I had to estrange the phone away from my poor ear. And he was laughing so happily. “Noonaaaaa... are you with Junsyuuuu?” He asked, so giddily, not leaving out the aegyo. I let out a sigh, annoyed. How can a 33 year old man acts like a kid. Even Junsu didn’t go this far as he aged.

“Yah! Brat! I’m not your Noona!”I just don’t understand the whole deal, calling me ‘Noona’ when I’m evidently younger by months compared to them all. Well, except for Junsu. We’re born in the same month. And Changmin of course.

Jung Yunho still has the gut to laugh at my angry voice and cooed about me sounding so sexy whenever I’m scolding him. Not in perverted way though, but teasingly. That is what I hate to love about Yunho. He’s annoying and charmingly silly at the same time.

“Yes, Junsu is having an interview for his upcoming musical right now. Why are you calling? Finish filming? Where are you?” I asked. Yunho was eerily quiet all of the sudden. The only thing that was connecting our call was the sound of strong breeze. He must be at the top of a mountain or an open train station.

“I’m calling coz I need to talk about something.” I knew it. It has been like this ever since we were all mingled in each others’ personal lives. “What do you think of tonight?” He paused. “Are we making the right decision?” His worries were oozing through the grim of his voice.

“Of course, silly!” I tried to be cool and laughed as if nothing big is going on. “It was your utmost dream, right?” I heard him quietly saying ‘yes’ at the other end.

“Anything for your dearest fans, right?” He said yes too.

“This is what you want? It still is, right?” again, he said yes, but rather with unsure tone.

“Yah! What’s with the doubtful tone?!” I screamed at him. People were starting to look at my direction as I am indeed in a hallway while screaming at Jung Yunho through the phone.

“Noonaaaaa… How is everybody else? Are they nervous toooooo?” Amazingly, his once serious voice had once again turned into aegyo. I opt to roll my eyes, bit my lips and just go with the flow.

“Well, I only manage to talk to Jaejoong and Junsu, they’re down right ready. Not chickening out like you, obviously.” I lied. I had to to boost Yunho’s confident. Yunho laughed heartily upon hearing that. It’s funny on how easy to coax Jung Yunho. He’s passionate and committed but never a stubborn one- unlike Park Yoochun. I brushed the memories I had with Park Yoochun once I realized Yunho needs me more than anything right now.

“Really, Noona? Good then! I’m glad everybody is ready! I think I’m ready too!” He giggles.

“Jung Yunho, stop giggling! It doesn’t suit your charismatic exterior!” I remind him over his so called ‘charismatic’ public image. I bet on my life right now Jung Yunho is pouting like a school girl in disgrace.

 “I’m so nervous, I can’t sleep last night! And I think I don’t have enough time to get my six packs back in shape!!!” He sounds hysterical all of sudden. I can’t help but to laugh at his silliness. He’s such a lovable retard!

“Who still cares about your six packs anyway?” I teased him back.

“Duh… My abs is my greatest asset! Jaejoong said you drooled every time you think about it hahaha!” Jaejoong that jerk! Must he really mention about my past to Yunho? “I’ll send you my latest photo! You must’ve forgotten on how I look like, right?! Right?! Right?!” Yes and no actually. Yes, it’s been 6 months since I saw Yunho in flesh. And no, I haven’t forgotten.

“I never drooled over your abs! Jaejoong was lying!” It’s his sexy back that I love the most hahaha! “Send me naked ones. I don’t want your old photo in owl-curtain-printed suit!” I can’t help but to mention the Keep Your Head Down disaster looking suit. Yunho giggles to my distaste which was annoyingly adorable. He’s cool with others making fun of him. I love this side of him.

“Okay! Just don’t go drooling over my naked photos on streets. You’ll look hideous L.O.L!” yup, he spelled that ‘LOL’ part. What a lovable retard. “Hey I’m coming home directly after they wrap the set. I’m lonely and I wanna eat something homemade! Cook something nice for me, please?” I smiled upon hearing this.

“Of course, tonight, after the press conference, I’ll make something for you.”

“Pro……mise???” there you go, here comes the childish demanding tone again. I just laughed him off and bid him goodbye. Apparently all Dong Bang boys get that aegyo sickness from their ex-leader. Well, at least I know another person that has the same quality, just less retarded because he’s indeed the drama queen. Drama queen can never look retarded. Or so he claimed.

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