Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Friday, May 25, 2012


*A/N: In response to the most anticipated fanfic contest organized by Malaysian Cassiopeia Group, I gather my courage to kick off my laziness and tried to write a oneshot containing 2000 words. But yeah, i failed to put my thought in simple sentences, hence the birth of this simple chaptered fic. So I decided to write a new one and share this one with you guys. Forgive my grammatical errors and typos since I haven't send this fic for proof reading. Hope you'll be excited to write good oneshot for the contest. Enjoy!*

Chapter 1: In Time With You, The Narcissist

Inwardly, I laughed. Secretly. Like a stalker. Carefully, so I wouldn’t get caught while eavesdropping. But that doesn’t mean a knowing delightful smirk never escaped. I love watching, analyzing. That’s what I do best in my life. Observing. And yeah, listening is my best quality too.

“Hmm… I am gorgeous…” those vicious eyes confidently trailed over the fogged mirror while patting more shaving cream over his perfect jaw and chin. I can’t help but to hold down a giggle that was threatening to explode. This one sure is so full of himself.

Slowly he shaved away all the stubborn stubble maiming his perfect skin. All the while, confessing to god knows who, how good he looks. “I’m a perfect specimen of a man.” Sly smile drawn across his face while he checks his own muscular left arm. Roll my eyes I must or else I’d die right there and then. Maybe he’s talking to himself, one of the Gods. Okay, now that makes great sense to me.

“I’m sexy and I know it!” He said that with not even a hint of shame, snapping his fingers as if it was a cool thing to do. He winked at his now clean shaven face over the mirror while wiping his face with a fluffy looking towel.

“I’m sexy and you know it too, right?” That question was perceptibly thrown at me because evidently the said male was no longer facing the mirror, but me. His confident smile gleaming with such mischievousness. I pushed myself off the bathroom door and laughed my heart content.

“Done recharging your self confidence, Your Highness?” I mocked, slowly removing the remnant of shaving cream marring his left ear. I tipped over some aftershave on my palm and pat it over his cheeks. It’s refreshing. Those vicious confident look were immediately replaced by something new yet familiar to me as soon as I removed my cold hands. “Yah… What’s with that look?” I can’t help but to pushed his exposed forehead playfully with my fingers. He laughs his trademark ‘Eu kyang kyang’ adorably while rubbing his forehead.

“Noona, can I not go?” He asked, puppy eyes attack on the go and I glared at him to make it clear that I’ll be mad if he didn’t go to the event. The all mighty-narcissist pouts his lips. “I don’t have the confidence to sing with them after all these years! ”

“Kim Junsu, we’re the same age so call me noona again and you’ll be dead!” I decided to ignore his childish antique and get him to wear the heavily sequined black jacket. Yes, sequined. I’ll fire the stylist one day. Even after all these years, didn’t they learn that Kim Junsu wears everything, anything given to him without question because he thought he’ll look good in everything and anything?

“You are not listening! I don’t have the confidence! It is… It was…”

I cut him off before he could finish his words. “I am listening and your jacket looks hideous!” I motioned the taller male to look into the mirror. He groaned and commented that I’m blind because he looks good in anything which I immediately ‘pffft-ed’ loudly to make my point. “I’ll get you another jacket and maybe fire your stylist!” Junsu took off the jacket with a frown.

“See you are not listening! I don’t feel like going!” I walked away, into a room full of clothes. It is his private walking-wardrobe prepared by the company. And we are not even in his house. He followed me around like a lost puppy as I ignored him. “Fine! Then why don’t you be my stylist?” There’s a demanding tone within his childish remarks. I chose to ignore him and went through all the jackets prepared for the morning event. “Noona… Stop ignoring me!”

“Stop yelling at me, I’m your manager, not your stylist. And you go to whatever event I planned for you to go including tonight’s event!” I knew deep down there, he wanted to go. I knew him for so long; I knew it when he’s rebelling over his own wants.

“But—“ He lost his words at my finality tone. “Noona, I’m so nervous…” He clearly sat down in defeat at my stubbornness. “And you are not even listening to me.” No longer looking perturbed, he sighed. I can only pat his head carefully, not wanting to ruin the perfect styled hair to make him feel better.

“Hmm... I am gorgeous… I’m a perfect specimen of a man… I’m sexy and I know it! I heard you said that earlier.” Playfully, I mocked him to lift his sadden mood up. Thank god he smiled at that.

“Have that confidence, try to hold it until it ends and you’ll be fine. Plus, what’s there to be nervous about? You are one confident narcissist grown man I ever knew and you better live that reputation up or I’ll kick your jiggly ass over the football field!” I sat next to him, the close proximity feels necessary. This poor man-child needs it.

“Yah! I am definitely not the only one!” Defensively he spat. I can only dismiss it with a hearty laugh. He sighed again, only this time I can perfectly feel the insecurity. “It’s been 10 years. I’m nervous.” Quietly he confessed. I nodded in understanding. Everybody was doing whatever they do best. They always bumped into each other but never really do stuff together. Even JYJ has been halting their activities for like 6 years now.

“You know what; Jaejoong was fretting over the same thing since it was decided. It was terribly emotional! You know him and his dramatic exaggeration, right?” Junsu nodded and smiled knowingly. “I’m thankful that Yoochun hasn’t broken down yet. Not just yet. So you should pity me and let me do my job with ease as I assist yours.” I stood up and extended my right hand to Kim Junsu which he gladly accepts. “Now move that butt and work it!” I smacked his butt and laughed as he stuck his tongue out- apparently annoyed.

“Next time I’ll record you touching my butt and post it on my fan-cafe! My fans will kill you!” Jokingly, Junsu threatened me; all the while, scanning through the musical script that I had laid down on top of the table.

“Hah! I know you want me to touch your butt again! I knew it!” and laughed my ass out, making him to pout in dismay.

“Here, wear this. You look good in blue!” He willingly slips in the baby blue jacket and continue his reading. His childish fa├žade turns 180 degrees into a charismatic one within seconds as a couple of journalists accompanied by a photographer came into the scene for his interview.

“Noona, I will be out in a few minutes. Now go bother someone else!” His cold exterior is impossibly endearing. I can just nod and let Junsu had his way over his musical actor persona. From the door, I mouthed “Fighting!” towards Junsu while nobody was looking. The tense that was evident on his forehead has gone ease as Junsu smiled back.

My heart inflates with joy. I frigging love my job. And that was until my phone rang and a familiar name appears on it. One down, another one to go. Le sigh~

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