Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Monday, September 12, 2011



*A/N: Thanks for reading d previous chapters... Thanks a million to those who always been a great support to me... And thanks to my beta reader- Skye Lin ^__^* ENJOY~


“Aw, that hurt!” Jaejoong winced at us. “Are you crazy?!!” He glares at Ryn.

Ryn smacked Jaejoong. “How dare you treat Elle like that?” Ouch! That must be painful! She smacked him again! Oh gosh, Ryn! Hahaha!

“How dare you walk away like that? She saved your best friend! She deserves to know what the hell is happening to Yoochun!” Ryn who had been silent all this while seems to be very angry. I can’t help but to smirk at the fact that Ryn, who had adored and idolized Jaejoong over years, was now raging like a lioness over how he was treating me.

“You’re Elle?” Jaejoong is still wincing over his hurt back. I bet there’ll be bruises. I inwardly roll over the floor, laughing at the whole “throwing Jaejoong with shoes and smacking him with a handbag” situation. Ryn, if this was South Korea; you’d be murdered by his fans!

“Yes, I’m Elle. And this--“I move on my knees, pulling Ryn by the hem of her skirt over to stop her from causing further damage to Jaejoong’s perfect skin, and then added “Is your biggest fan, Ryn.” I smiled. I must’ve looked like an idiot, kneeling like that and holding my best friend’s skirt. I can’t help but to laugh at the situation. We’re confronting like enemies, yet he didn’t even know our names.

“Are you okay?” I chuckle at my own question. Of course he’s not okay. His perfect hair is now messy; his cheeks stained with deep red and flushed—poor him. I then stand up, patting invisible dirt off my pants.

I look around and see some tourists staring back at us as if we’re the biggest weirdo’s they’ve ever seen in the whole world. Anyone would’ve thought like that; we are practically having a WWE match. Well, Ryn and Jaejoong did. Outside a five star hotel. Thank god the guard is kind enough to just laugh and smile back at me when I gave him a regretful smile and dragged my best friend and Jaejoong out.


I turn my gaze over Jaejoong who sat at the back of my car with a cute pout. His strong arms wrapped around his body. He wore a thin, white singlet and an unbuttoned red tartan shirt on the outside. I increased the temperature of my car’s heater. I, myself was getting goose bumps all over my arms after being in the cold car for a full ten minutes.

“Where are you taking me?” He asks. He sounds panicked, and looks adorable when he is. His eyes are wandering outside the car. We’re stuck in Kuala Lumpur’s never ending traffic jam.

“We’re kidnapping you!” Ryn teased him with a serious tone. I saw her wink her right eye at me when I gaped at her stupid idea of kidnapping Kim Jaejoong—the infamous Kim Jaejoong; TVXQ’s Kim Jaejoong. I smiled at Ryn and her mischievous brain. She’s enjoying herself!

“Jaejoong-sshi, aren’t you hungry?” I ignore Ryn’s wicked plan to scare Jaejoong. I saw him nod his head a couple of times, still pouting. He eyed me suspiciously. “We’re not kidnapping you. We were about to catch late lunch when you came along, so let’s just buy something to eat, okay?” I saw him nod his head hesitantly.

“Elle... You are no fun...” Ryn gave me a childish pout. She looks playful.

“Yes, I don’t want any trouble, Ryn. I’m done with having Yoochun and Ayden playing me for the past two days. I’m not in the mood for anything mischievous at the moment.” I responded. Then, I heard Jaejoong’s chuckles from the back seat. I glance over the mirror, looking at his relaxed form, leaning comfortably over the seat with his eyes closed. “What is it? What’s so funny?” I asked him.

He opens his eyes. A genuine smile adorns his perfect, dusty lips. “Ayden must’ve liked you so much if he plays around with you,” I was taken aback by his comment. “And Yoochun only teases those he likes.” I’m even more confused.

“Really? It’s not because I look like an easy target?” I asked him amusingly. I heard him gave out an airy laugh. It sounds refreshing.

“Jaejoong-sshi,” I heard Ryn call Jaejoong’s name. I can sense a flirt alert screaming all over her smiling form. She is sitting in the passenger’s seat, but she’s forcing her body to face Jaejoong who sat at the back of the car. I heard Jaejoong reply her back with a small “yes” and I saw his eyes focused on Ryn’s face. “Can you really cook?” Here comes the one million dollar question! If only I can roll on the floor laughing right now, I’d do it without thinking twice.

“Huh? Cooking? Yeah, I love cooking. Why do you ask?”

“Can you cook something for me?” I heard Jaejoong laugh hard at Ryn’s request.

“A minute ago, you kicked my butt like I’ve killed your dear cat, and now you’re asking me to cook for you?” Ryn looks offended, but then, unexpectedly, Jaejoong replied seriously after his laugh receded. “Sure, do you like Korean food?” My jaw drops. Jaejoong is wicked! He is smiling softly at Ryn’s blushing figure.

“She loves Korean food!” I help Ryn out. I knew she was in shock after Jaejoong willingly agreed to cook for her. Jaejoong’s eyes widened at the info. “Really? I never knew Malaysians would love Korean food.” He sounds amused.

“Malaysians have gone global for a long time, Jaejoong-sshi... You should’ve expected that when we accepted your music. We have restaurants from all over the world, right here in Kuala Lumpur.” I gave him some info about my beloved country.

“Hmm... I’ll cook something for you if I get the chance.” He smiles at Ryn. I saw how Ryn’s flushed complexion turns darker. How adorable.

“How about me? Will you cook for me too?” I asked in order to spoil Ryn’s cloud nine dreams. I felt Ryn’s fingers twitching over my left arm. I ignore the pain and stuck my tongue out in amusement just to annoy Ryn more.

“You? I think you should ask Yoochun to cook for you.” I saw Jaejoong’s eyes glinting with mischief. They seem to be silently challenging me for who knows why.

“And why is that?”

“Because, I hate it when people criticize my cooking,” Jaejoong leans forward, staring at my gaze through the mirror teasingly.

“Do I look like that kind of person?” I asked. I almost knock him on his head when he nods his head with the same teasing expression. “Well, you’re right. I’m not good at cooking, but I hate it when there are guys that can cook better than me.” I raise my eyebrows, challenging Jaejoong. I heard him chuckle again.

“Well, Yoochun can actually cook better than me.”

“Really? I didn’t know that. I didn’t know he could cook at all.” Ryn comments on the new revelation. I silently agree with her. I never heard about Yoochun’s cooking skills before.

“Yes, he cooks quite well but he hates cooking for others. The day he cooks for you willingly, will be the day you know that he fell in love with you.” Jaejoong kind of sang last part of his sentence, and then he rests his head back on the soft seat. His eyes closed. I’m dumbfounded. What the hell is Jaejoong trying to say?

“Has Yoochun cooked for anyone before?” I heard Ryn asking.

“Yes, his mom and us; but I never saw him cooking for random girls, not even his special girlfriends.”

“Really?” I’m curious about something. “How about you? Did he ever cook anything special just for you when the other members are not at home?” I saw how Jaejoong’s relaxed expression turns to something close to hurt. He stays in silence, so I don’t even bother to repeat my question. I turn on the radio to cover up the sudden silence.

“So you are actually our fan too, I see?” It must have been because I’m playing The Secret Code CD, making him questioning me. I roll my eyes. “Duh... Obviously I am.” I heard him chuckles happily. “It feels different listening to our song in a fan’s car...” I heard him sigh deeply. A smile etches on his pretty face.

After a long silent, lull by Taxi song, I heard Jaejoong timidly say, “I’m sorry, Elle. But I really can’t tell you anything. I’m sorry, back there; I didn’t help you when you fell earlier.” I smiled at his apology, dismissing the fact that I’m dead worried over Yoochun’s well being.

“Hey, you know what? I’m a fan of Big Bang too!” I deliberately change the CD with G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker CD. I heard Ryn groan in protest, and then Jaejoong laughs heartily, singing along with G-Dragon. I raise my eyebrows, impressed.

“I listen to GD too, you know.” Jaejoong stuck his tongue out playfully. I return his childish remark with rolling eyes.


We were about to have some pasta when my mom called with a worried voice. My appetite totally died when I heard her. It had been a long time since I heard her being worried and nervous like that.

“I’ll be home soon; I have to send Ryn back to the hotel. She left her car there.”

I reason why I can’t be home early is because I need to dig out as much as I can from Jaejoong before I went home. My eyes wander over KLCC’s food court area. I saw Ryn and Jaejoong standing in front of the counter, paying for our food. I also notice how most girls whispering to each other, glancing over at Ryn and Jaejoong when they walk pass them.

Jaejoong is too attractive for his own good. He attracts people even from miles away. I can’t blame him for his attractiveness. I think it was a big mistake, bringing him here of all places. I saw both of them moving towards an empty table at the edge of the hall. Ryn waved at me, I reply her action with the same manner.

“Elle, I think he’s very sick. His body temperature is over 40 degrees. I’m waiting for your dad; he said he’ll bring him to the hospital as soon as he gets back from the factory.”

“Mom, I thought he only had a light fever. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I felt a sudden rage over my mom for not telling me the truth earlier.

“Elle, I don’t want you to be worried. Just come back home right away, okay?”

“I’m sorry mom...” I apologize for raising my voice at her. “Just get him to the hospital. I’m more concerned with whether he has the swine flu symptom. If dad is late, just call the ambulance. Okay?”

“I don’t think so, looks like a normal high fever to me. It’s just that he seems to have breathing congestion. I found it hard for him to breathe. He has asthma doesn’t he?”

“I don’t know mom. I heard he had it long time ago.”

“Hmm, be careful while driving, okay?”

“Okay, mom... Um, mom, let me talk to Ayden.” I heard a rustling sound when the phone handed to someone else.

“Miss Elle, where are you? I’m scared. Is daddy going to be okay?” I can clearly sense from Ayden’s shriveled voice that he was about to cry.

“Ayden honey, he’ll be fine. Be strong okay? Don’t cry. I’m on my way home. Your dad is just having a normal fever like you did a couple days ago, remember?” I tried to comfort Ayden. My mom already has her hands full with the sick Yoochun. If Ayden panics, I bet my mom will panic too.

“Really, Miss Elle?” There’s deep uncertainty in his fragile voice. It makes me weak inside.

“Trust me Ayden, okay?” I gasp for air. My chest felt heavy with the sudden emotion. Don’t you dare be sicker than you are Yoochun; I’ve made a promise with Ayden here, so don’t you dare be worse than you already were.

“Ayden, help Grandma alright? I don’t want you near your dad. You’ll get sick too if you do. Grandpa will come home soon. They’re taking your dad to hospital.” My head is throbbing with the stress overwhelming me at that moment. “Is Eddy at home?” I ask Ayden about my younger brother.

“I saw him just now.”

“Okay, stay in his room. Okay?”

“Alright, Miss Elle. When are you coming home? I’m scared.” He is on the verge of crying again. I know it’s cruel to make a four years old hold back their tears, but I have no choice.

“I’m on my way home, Ayden. Be good. I’ll be home soon. Now give the phone back to Grandma,” I heard his tiny voice saying ‘okay’ and then my mom’s voice appears.

“Mom, I’m on my way. I’ll be home soon. Just make sure he’s comfortable, okay mom? You know what to do right?” I glance over my wristwatch. It’s almost six. It’ll take one and a half hour to drive back from KL to my house during evening’s peak hour.

“Yeah, send Ryn back first. Be careful on the road. I’ll ask Eddy to look after Ayden.”


Ryn looks at me with a confused look. “Are you okay?” She asked. I shook my head a few times and sat myself next to Jaejoong who seems to be relaxed and not affected by many eyes staring at him.

“You both eat, okay? I need to go back right away. Something urgent happened at home just now.” I’m deciding whether I should wait for them or ask Ryn and Jaejoong to take the taxi back to the hotel.

“Elle, just go home. We can take the cab to get back to the hotel. Don’t worry about us.” Ryn smiled softly.

“Did anything happen to Yoochun or Ayden?” Jaejoong’s voice weaved with some kind of worried despite his relaxed expression. I inwardly had a battle with whether I should tell him about Yoochun or not. “Elle, is anything wrong with them?” He asked me for the second time. It seems like my mind had been drifting away.

“Wh-what? No... Nothing’s wrong with them. It’s my mom. I got to go.” I abruptly stand up, wanting to leave.

“Elle, could you at least give me your contact number? In case I need to reach you.” Jaejoong grabs my elbow, stopping me from walking away.

“Um, what?”

“Your number; can I have your cell phone number?”

“Yeah, of course. You can ask Ryn for my number. I need to go now. It’s nice meeting you. Goodbye, Jaejoong-sshi, Ryn.” I nod a little at Ryn, bowing lightly at Jaejoong, just like the Koreans always do when they part. He replied my action with the same conduct, andthen I practically ran with all my might to get to my car at the parking lot. Ayden needs me. I gasp for more air as my chest felt heavier than ever. Somebody, someone finally needs me. I never had that feeling before. It hurts.


It’s already dark when I reach home. The light at the porch already shined like sunrays in the morning, lighting my dark lawn. I saw my dad’s car parked under the porch. I ran into the house, calling for my mom. “Mom!” There’re no answer. “Mom! Where are you?!” Our house is so quiet; no sounds of TV or my younger brother’s guitar practice at all.

“Shh! You’re noisy.” Someone had just shut me up in my panicking state. “She’s upstairs.” It’s my younger brother, Eddy. He lay down silently on the fluffy carpet in our living room. His head was resting on his left palm, with his left arm supporting his upper body. I saw his right ear being stuffed with his headphone. He’s listening to his mp3 player while looking at the sleeping Ayden beside him. I sat in front of my brother, reaching my hand to touch Ayden’s unruly dark mane. I saw my fifteen year old brother smirking at me with a triumphant expression. I look at him questioningly, lifting my left eyebrow for more effect.

“He’s cute, right? He’s cuter than Lynn’s son!” I saw how my little brother’s right hands touching Ayden’s cheek ever so slowly. It shocks me that my brother compares Ayden’s cuteness with our nephew’s. Eddy had always been proud of our genius, cute, six year old nephew, Eric. I roll my eyes, smiling at Eddy’s stupid adoration.

“He’s a mix; of course he looks cuter than Eric.” I heard him chuckle at my remark.

“No, Eric is different. I still think Eric is the best, but Ayden is just charming.” I scoff at how in love my little brother looks like at the moment. I bet he’s turning into a pedophile!
“He’s so worried about his dad,” Eddy turns his gaze from Ayden’s sleeping form to me.

“They didn’t take him to hospital. Surprisingly, Uncle Jeff came home with dad. He did a check up on your boyfriend.” He smirks teasingly while pronouncing ‘boyfriend’ at me. I smack his right arm stopping him from thinking unnecessary stuff about me and Yoochun.

“I think he’s fine now. He’s not burning up or coughing his guts out like before.” Eddy carries on, brushing Ayden’s bangs from covering his soft forehead.

“He’s just having a normal fever, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, maybe… I don’t know. Uncle Jeff checked him alone. He told mom and dad about his condition. I don’t get to hear much since mom asked me to take Ayden out for a while.” 

I look at Ayden’s sleeping form again. He must be tired. I never saw anything more beautiful than Ayden. His thick curly dark eyelashes adorning his closed eyes, a perfect button nose, dusted with sprinkles of barely noticeable blush over his cheekbones, his lips pouting slightly. I silently thanked Sara for bringing Ayden into this world.

“Elle—“I felt a palm grasping my right shoulder. It’s my mom. I look up at her, giving her a slight smile, telling her I am safely home. “Uncle Jeff said if Yoochun is still over 40 degrees tomorrow morning, we should take him to the hospital.” My mom sat next to me. I take her hand into mine. She looks worn out.

“You must be tired.” I lean my head over her shoulder. She chuckles funnily.

“Yes I am, but I can’t just let him suffer, right? You’ll kill me if I did!” I just smiled at my mum’s remarks. “He’s sleeping in your room, so you still have to sleep in Emma’s tonight.” I nod my head twice in understanding. I’m too tired to utter anything.

“Mom, can Ayden sleep in my room tonight?” Eddy asked my mom. His face was exceptionally beaming with hope. We always knew Eddy has soft spot for little kids. Maybe being the youngest sibling makes him happy to be surrounded by kids. My mom laughs endearingly, and shook her head in protest. “Aww...mom... please?” Wow, the mighty Eddy is begging my mom? I’m impressed!

“No, he’ll end up under your bed in the morning. You sleep like you’re having a kung fu match!” I laugh at Eddy’s slumped figure. He pouts adorably, admitting his defeat over my mom’s words. “Mom, I’m going upstairs.” I drag my tired body up, going upstairs to my bedroom, not bothering with my brother’s stupid comment on suggesting perverse stuff I could do to the unconscious Yoochun. Like I’ll have the heart to do any perverse thing to my dear Yoochun, hah! Gosh, I’m tired.

“Elle! Your phone is ringing non-stop!” I turn around, only to meet my own hand phone thrown over to me straight at my unfocused face. I almost scream at the idiot Eddy but was stopped by the foreign number I saw displayed on my phone’s screen. I had a bad feeling all of sudden. I push the answer button.

“Elle, it’s me, Kim Jaejoong.” Gulp. I officially am Kim Jaejoong’s first Malaysian fan that has his real phone number, well, if Ryn didn’t of course. How great is that?


Kyaa! how great is that??? I wanna have his phone number!!! but then again, idk what i'm going to say if i really got it. haha...

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