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Sunday, September 4, 2011



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My mom stares at the both of us as if we suddenly grew another head. I ate my breakfast quietly and threw a deadly glare to my left when I felt another leg touching my left leg under the table. The person meant for that glare is smiling like a goner, eating his fried noodles with a knowing look. A stupid smirk crossed his face, eyes glinting with never ending mischievousness.

“There is plenty of space! Can’t you move?!” I snapped at him. He just acts as if I wasn’t there; continuing to feast on my mom’s delicious home-made fried noodles. I’m not angry at all. Trust me, but this is nerve-wrecking! His right leg is rubbing teasingly at the side of my left. I can’t hold it any longer. “You know what, I hate you!” I glare at his teasing gaze.

“Elle… Care to explain? What’s with your snappy attitude this early?” My mom just can’t let me off the hook, can she? I so don’t want to explain anything to her, so I shut myself off. I took a brief glance over at the old clock hanging on the wall. It is still early. I bathed extra fast this morning and dressed up with the same pace too. My heart was burning to leave the house as soon as possible! I just can’t be under one roof with that insufferable male today. Not today. I might kill him if I did!

“Miss Elle had a big fight with daddy this morning, Grandma.” Ayden stated that as a matter fact. He blows his tea absentmindedly over the small tea cup. Of course Ayden heard us. He was in my sister’s room when I started to scream my tantrum over Yoochun’s stupid action and words. I heard my mom sigh heavily.

“I’m going, mom.” I stand up abruptly. I need to get out of the house right now before I explode. I left even before anyone could say anything to me. I heard my mom say something about how it’s still early and I still have one and half hours before my office hours start. I walked as fast as I could; I was raging. Well, I felt more humiliation than rage. I was embarrassed. I heard footsteps following me from behind. I didn’t even care to look who was it until I heard that husky voice chuckle, and felt a warm hand grabbing my left arm, stopping my strides.

“Why are you so mad?” Yoochun smiles wickedly.

“Didn’t I say enough just now? Leave me alone! I’m late.” I try to snatch my arm from his grasp. He still wore the same amused expression he had been displaying since an hour ago. Damn, I hate him right now!


“Shut up! Let me ask you something. How can a guy just steal someone’s first kiss and laugh at her after it?”

“I didn’t mean to laugh at you, Elle.” Yoochun’s face was flushed. He was holding himself from laughing again. Damn him. I gave him a ‘really?!’ look. I am dead serious that I hate him right now. “I laughed because I felt like winning over something when it ended. Your ego was bigger than your own head! You should’ve seen that coming, okay? I thought you were smarter than that, and there you were, falling into my trap. Hahaha!” Yoochun laughs his gut out.

Happy tears dwell in his eyes. “Hey, look at it on the bright side; I never kissed any of my fans before.” He laughed so hard, I felt like killing myself at that moment. Yeah, and I’m the first human on earth he’d ever kiss with a morning breath! I really wanted to dig a deep hole, crawl in, and die!

Maybe I should tell you all about what he had done to me. For starters, he kissed me. It was a short one, about five seconds or so but it felt longer. So, while my brain was trying to process what had just happened, he told me, “Elle, I just stole your first kiss.”

Then, when the realization hit me, he went on by saying stupid things like “Hey, you haven’t brushed your teeth yet? Hahaha!” Laughing his lungs out continuously until breakfast…

He continued to annoy me when he laughed and said, “You know what, I’m sorry because your ‘supposed-to-be-the-best-first-kiss-with-a-star’ memory had just been spoiled by the fact that you didn’t brush your teeth when I kissed you! Ahahahaha!” Next, I don’t even know what I screamed back at him. I was just raving mad at his in-sensitiveness.

“You know what, I don’t care. You’re the one who kissed this ‘hasn’t-brush-her-teeth-yet’ girl, so you should be disgusted with yourself too!” I seethed even more by the memory.

“Elle, I wouldn’t have known about the brushing teeth thing if you didn’t say that out loud for god’s sake!” Wait, pause, what? I said that out loud? I froze on the spot. I can’t remember saying that out loud. I remembered thinking of it.

“No, I didn’t say it out loud.”

“Yes, you did!”

“No, I didn’t!”

“No, she didn't dad.” Ayden’s voice appeared from nowhere. We’re both dumbfounded at his sudden interruption.

“What? I heard her Ayden.” Yoochun looked at Ayden with such disbelief. Ayden looked up at both of us with a bored look, as if he was looking at something pathetic. Yeah, watching two adults fighting over did I or did I not say that I hadn't brushed my teeth out loud must be a major eyes rolling pathetic scene to be watched.

“No she didn’t dad. I was at the door the whole time. I heard and saw everything.” We were speechless. How on earth is that even possible? I don’t want to think about creepy things like that! The last thing I want to discuss is Yoochun reading my thoughts. That would never be good news to me.

“Whatever, I’m late! Goodbye Ayden.” I briefly kissed Ayden’s forehead and walked away to the front porch. My dad’s car wasn’t there, so I assumed he was already at work. I heard Ayden reply my goodbye with the same greeting.

“Hey—“I heard Yoochun’s voice calling for me when I was about to open the door to get into my car. I chose to ignore him, got in, and started the engine. “Yah!” I heard him heatedly screaming at my childish attitude; ignoring him. 

I open the window and heatedly, answer him. “What?” He ran a little to my car under the porch, carrying something in his right hand. I noticed he was wearing my little brother’s orange flip flops. So they have same shoe size? Ah, my coat. He’s bringing my gray coat! What a darling... I inwardly smile.

Well, I should have known it was too good to be true. When I thought he might want to be a darling, bringing the coat that I left accidentally in the house for me, he acts the exact opposite. He threw the damn thing straight at my half smiling face through the car’s window!

I knew I should’ve just left him at the train station yesterday. “Yoochun, you evil little git!!!” I can’t help but to scream at his stupid childish action. I’ll kill him if my lipstick sticks on my grey coat! That’s for sure. I heard him laughing funnily outside my car. “Yah!” I scream some more. “I hate you!” I felt tears threatening to reside in my eyes.

“Ahaha, but I love you. Have a safe journey, okay? Be home early!” He taps his hands on the car’s bonnet, smiling sweetly; showing off his cute dimples. His expression was still full with amusement. My heart softens a little when I see his cute smile.

I can’t let him win! I can’t let that not-so-little jerk get to me. “What are you? My wife?” I rolled my eyes, starting to close the window when I heard him chuckle deeply. I saw Ayden in my mom’s arm, standing at our house’s front door waving happily to bid me goodbye. I waved back at them. When I look at my mom, I remember something that I forgot to tell Yoochun, so I opened the window again.

“Yoochun-sshi, I left my other phone on my bed for you. Call your mother, okay?” I saw Yoochun’s bright smile falter a little. “Should I call Jaejoong instead? I know you would be very happy if you got his phone number. Hehe!” Yoochun said teasingly. I rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time this morning. This guy might be the cause of my hypertension!

“No you baka... I’m serious. You have to call her. She’ll be dead worried for you and Ayden. Call her okay? Just tell her you’re both fine. That’ll be enough. Okay?” I pleaded him. His amused expression completely vanished. Slowly, I saw him nod his head. I smiled at his obedience.

“Don’t use Japanese. You sound stupid when you use it.” Oh my god, this guy is begging for his own funeral, isn’t he? I glare at him. He smiled, not at all affected by my super-megaton-glare. I sigh in defeat. Man, he’s strong!

“Do you think I care?” I asked. He shook his head, still smiling adorably. “Tch! Yoochun no baka, be good and stay at home, okay? Help my mom clean the house. Don’t let Ayden play too far from the house. It’s dangerous for him to wander alone in the backyard. ” I voiced it as a matter fact, but Yoochun just chuckled at my remarks. “What? The backyard is dangerous.” I can’t find anything funny in my words.

“What are you? My husband?” Yoochun teasingly replied, chuckling deeply when my lips betrayed me, forming an amused smile. For about a few seconds, our eyes made contact, and then I heard Ayden scream at me saying it’s already late.

“Oh my god! I’m late! Goodbye!” I smiled at him sweetly. All the anger earlier seems to be gone, like thin air.

“Off you go! Bye!” I swear I saw him winking back at me, but I just let it pass before I passed out of embarrassment.

“Help my mom around! I hate freeloaders!” I scream at Yoochun while reversing the car out of the porch. I saw him rolling his eyes adorably. His hands are waving at my departure. I felt lightheaded. My heart swelled with something I never felt before in my whole life. I feel content.


I stretch my tired body. It was a very long day for me. Thank god the five hour long meetings had ended. I lean my aching back on the sofa while my eyes wander around the hotel’s wide lobby. Everything seems grandeur in my eyes. The meetings with some research groups, development consultants and the government were held in the hotel’s meeting room.

“Elle!” I heard someone calling me from afar. I glance over only to be greeted by an excited squeal of my dear best friend’s voice. It’s Ryn. I felt a smile creeping over my feature. She walks towards me while I do the same.

“What are you doing here?” She asked. Excitedly, we hugged. 

“I have meetings here! What about you? I missed you!” I hug her more. It’s been a few days since I briefly met her, but I missed her already. She giggles at my words.

“I miss you too! I’m attending a boring seminar up at level 15. It’s too boring, so I thought I’d go shopping or find something to eat.” She beamed. “Have you had lunch already? I’m starving! Your meetings have ended right?” She pouts.

“What? Oh, yes. It ended half an hour ago. I just hung around here, stalking Mr. Good-looking and Mr. Gorgeous here and there,” I replied her jokingly, and then added when Ryn started to giggle some more and roll her eyes over my stupid joke, “I had my lunch already, but I can accompany you.” I smiled when I felt her right arm looping inside my left arm.

 “What do you want to eat?” I asked her as we both walk out of the lobby.

“Um, can’t think anything yet. You don’t have to go back to your office, right?” I nodded.
“Great! I saw a very pretty cardigan at MNG last week!” I laugh. Ryn and her shopping obsession… She really loves shopping. Well, she loves fashion, so she loves to shop. I love to shop too, but I’m not so into fashion. I just love to shop for anything pretty, which is why we always mingle around together in shopping complexes. “Plus, I want to know more about Yoochun!” Yup, I’ve told Ryn about Yoochun and Ayden last night. I called her and ended up telling her about my unbelievable weekend.

We stop at the front of the counter. There are chairs and small tables provided for customers. “Ouch! I think I need to change my shoes.” I look at her four inch green high heels. It’s so pretty! “Ow! I already have blisters! Do you have plasters?” She took off her shoes after she sat herself on the comfy chair.

I shook my head. I sat next to her. I knew I didn’t have any band-aids because I already used mine for my own feet. I turn my gaze over my four inch black stilettos; the edge side of the shoes is killing my feet. “I already used mine… Don’t have extras. We sure are fashion victims.” I laughed at my own remark. We love to wear pretty shoes that always manage to kill our feet and calves.

Ryn chuckles at my last words. “Beauty is pain, dear Elle! Endure it!” She laughs. Her hands massaging her strain calves.

“Here you go.” A foreign husky voice greets us. I saw two band-aids being handed to Ryn. The hand that handed the plasters was so pretty. I don’t know if the word pretty suits his hand, but the white, slender hand, adorned with a silver band looked exceptionally beautiful in my eyes. It caught my eyes so much; I didn’t dare to look over to its owner. That hand stretch over our faces for about ten second before I heard a hard thump. Ryn’s handbag fell over onto the marble floor and I felt Ryn’s hand sliding from my arm.

I take a look at Ryn’s face; flushed red, like tomatoes. 

Why did Ryn blush like that? I heard the man’s voice again. “I accidentally heard that you needed some band-aids, so, you can have mine.” I blink my eyes a few times, looking at the owner of that beautiful hand. It can’t be real. It can’t be! What the hell?!


I walk as fast as I can, as far as I can from my best friend and the man with pretty hands. My hand gave out involuntary shakes while dialing my other number. “Come on! Answer it!” I swore inwardly when my third attempt to call Yoochun ended up with the unanswered tone. I tried for the fourth time, and then I heard Ayden’s voice.

“Ayden, where’s your dad?” I rest my back over the white wall outside the hotel’s front entrance. My eyes keep wandering in case Ryn and the man with pretty hands came around.

“He’s asleep. Grandma gave him some medicine. He is very sick.” I heard Ayden’s worried voice. I battle inwardly whether I should or should not wake him, and then I heard Yoochun’s voice at the back of Ayden’s, asking whom Ayden was talking to. I heard Ayden say my name., and then I heard the older male coughing a little.

“Elle, where are you?” Yoochun’s weak voice swept over my ears. My heart was clenching weirdly at his tone. No Elle, first things first!

“Yoochun-sshi, I’m still at the hotel. The hotel you stayed in a few days ago.”

“Oh really? Are you okay? You sound troubled. Come home now, Elle.” I sensed worried in his weak voice.

“Yeah, I’m okay... I’ll be home soon, so don’t worry. Yoochun-sshi,”


“I think I just saw Kim Jaejoong.”

There’s no reply from Yoochun’s side. I can hear his barely noticable serene breath.
“Yoochun-sshi, Kim Jaejoong is in KL, and he speaks English exceptionally well!” I don’t know where the later words came from. I’m surprised Kim Jaejoong could speak English.

“Of course Jaejoong can speak English. He had been living with me for more than five years.” I think Yoochun didn’t listen to my words clearly as the only thing he replied is about Jaejoong’s English.

“Yoochun-sshi, I called you because Kim Jaejoong is here in KL. He isn’t supposed to be here, right?”

“Wh-what?!” Now I can perfectly confirm that Yoochun is panicking, “Where? Is he alone?”
I didn’t have the chance to reply him when I heard another male voice asking me three quest ions in one direct blow.

“Are you the girl? …The girl from the internet? You spent your night here with Yoochun and Ayden a couple days ago, right?” My heart skips a beat. I can feel nervous sweat starting to form on my skin.

“He’s... He’s here, right next to me.” I answer Yoochun. I can perfectly feel when someone was staring intently at me. The hair on the back of my neck is prickling nervously. I can clearly smell a foreign expensive smell of perfume close to me. It mixed up with Ryn’s perfume that I can recognize from miles away. I slowly turn around, facing my best friend and the man with pretty hands; Kim Jaejoong.

“Are you talking to Yoochun?” I heard Jaejoong’s husky-soft voice asking me again. I am speechless. He looks even more gorgeous in person. In a brief moment, I wonder if the other three members are as gorgeous as the two I had met.

Jaejoong’s sharp gaze was full of resentment and hurt. Without glasses, he is wearing grey contact lenses, reminding me of Ayden’s beautiful orbs. I nod my head twice. “Can I talk to him?” He asked with a hopeful expression. I don’t know what to say. The presence of Kim Jaejoong was mesmerizing. Unlike Yoochun, Jaejoong seems angelic. Angelically sexy; if those terms really exist, it would suit Jaejoong well. Yoochun is the other way around, devilishly sexy. Elle, it’s not the time to think over something like that!

I snapped back from my daydreaming phase, “Yoochun-sshi. Jaejoong’s here. Do you want to talk to him?” I ask Yoochun. I don’t know where it came from, but from the panicking state of Yoochun’s voice, I just knew he is not ready to meet or talk to Jaejoong.

After a long silence, I heard Yoochun reply, “No. Tell him to go back to Korea.”

“Yoochun, he came all the way here for you! Don’t you at least want to talk to him?” Ryn and Jaejoong were both staring at me with a confused look.

“No. I’m not ready to talk to him. Tell him to go back!”


“No Elle! Please! Help me out... I can’t talk to him. Not now...” I sense resentment and fear in his tone, and then he hung up, ending our phone call. What is actually going on? Yoochun seems hurt by the fact that Jaejoong was here for him.

“He’s not ready to talk to you. He asked me to tell you to go back to Korea.” I told Jaejoong as a matter of fact. I can clearly see the frustration in Jaejoong’s eyes. After a while, he nods his head in understanding, and then turns his heels, walking away from the both of us. I saw Ryn gaping at his sudden walking movement. He looks like a fallen angel from behind. His toned shoulders slump in defeat. Everything seems wrong to me.

“Kim Jaejoong-sshi!” I called for him. He turns his face over his shoulder, looking at me with a sad expression. “Don’t give up just yet. I’ll try to talk to him, okay?” I don’t know where the hell that came from, I just felt saddened by the fact that two of my favourite TVXQ members are not in talking terms. I saw him smiling genuinely. He turns his body, fully facing us now.

“Are you with him?”

“Huh? What?” I don’t understand his question. I’m with Yoochun as if having a relationship or I’m with Yoochun as if we’re living together?

“I mean, does he lives with you right now?” I saw Jaejoong smirk at my confusion. He doesn’t look as carefree as he’d always looked in TV or variety shows. He seems tired, sleepy, skinny and burdened. I relent at his query.

“Yes, he is. Ayden too,”

I saw him nodding his head; the smirk hasn’t faltered yet. “Is Ayden okay?” he asked. The mention of Ayden’s name seems to lighten up his dull smile and brought warmth up his cold eyes. I inwardly smile at the fact that Ayden has that much effect on Jaejoong.

“Yes, he’s fine. He missed you so much. He keeps on talking about you all this while.” I smiled genuinely.

“Give me a favour, can you?” I nod my head.

“I don’t have any choice, do I?” sarcastically I replied him. He smirks even more.

“Tell Yoochun his mom is dead worried about him and Ayden,” he paused, then add some more. “Tell him we are all worried about him. Tell him I need to talk to him. It’s about Junsu.” He stops and inhales the thick warm air of Kuala Lumpur. “Tell him I’ll only go back to Korea with him and Ayden.” There’s finality in his tone. His eyes seem dead serious, so I just nod my head, willing to tell Yoochun his message.

“Give me another favour will you?”

“Another one wouldn’t hurt, right?” I replied annoyingly. I hate it when people ask me too many favours at once. I felt burdened by the fact that I will be the one who carried them out. He chuckles at my remarks, bringing his left hands to cover his mouth while he laughs in amusement. I smiled at his trademark way of laughing. Finally I saw it with my own eyes- the carefree Jaejoong. I saw how Ryn blushed furiously at the sight of Jaejoong laughing.

“You are one sassy girl, aren’t you? Hahaha!” He smiled. His smile looks genuinely sincere to me. He must have been suffering a lot lately. Just like Yoochun, I can see it clearly written all over his flawless face. His good looks are deceiving too.

“What is it?”

“Take good care of him.”

“Which one is that? I got two Mr. Parks in hand right now, remember?” I can’t help but to feel a bit malicious towards the charming Jaejoong in front of me. I remember how Yoochun would try to divert my question when it involves Jaejoong. Something is totally wrong about Yoochun and Jaejoong. I can sense how hurt Yoochun’s expression is whenever I mention Jaejoong’s name. I didn’t notice at first, but as time grew, Yoochun’s smile can’t cover the hurt he felt for Jaejoong.

“Yoochun. I’m not worried about Ayden. He can take good care of himself, even better that Yoochun.” Jaejoong is no longer smiling. His face was full of seriousness. “Promise me?”

“Huh? Wait. Why did you ask me to take good care of Yoochun? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Is there something you want to share with us?”

Jaejoong just stands there, silent, staring at his rock-star black boots as if it was even more interesting than my heated confused expression. I waited for his response. He then held his dark grey gaze over mine. The sunny evening seems to give him some extra glow. His brown hair looks extra shiny and his pale porcelain skin looks golden, but still, the frustration and tiredness etches all over his skinny toned body makes him appear as a fallen angel.

“It makes great sense. I’m more worried over him than Ayden. Ayden never makes us worry. He’s a good boy. He behaves well, right?” I nod at his response. Ayden always behaves well. He’s more mature than any four years old I ever knew. “Yoochun on the other hands is unpredictable. I care for him, so I just want him to be safe. Okay?” I nod again, slowly. Something sounds fishy, but I can’t put my fingers on it. I’m not stupid or naive. I can sense when someone is not telling the truth or partially truth. Jaejoong seems to be lying about something.

“Is he sick or something?” I asked. I can’t let Jaejoong think I’m going to give him all my favours blindly. I thought I saw something flicker in his eyes when he heard my query. His jaw clenched, his expression hardened. There’s a deep crease forming between his dark eyebrows. “Answer me!” I demand his answer right at that moment. If Yoochun is actually sick, he needs to be sent home right away to get the right treatment.

After a long silence, Jaejoong responds to me. “Promise me you’ll make him come home. I can’t tell you anything.” Jaejoong starts to walk away.

What the hell? He can’t just make me promise something I don’t know! “What the... Hey! Stop right there! I’m not finished yet!” I scream at him. My shoes are killing me when I practically run to get to Jaejoong, but then, I fell. Jaejoong still refuses to stop though I knew he noticed that I fell. It hurt so much, but I don’t think my knees were wounded as I saw the fabric of my pants were still intact. I groan in pain.

Then without any alarm, I saw a heavy, green four inch high heel fly over me, landing straight at the back of Jaejoong’s right shoulder with a huge thump sound. That must hurt like bitch! I gaped at Ryn who seems to stand next to me with an angry look, flushed like an angry tigress, eyes fixed hard on Jaejoong’s scrunched face.

“Jaejoong, you idiot!” I heard Ryn scream at Jaejoong. She takes off her other shoe and throws it straight at Jaejoong again. I heard Jaejoong screaming “What the hell is wrong with you woman?!” Then, I saw Ryn smack her handbag over Jaejoong.

“Ryn?” I’m confused. What the hell is happening here?


to be continued~
ryn is sassy!!! i love her character! ^__^
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i seriously can think park yoochun actions,kiss and smile rite now..

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bass's mistress said...

LOL! who's your bias? -elle-

harapanku cita-cita kami said...

jaejoong.but please give a happy ending to jaejoong in this fanfic. yoochun seems to choose elle, and jae maybe with ryn. just guess.

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yoochun is just confused dear~ *silly spoiler*
and i would love to make jae suffers a bit before his happy ending ^^