Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Sunday, June 19, 2011



Thanks Skye Lin my beta reader! :)


Everything was starting to get vivid now. How on earth did we end up in this crowded train of all places? The train is moving fast. I looked down at my complexion through the dark glass door of the train. I wore my jeans and a sloppily printed shirt. I buttoned up a couple of buttons that I noticed flailing on my midsection. My usually there scarf was nowhere to be found. My shoulder length hair was in a mess, and I tried to rule my unruly straight hair using my fingers desperately. I hated looking like a mess. 

Where am I again? I tried to find the usual information board stuck at the train’s wall; just a few stations before my destination. I felt people eyeing me, like I was exposed; I was uncomfortable. What’s happening? I remember falling asleep, and I remember the chaotic morning when my slumber was suddenly being invaded by Ayden pulling me off the sofa just to wake me up..

“Miss Elle—“I felt a small hand touch my head, raking my messy hair. Trying to rule it up, I almost jumped at the proximity of his small face to mine.

“Choesong hamnida for all this mess...” I almost jumped again when a larger hand touched my hair. I looked at the owner closely; there was an apologetic look in his eyes...

“What mess?” I’d like to stay composed even in all the mess I was accidentally involved in. He chuckled deeply...

“I think Miss Elle is going crazy dad...” Ayden’s effort to whisper his thoughts to his smiling dad apparently failed because I heard him perfectly.

“Ayden, I’m fine. Just because I look like a mad girl out of the sanatorium, doesn’t mean I’ve gone loony. I am perfectly fine.” I huffed when both the Park men laughed. I just stared at Yoochun and Ayden’s amused faces, both having had their eyes wandering around the train, searching for god knows what.

“Where are we heading by the way?” Yoochun flashed a smile, trying to win my attention because for the last 20 minutes since we’ve been standing in the goddamn train, I kept ignoring his existence. I’m too confused with the things occurring around me this morning. Let’s just say, I’m overwhelmed in a bad way.

“We? Na’ah. No way. After all of that, I have to head home; I need to! Who knows, I might be on YouTube tonight! You and Ayden on the other hand need to find another place to stay...” I knew I sounded like a raging bitch, and. I know I was being cruel to both of them, but everything was making my head throb like hell! I saw the disappointment in Yoochun’s eyes while Ayden seemed clueless. He snuggled into his dad’s nape of neck.

Ugh! That little darling! I just can’t say no when I look at him! Ugh!!! My guilt is killing me!

“Fine... I’m sorry... I perfectly understand...“Yoochun diverted his eyes from my gaze. Damn... Double damn... What’s with this heartache I’m feeling right now? Make it triple... DAMN!!! Must I be this cruel? They need help and I’m being the utmost insufferable git to them! They don’t have any ID, passport or even money to survive this afternoon. I sighed. I’m even the one who paid for their room payment this morning, there goes this month’s salary... Tch!

“Damn it Yoochun! Stop it! You know I will never have the heart to leave Ayden homeless like this, and the paparazzi will never stop until they get what they want right? Leaving you both here in the middle of KL will never bring any good...”

“Miss Elle, are you mad at us?” Ayden grabbed a few strands of my stubborn locks and tucked it back behind my ears, looking at me innocently. My heart softened. Deep down in my dark heart, I bet Yoochun trained him to be this adorable so that whenever things like this happen, Ayden will be there to soften up any heart, hence they won’t hesitate to give them a favour or two! That’s genius because it definitely works!

“No Ayden, I am not; not at you or your dad—“Why am I being mad again? Ah...The stupid paparazzi... How on earth did they manage to figure out Yoochun’s whereabouts? I bet someone saw him in the Petaling Street, or they have TVXQ fans inside the hotel that recognized him, or there’s someone in the police force who knew him. Slowly, I remembered the morning chaos.

“I guess they saw me in Petaling Street...” Yoochun rubbed his now-free-from-any-stubble face. His face wasn’t as pale as last night, and there’s even a tint of blush on both of his cheeks; Malaysian heat I guess. The temperature is always high in the town area...

“On second thought, I think it’s funny. Did you know when I was on my way to check out the room, one of the Korean paparazzi asked me questions in Korean, like I understand a thing he’s saying! No offense, but it’s like, duh!” I rolled my eyes, earning deep chuckles from Yoochun and a loud giggles from Ayden. I turned my gaze to Ayden.

“Miss Elle is funny! Hehehe—“I ruffled his unruly soft mane.

“Maybe they thought you were a Korean.”

“Huh? I’m a pure Malaysian. How on earth can I look like a Korean?—“I rested my back on the train’s wall, looking around the full compartment. It’s Sunday and people in Klang Valley love to spend their weekend out in town.

“You look like a tanned Korean to me, without your scarf of course.” Yoochun smiled at my dumbfounded expression. Tanned? I know my skin is a bit darker than his. Who would be insane enough to compare our skin tone? He’s a Korean for god’s sake! His place even has snow in November while mine will be hot and raining all year long!

“Why does it sound a bit insulting? Yes, I am darker than you, I admit that, but you are way fairer than any of us here in the train...” I scoffed at him. He just dismissed my comment and hit me right on my left arm. It hurts like bitch!

“Let me carry him...?” I offered my help when I saw Yoochun shift Ayden from his left arm to his right one. Ayden smiled happily at my offer and practically jumped to me, and I felt sickly happy when he hugged me tight. I handed my larger than life bag to Yoochun so that I could carry Ayden comfortably.

“Miss Elle’s bag is heavier than you, Ayden!”

“Shut up!” I rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time today.

“Your bag is this heavy and I wonder where your wonder woman strength came from before this! What do you carry around anyway?” I slapped his hand when he dared to try and open my bag, invading my privacy. I silently cursed myself when I felt my lips twitch to form a smile.

What am I doing here anyway? Where’s my peaceful life?

“I don’t even have time to bathe! I stink, right Ayden?” I asked Ayden when I saw Ayden comfortably snuggling at the nape of my neck. I nudged Yoochun right in his left ribs when I heard his nasty comment about me being hard to wake. I smiled when Ayden shook his head, and then encircle his small arms around my neck.

“You smell nice Miss Elle...”

“Really, Ayden?”

“Shut up Yoochun!”

“You shut up! I was just trying to make a decent conversation with my son.” He dared to look me straight in my eyes using that mischievous expression. I felt like punching his face for being too adorable for a grown up!

“What decent conversation can you make with your son with the topic of how Miss Elle, who hasn’t gotten the chance to bathe’s scent?” I confronted him heatedly.

“Maybe he could tell me some details on his definition of Miss Elle’s nice smell...” Yoochun pointed out his defense. Ayden giggled at that comment, earning him a triumphant smirk from his dad.

“Stop talking like Miss Elle is someone who does not exist, and stop your perverted mind please! You are corrupting Ayden’s innocent mind again—“

“I have done nothing, Elle—“

“I hate you—“

“Really?” His amused tone was still irritating to my hearing.


“Do you hate me too, Miss Elle?” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes annoyingly.

Ayden... Must you ask that?

“It depends—“But I still answer him as a matter of fact.

“You can’t hate me, Miss Elle.” I gaped at Ayden’s reply.

“And why is that?“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a four year old!

“Jaejoong always said people can’t help but to love me!“I swear to god, if we were at a place less crowded, Yoochun would have been rolling on the ground laughing at his son’s arrogant reply.

“Ayden, you spend too much time with Jaejoong!”

“What can I do Miss Elle? Daddy was too busy dating here and there...” Ayden sighed and snuggled back into the nape of my neck. My jaw dropped, and I looked at Yoochun who was scratching the back of his head impertinently, dismissing Ayden’s words. I sent him my deadly glare.

“What?” Finally he noticed it.

“You left Ayden for women?”

“Jaejoong always come to my house, taking Ayden out to my mum’s place or his parent’s place, so when I got some free time I hung out with friends; that’s all.” He reasoned it out. I still couldn’t believe him.

“The day you find out that your son no longer wants to be your son will be the day you regret going out with those women! Spend more time with him, will you? It’s not like Jaejoong is his real dad...”

“Yes, ma’am!” Yoochun nodded his head obediently, but there was still some hint of mischievousness in his tone.

“Ma’am? I’m younger than you...“I snapped at the Ma’am thing. It touched my nerves all of sudden.

“Really? Call me Oppa then!” there's aegyo tone in his voice. I don't like the idea to bits!

“What? I will not!”

“Come on. Just once, please...”


“It’s Yoochun Oppa, come on!”

“Tch! You deserve to be called Unnie!” Hahah!

“What?” His eyes were wide, staring at me like I came from Mars with extra ten heads!

“Right, Ayden? Stop calling your dad, daddy. Call him Yoochun Omma!” I laughed at my genius idea, and Ayden seemed amused by the idea too.

“But why is that Miss Elle?”


“Cut it off, Elle!”

“Hahaha! …Because he’s prettier than a girl!”

“Yes, daddy looks like a girl!” Ayden apparently loved the idea! I smiled like I just won a billion dollars. Having Ayden’s support to my thoughts was like living in heaven, and it was one big hell for Yoochun considering his grimacing look...

“You are just jealous!”

“I am not.”

“Yes you are!”

“Just give it up already! Even Ayden thought the same thing!” I stuck my tongue out to annoy him more. The stupid git namely Yoochun pinched my right arm really hard, not letting it go even though I yelped in pain.

“Yoochun! Ouch!!! That hurts!” I grimaced at the blinding pain. I stopped myself from yelping loudly to stop attracting attention from the people in the train.

“Daddy, you’re hurting Miss Elle...“ told Ayden with a boring tone. He must’ve seen his daddy act this childish and immoral a thousand times before.

“I know, Ayden, I just want her to stop tempting me to kill her...” Yoochun smiled sweetly at me. I just threw him a disgusted look.

“I’ll stop if you stop acting like an insufferable jerk for a while...”

“Language, Miss Elle...” It was not Ayden who pointed out my way of conversing, it was Yoochun. I hate to say this, but I do feel guilty for using those bad words in front of Ayden. I stayed silent and tried to pull my composure back together. Yoochun did the exact same thing, releasing my now bruised arm and stayed silent, hugging my bag.

I couldn’t stop myself from scoffing out loud. A sudden darkness fell upon us when the train passed through an underground tunnel. I felt Ayden’s grip tighten around my shoulder, but he didn’t gasp or make any sound at all. What a brave kid! On the other hand, I could perfectly hear his grown up dad gasping, and by the sudden yank at my right sleeve, I immediately knew Yoochun is afraid of dark. The darkness consumed us for about 10 seconds, but felt like a century!

“Are you...” I suspiciously wanted to ask him about his attitude towards darkness.

“Shut up!” I giggled when he cut my question off, and then I felt my shoulder being touched by someone. I turned around and saw before me, stood the only person that I didn’t want to bump into out of all the places in the world.

“I knew it was you!” he smiled.

Oh damn. My first crush.


to be continued...

i want that back up singer on the right! <3

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