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Friday, June 24, 2011



beta-ed by Skye Lin :)


I blinked my eyes again, unable to utter even a word to protect my pride when the very guy that had stolen my heart snickered at me. His eyes wandered from me to Ayden who lay in my arms, then to Yoochun. He snorted at us and I practically felt my heart bleeding. How in the world did I fall for someone as snobbish and rude as him?

“It seems to me that the rumors were rather true..“Adam’s smirk made me want to tear his face into pieces.

“What rumors?“Feeling offended, I replied with a distasteful expression.

“Elle, who is he?” I heard Yoochun’s voice asking about this pompous jerk. I gasped for more air in the crowded train; I could barely breathe and I wanted to just run away...

“Yoochun-sshi, this is Adam…“

“Yoochun? You’re Korean? My God!” There was a hint of insult in his tone. He rolled his eyes when he said the words, ‘My God’, and apparently Yoochun had noticed and didn’t bother to answer him.

“What do you want Adam?” I could feel tears dwelling in my hazy eyes, threatening to flood down my cheeks.

“Damn, so the rumors were true! You quit college and ran away to Korea to marry a Korean? You have a kid now too? Well done, Elle!”

“Wait, what?!” Running away to marry a Korean was something my classmates always joked around about whenever they talked about my obsession with Korean artists. Quitting college was true, because I transferred to another college for a tremendous reason, and Adam was part of it...

“Are you playing dumb? I know you ran away because of someone...”

“It’s none of your business, so leave, Adam. Leave us alone.” I sighed tiredly and hoped Adam would vanish ASAP. I might have been in love with him before, but the hurt he left me was still here, and I would like to let my mended heart stay the way it was.

“I know you ran away because of me…” His hand was now clutching my left arm. I glanced at Ayden, who look terrified, and I try to yank my hand away but his grip was unbelievably strong.

“Hey, Stop that!“Yoochun’s hand was now on Adam’s shoulder and his serious expression appeared as if he might kill Adam. I inwardly laughed at this soap opera-like situation, like when a girl gets threatened and the hero comes to save her. I hate to admit it, but my life these past two days felt like part of a soap opera. I sighed and collected my strength to yank my arm from Adam’s deadly grip.

“We need to get off the train now Yoochun-sshi. Ayden, are you okay?“I looked at the terrified little boy; he nodded his head once to tell me that he’s fine.

“Even after three years, you are still as heartless as ever, Adam. You even scared a little kid; I hate you.” I said to Adam while waiting for the train’s door to open.

“Elle, you know you love me! Stop running away!” There was desperation in his voice, but when I looked into his eyes, I saw nothing. There were no sparks like Yoochun had mentioned yesterday about two people being in love.

“Nope, sorry… Never have and never will. Bye!“The train’s door glided open and passengers started rushing in and out of the train. I felt a strong hand grasp my left, leading me out of the crowded train into an even more crowded station. I looked over my back, and Adam was gone.

“Don’t tell me you are in love with that bastard…” There was a hint of coldness in Yoochun’s voice. He didn’t even look at me when he spoke, and he walked so fast that I had to speed up my pace to match up to his long strides.

“Yoochun-sshi, you are going too fast! I’m holding Ayden—“I felt my lungs tighten and I almost walked into him when he abruptly stopped.

“Damn him for scaring Ayden...” I heard him breathe those words to himself as he swung my heavy bag over his right shoulder, taking Ayden from me with his left hand.

“Ayden, are you okay?” I touched Ayden’s soft cheeks and he just smiled and nodded his head vigorously, showing that he was fine.

“I’m not in love with him, Yoochun-sshi. Like you said before, he’s a bastard…“Suddenly I found something more interesting on my shoes than the handsome heartthrob standing in front of me.

“Good then, not that I felt anything towards you. Stay away from him, will you?”

I was dumbfounded by his request. Not feeling anything towards me but telling me to stay away from Adam? Hah!

“Fine.” I smiled to assure him that I would.

“Let’s go then; I’m hungry. Aren’t you, Ayden?” Yoochun pouted adorably at Ayden when his son nodded his head with a famished face. I couldn’t help but laugh at their similar cuteness, but my amusement was cut short when Yoochun gave me back my larger-than-life bag and grabbed my left hand, pulling me out of the crowd.

“Do you know where we’re heading?!” He is so impulsive! He just pulled me along through the crowd like he knew where the exit was located.

“No, where is the exit?”

“Ahahaha!!! Look for the sign, dummy!”

This was why I loved him the most! He’s impulsive and funny! 


“Where are we going Miss Elle?” I looked at Ayden who sat obediently in the backseat of my car through the mirror and smiled at the fact that he fastened his seat belt.

“Home.” I replied him with one word.

“Home?” I heard Yoochun repeat my answer with a questioning tone. His eyes were still closed, uninterested in his surroundings.

“Yes. Until you both find yourselves a new place, consider my place as your home, okay?” I smiled sweetly in the mirror where I was sure Ayden would see. He did because his smiling molten mercury orbs gleaming brightly looking at the mirror, smiling back at me with a nod. 

I glanced over to the half-sleep Yoochun next to me, sitting comfortably in the passenger’s seat with a smile carved on his face. I extend my focus towards the road and my driving. Everything seemed to go well, but deep down there, I was trying to figure out excuses to tell my mom and dad. They are so going to kill me! No, they’ll murder me! Is there even a difference? Both will have the same ending; me dead.

“Do you have swimming pool at home?” I rolled my eyes. Yoochun was probably trying to annoy me.


“Hot water?“


“A sauna?“ 

“No!“ This is getting ridiculous to my own patience.

“Air conditioner?“

“There’s one in my parent’s room, and if you want my dad to kill you in your sleep, you can sleep there…“

“Really? Haha! Okay. What about... Umm...“I saw him pouting his pinkish lips, thinking hard.

“What, Yoochun-sshi?“Patiently, I waited for another annoying question.

“Sexy maids?“

“Hah, and I thought you were gay!” I scoffed at him. Yoochun shifted in his seat, his body turned facing me on his right. There was seriousness displayed in his posture and expression.

“I’m not gay.” He huffed.

“Yea, right...” I gave him an indifferent glance. 

“I’m not!”

“You’re not? You told me that you and Junsu were an item, didn’t you? Or was I just delusional and talked to myself during my short sleeping period last night?”

“Oh shut up…” He sulked in his seat.


“Yes Ayden?” Lazily, he answered his son’s call.

“What is gay?” I laughed at Ayden’s innocent question, and I laughed even harder when I saw Yoochun’s irritation displayed on his face.

“Gay means happy, Ayden…” I answered Ayden on behalf of his irritated dad.

“So why aren’t you gay, Daddy?”

“Because I don’t want to be, Ayden...”

“But you have to be, Daddy!” Ayden was now standing in the back of the car, no longer fastened to his seat under the seatbelt. His face displayed a deep concern.

“No Ayden, you don’t want me to be gay...haha” Yoochun laughed at his son’s innocent concern.

“But I want you to be happy!“The stubborn boy wouldn’t drop the subject.

“I am happy, Ayden, but I’m not gay… Not now, and not in the future…“I smirked at Yoochun’s reply. He admitted being gay before, but Ayden was not replying. There was a long silence before he started to speak again.

“I think I’m gay.” I heard Ayden’s small voice mumble out the words. Impulsively, I stepped on the brake, causing our car to stop abruptly.

“What the... Elle!!!“I heard Yoochun’s high pitch scolding.

“Sorry, I was just shocked…” Thank god there weren't any other cars on the road.

“I’m not talking about the abrupt stopping! You just turned my straight kid into a gay within a minute!”

“I’m not sorry for that. He doesn’t mean it ‘that’ way! He’s only four, remember? He doesn’t know about his orientation yet!”

“Then what’s with the sudden braking?” His left eyebrow rose, questioning me.

“Can you both stop talking like I’m not here?” Complained the small boy from behind us; his arms crossed defensively and an annoyed pout adorned his cute face.

“Sorry Ayden.” Yoochun and I apologized in unison, earning some chuckles from Ayden.

“Stop bickering, you gave me a headache!” Ayden commanded. My jaw dropped; he did not say that!

“Remind me to kill Changmin later, okay?” Yoochun closed his eyes, resting his back comfortably again. I nodded in agreement. Shim Changmin was a very bad influence on Ayden.


“Elle, where have you been?!”

Oh, no, my mom!!!

“I was at Ryn’s place, mom…“I gave her my best smile ever. 

Please God, save me!

“Don’t you dare smile at me like that, Where were you?! I’ve been trying to call you since last night!” My mom is scary when she gets angry, making it smart for people to run away, because she practically explodes!

“Um... mom...” I didn’t know how to start. How am I going to explain to her my irresponsible act, forgetting to call her even though I’ve promise Ryn I’d do so? How am I going to tell her about how I spent the night in a hotel room with two strangers?

Someone, save me!!!

“Ah! Halmeoni, annyeong haseyo!” A small, excited voice greeted my mom. Her eyes grew wider than the saucepan in her kitchen when she saw little Ayden who appeared from nowhere, carrying none other than a coconut!

“Ayden, where did you get that coconut?”

“From your back lawn, Miss Elle.” He smiled endearingly, seeming proud of himself for finding the coconut. I thought only the Dong Bang boys got excited seeing coconuts!

“Elle, who’s this?” asked my mom, with a face that was still haunted by surprise. Before I could even explain to her about Ayden, he himself had taken the privilege of introducing himself to my mom.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ayden Sanders, but now I’m living with my Daddy, so you can call me Ayden Park!” Ayden’s eyes gleamed brightly at my mom. I saw my mom’s eyes soften a bit at Ayden’s self introduction.

“Ayden was it? Call me grandma.” I laughed uncontrollably in my head when I saw my mom patting Ayden’s head adoringly. I knew my mom would become weak when she saw the ever adorable Ayden!

“Are you Miss Elle’s mom?” Ayden’s gray orbs looked at my mom’s face with an innocent expression.

Damn, Ayden… One day you’ll be a great actor! I’ve told you there’s only my mom in this house when we were on our way here.

“Yes, darling…”

“Miss Elle said we can live here with her family... Can we?”


“Elle, what is he talking about?” I saw my mom’s face fluster with confusion.

“Umm, mom... He’s in a lot of trouble, actually…”

“My dad is a singer and he ran away from Korea. He took me with him but then, all the bad people started to chase us. Miss Elle saved us yesterday.” Ayden cut me off again.

“Ayden let me do the talking, please.”

“Sorry Miss Elle.” He hugged the small coconut tightly to his chest.

“What is this all about Elle? Where’s his daddy? Did you kidnap Ayden? Did the bad guy chase you here? We have to report them to police, right?” Oh no, my mom is having a panic attack. She was rambling so fast that I got dizzy just listening to her.

“Mom, slow down. I’m not kidnapping him! The bad guys are not coming for us here.” I sat on the floor, too tired to stand, but Ayden stood still with the coconut in his embrace.
He was adorable!

“Then where’s his dad?”

“He’s here somewhere...” I didn’t know where Yoochun went; he disappeared right after I stopped the car. He literally ran out of the car excitedly when he saw the coconut trees my late uncle had grown in our back yard.

“Are you talking about me?” I heard Yoochun’s deep, husky voice approaching us. I smiled as Ayden ran his little feet getting Yoochun to come closer to us.

“Yoochun-sshi, meet my mom.”

“I’m Ayden’s dad, Park... eh?!” Yoochun couldn’t even finish his greeting when my mom fell to the floor with a soft thump. She fainted.


“Did I just kill your mother?”

“Yes, Yoochun... You just did…”


To be continued...

sarang-hae, sarang-hae, sarang- hae <3

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