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Wednesday, June 15, 2011



When the clock struck 12, Ayden’s body temperature went up again. Despite his active behaviour, he started to have a headache and began coughing his lungs out. After feeding him the medicine given by the insufferable doctor, I watched Yoochun lull Ayden with his embrace. I don’t know how many times my heart had clenched with this uneasiness today. I don’t know what song he used to lull Ayden, but despite the heartwarming sound, I felt his pain. I saw him kissing Ayden’s head every once in a while...

Dad, do you become like that whenever I fell sick?

“Did he sleep yet?” I ask him from afar; Yoochun nodded a little, kissed Ayden’s forehead twice, and then tucked him soundly under the thick blanket. Slowly he moved off the bed, walking silently towards the sofa I’m sitting on. He stood next to it for quite some time looking outside the wet window. He didn’t seem like he would bother to sit, so I grabbed his left hand, asking him to sit next to me. Shockingly, he obeys.

“Aren’t you sleepy?” was all he asked after a long silence...

“I already slept for quite some time this evening. I’m not sleepy yet. I’ll sleep on the couch; you should sleep with Ayden...”

I heard him sigh deeply, and then I felt something heavy pressed on my right shoulder. It was his head, and I was deadpanned by his uncharacteristically action...


“I’m tired... Tired of everything... Just let me stay like this for a while, okay?” I saw his eyes closing...

Okay, how am I supposed to react? Should I comfort him?

“I’m feeling sick too, but I can’t show it in front of Ayden, right?” Still closing his eyes, he asked. I knew he wasn’t feeling well; I could see it clearly from his pale complexion. His huskier than his already husky voice indicated his throat was sore. Even with a few layers of fabric separating his skin and mine, I could still feel heat radiating from his body.

“Yoochun-sshi, you are being silly again. Ayden is a genius. He would notice if you lied to him, and he needs someone he can trust.” I just let his heavy warm head rest on my shoulder with his whole warm left torso pressing against my right arm. I heard him laughing at my comment.

“Have you eaten the pills I gave you?”

“Yea, I think you really are intending to drug me off. I’m so sleepy right now...” Again, he sighed. I felt his left arm slip behind my back, pulling me closer to his warm body. I couldn’t help but rest my head on his left chest, listening to his slow heart beat. His chin rested on top of my head.

If my mum knew I spent the night with a complete stranger, she’d murder me!

“You are running away.” I said that as a matter of fact.

“I’m not... I just need some time out from the crazy battle field—“

“Really? It seems to me that you are running away—“

“I’ll be back, but only when I’m sure Ayden’s safe—“

“You can’t do that... You knew it the first time you took him home with you—“

“Yes, and I’m regretting it now—“

We were cutting off each other's words...



“There are coconut trees in my back lawn—“


“Coconut tree... You love coconut right?”

“Umm... Yes... I guess... Why?”

“I just want to tell you if one day you remember this day, where you’re resting your head on a stranger’s head, I hope you would remember that that girl’s house has coconut trees!” With that, I heard him laughing. I knew it was random, but as a fan, deep in my heart I wanted him to at least remember something about me.

“You can always run to my place...”

“Really?” I heard him chuckling again. His warm chin was still resting on top of my head, and I could see his neckline clearly. Nothing perverted came to my mind; nothing at all. I was too tired to think of anything perverse.



“I’m not running away... I’ll be back when I’m sure Ayden is safe...”

“You still have your mum, brother, and your other four members to look after him...”

“Not enough... It’s not enough.”

“He needs to be with them. They are his family. You, as a matter a fact, as part of his family, can’t make him run away from everything you are afraid of...”

“Jaejoong will definitely fall for you... Haha!”

“Oh shut up... It’s getting old okay?—“I rolled my eyes.

“I’m telling the truth. Before we left Seoul, Jaejoong-hyung asked me for a favour—“

“Don’t tell me he asked you to find him a girlfriend!—“

“Yes he did—“

“Tell him you found me, okay? I bet my BFF will be digging a hole to bury me alive if she heard about Jaejoong dating me!—“I can’t help but to smirk at the idea.

“How could all of you wishing to marry us though you don’t really know who we really are? Is love from a fan really can be considered as love at all? Sometimes I think fans are being delusional...”

“Wow, that was a heartless thing to say... But hey, listen. It is love. We wish you with all the love in the world... Wishing good thing in the world for someone is considered love, okay? And we wish for some people to get hit by trucks because we hate them... It is as simple as that!“

“So, do you love me?”

Wow, he never stops surprising me.

“As a fan, yes...”

“As a girl?” I sensed something in his voice... Flirt alert!

“I forbid myself to confess anything to you!” You, wicked jerk! I hit his left rib hard, earning an ‘ouch!’ sound from him, but he still wouldn’t let me go; instead, he snuggled closer to me.

“I miss my mum...” he confessed. I smiled at that revelation. The dark, cold room seemed to get warmer.

“Call her—“

“She’ll kill me if she knew where I was now—“

“What? She didn’t know?!”

“Only Jaejoong-hyung knew about my runaway plan. I bet he’s having a hard time facing my mum. She’s just like you; a crazy woman!” He informed jokingly.

“You are the one pulling my hair off my scalp when I stuck my tongue out, and I’m being accused as the crazy one? You are mental!”

“Want me to do that again?” He laughed while asking.

“Are you crazy? I don’t want Ayden’s innocent eyes seeing you do stupid things to me!”

“Stupid thing such as…?” He grabbed my chin, forcing my gaze to meet his.

Gulp! Such as you kissing me...?

“I’ll hit you hard if you dare utter what you’re thinking!” I looked at him with a serious face.

“Such as what, Elle?” His voice sounded teasing to me.

“Did Ayden really see you...Umm... Forget it!”

“Ahaha! I guess he did. I forgot about him being in my house that day; I thought he was staying at my mum’s—“

“Ugh! You’re disgusting!” I grimaced at his frank confession.

“What?” He flashed his adorable confused face.

“What are you exactly? Straight, gay or both?”

“I’m as straight as the China’s Great Wall!”

“Am I that stupid to you? The Great Wall isn’t straight!“


“Yoochun no baka!”

“Iie, dewa arimasen...” Gosh, I hate him!

“Yoochun-sshi,” I snuggled back to his body. The room was getting colder than ever. I wondered if it was okay for Ayden...

“What am I doing here anyway?” I asked him the only question that I could think of at that moment...

“Saving my sorry ass just like you said before. Hehe!” I joined in his infectious laugh. My eyelids felt so heavy. His musky smell lulled me to a deep slumber...

My mum will positively murder me if she knew I slept in the arms of a stranger...

“Elle, thanks for being here—“

“Tch! Shut up!“


To be continued...

Beta reader: Skye Lin

the prettier than angel, Kim Jaejoong

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