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Monday, June 13, 2011



I had the strangest dream. I was walking along a very long and dark tunnel alone. My heart raced so fast; it became hard to breathe. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that I felt a very small hand clutching my left hand in the darkness, and another larger hand grabbing my other free hand, pulling me out of the dark tunnel. The sudden sun rays were blinding, and suddenly, something poked my cheek; hurting a little. I opened my eyes to see two molten mercury orbs staring back at me...

Ayden? Ayden was it? Ouch!

I felt something poking my ribs, and then my stiff arm. “Ayden?“I opened my eyes briskly, looking around the foreign room; Panicking. Where is everybody? I got off the large bed, turning around to see the room empty. It was dark outside, and the rain was still pouring down onto the earth. I could see everything so clearly from the room’s large window. Where’s Yoochun? 

Then I heard small giggles, and I turn around to face the large bed. Under the heavy blankets and large fluffy pillows, I saw him; the most adorable child I had ever seen, smiling brightly at me, covering his small body under the thick white blanket. His dark soft locks stood out under the white sheets and pillows.

Tch! Yoochun-sshi, you are so full of yourself aren’t you? Even your son’s haircut resembles yours!?  I perfectly remember Yoochun’s cute haircut during the Saipan trip- it was a perfection of cuteness.

“Ayden... What are you doing there?” I laughed at his adorable action. He’ll be five this November, and Yoochun told me Ayden learns fast. He even sometimes nodded along when his grandmother spoke something in Korean, and greeted people like a Korean would whenever someone came to their house, but the most important thing was that Ayden loved music. He would stay awake for hours just watching Yoochun type on his keyboard in his working room at home. He is in fact Yoochun’s son, and there’s even a DNA report proving that fact!

“Are you my mummy?” He asked that innocently, and I felt my heart drop to my feet.

Poor child; I wish I was, but it’s not that I want to marry your gay daddy... Oops! I didn’t mean to say that, but you are too adorable to resist!

“No I’m not Ayden, don’t you remember your Mummy?” I sat in front of him, pulling him out of the thick blanket, and cradling him in my lap. I felt his warm body close to mine, and I saw the devastation in his eyes perfectly. He shook his head, looking up at me.

Poor child...

“Are you still feeling sick?” I touched his forehead—it was warm, still. He shook his head again.

“Are you hungry?” He nodded a couple of times, and I kissed the top of his head, wondering if Yoochun was this adorable when he was just a little kid...

“Wait here; I’ll make you some hot chocolate... Okay?” I put him down, kissed his forehead a few times, and got him a mug of hot chocolate and some creamed bread. From the corner of my eye, I saw him getting off the large bed, stepping weakly to the sofa near the window. He climbed onto the sofa, standing on it so he could get a clear view of Kuala Lumpur’s night scene.

“Pretty, isn’t it? That is KLCC.” I pointed out a beautiful twin tower that Malaysians took great pride in.

“Is that your house?” He asked me with curiosity flooding his features.

“Haha… No... I don’t live there.” I couldn’t stop myself from smiling widely.

“Then where do you live miss... umm... what is your name?” I felt like hugging him, and I did.

“I’m Elle… Well, my actual name is Leanne, but don’t tell your dad that okay? It’s our secret. I live far away from this place.” I couldn’t stop myself from giggling when I heard Ayden giggle. How on earth could he inherit that infectious laugh?

“Okay Miss Elle… Can I call you Leanne then?“

“But then your dad would know right? Then it will no longer be our secret” I joked around about my name being a secret. I swear I even love Ayden’s chuckles more than Yoochun’s.

“Just call me Elle, okay?” I saw him nodding his head vigorously, and I laughed at his action. He giggled more.

“Eat, okay?” I pulled him softly so he would be sitting next to me while I fed him the bread and hot chocolate, but his next action surprised me the most. He placed his small body on my lap, lacing his small fingers on my left wrist so that I would hold him close to my body.

“I’m cold...” He looked up into my eyes, smiling cutely. I noticed his cute dimples, and I couldn’t utter any words to display my emotions. Believe me; this boy will break thousands of female hearts when he’s older, just like his dad! I hugged him closer, pulling the blanket that I left on the sofa’s arm to cover both our feet.

“Warm enough?” I felt him nodding his small head as I dunk a small piece of bread into the warm hot chocolate. I blew at it a few times and fed him. He ate quietly.

“Where’s your dad?” I didn’t mean to say that out loud, but I did. I could feel his body tense in my embrace.

“Is he leaving me too?” I could sense his depression growing.

“No! Of course not honey... But if he does, I’ll hunt him down! Don’t worry too much, okay?“He laughed at my response.

“Aren’t you hungry?” He asked.

“No, I already had my dinner with your dad when you were sleeping. You eat.” I fed him more.

Where the hell is Yoochun?

“You remind me of Jaejoong!” Ayden cheered all of sudden. Huh?

“Jaejoong feeds me all the time! He freaks out if I tell him I’m hungry. He screams at daddy for not feeding me on time. Jaejoong is very pretty! Hehehe!“Ayden giggled.

“Do you miss Jaejoong?”

“Yes… Jaejoong, grandma, Junsu, Changmin hyung...”

“Why did you call Changmin, Changmin hyung?”

“Because he asked me too. Hahaha!” His innocent laugh was as adorable as ever.

“What about Yunho?”

“Yea, Yunho too. He’s nice. He always comes to our house and plays with me. Did you know daddy has this big dog...” I listened intently to this four year olds opinion on his daddy’s surroundings and friends.

Where the hell is Yoochun?


I heard the door being opened, and I sighed. Speaking of the devil. There he was, standing with his left side resting against the door frame, watching Ayden and me from far away.

“What are you staring at?” I asked, without any intention of being harsh.

“Is Ayden already okay?” He sat next to me, with his left hand resting on Ayden’s small head. I wouldn’t have imagined even in my wildest dreams that I’d be sitting in a hotel room with two gorgeous Mr. Park...

“Daddy, where were you? Miss Elle was worried!” Ayden actively reported to his dad. His eyes gleamed mischievously; I should’ve known. They have the same gene pool for god’s sake! I rolled my eyes annoyingly as I heard Yoochun’s chuckle.

Kid! You better shut your mouth right now! Your dad might get the wrong idea!

“She did? Wow!“Yoochun laughed more, joining his giggling son.

“No I didn’t! I was just wondering, okay?”

“Open up!” Yoochun fed Ayden another piece of bread which Ayden happily accepted.

“The police came just now, so I had to follow them and make some reports. They’ll help me out with my ID, passport and credit cards. Everything will be just fine, I guess. The hotelier told me they’ll send your clothes in a few minutes.” He explained, with his hand busy feeding Ayden with cream covered bread.

“Oh, okay.” I didn’t know why, but a sudden sadness struck me hard. This will be the end, and I’ll never see Ayden again after this.

“Miss Elle...“I heard a small voice calling me out of the blue.


“Are you going home tonight?” I considered my answer, and I took a glance at the clock on the wall; 10.30pm. It was late at night, and both man and child’s eyes were staring at me intently waiting for an answer.

“It’s late, I guess I’ll go home tomorrow morning.” I swear I heard both of them release a heavy sigh. Did they want me to leave? I felt my face inflame...

“On second thought...”

“Miss Elle! No, you can’t leave tonight! It is not safe!” Did Ayden just cut me off? I looked at Yoochun; he gave me that silly smirk again.

“What’s with that look?” I was annoyed by his amusement. I hit his left arm hard, and I heard Ayden giggle.

“Daddy, Jaejoong would love Miss Elle, right?! He loves sassy women!” commented Ayden at my sudden outburst. If I didn’t listen to the ignorance in his voice carefully, I would’ve believed it was Yoochun that planted the stupid idea in his innocent child’s mind. Ayden’s comment yielded a loud laugh from his already amused daddy.

I hate to say this, but I do hate Yoochun right now.

“Ayden, are you really a four year old? You don’t sound like one.” I tried to hide my annoyance, and I picked Ayden up from my lap and put him on Yoochun’s. I stood up; pulling the bathrobe I was wearing tighter around my body, and confronted the little, witty kid with a serious face.

“Of course I am! I’m just smarter than any other four year old, I guess...” He smirked arrogantly.

Yoochun cracked another fit of laughs. Dear god... This kid spends too much time with the Dong Bang boys I guess. His naive mind has already been polluted with Junsu and Yoochun’s prankster mind and Changmin’s arrogance and intelligence. I wondered if he’d turn out to be as talkative as Jaejoong... Wait, he already did. He talks quite a lot for a four year old who should have a limited vocabulary in his small brain! They are corrupting him! My only hope for something positive is Yunho.

“Yes... I can perfectly see that, Ayden...”

“Elle… stay, okay?” Here comes Yoochun, with his pleading eyes and voice.

“Please...”Ayden added, looking at me with the same identical pleading eyes as his dad’s.
God, this is too much! Who could have the heart to say no to this little darling?

“So, where am I going to sleep then?” I was just making things up to argue with those two wicked minds.

“Daddy can have the couch. I’m not sharing you with him!”


I took back what I said about Ayden being a little darling. He is in fact a little devil!Both Yoochun and I froze, and our jaws dropped. Did the innocent Ayden just say that?

“Ayden, what the—“I secretly laughed at Yoochun’s surprised expression. Serves you right! You love to do pranks, right? Now you got yourself a little devil as a child!

“Daddy snores when he sleeps. I don’t want Miss Elle to hear that.”

This kid sure was something!

“No I don’t!” Yoochun argued with his son.

“Yes you do!” Ayden puffed his chest defensively and pouted heatedly.


“Yoochun-sshi, stop it.” I laughed inwardly at the silliness of the situation.

“Ayden, you shouldn’t raise your voice to your dad; it’s rude.” I ruffled his untidy thick mane.

“Sorry daddy, but I still won’t share her with you.“

Oh boy, this kid sure is as stubborn as hell!

“I didn’t say anything about sharing her... Fine, both of you can have the bed.”

“Daddy, I want Miss Elle to be my mummy. Is it okay?“Yoochun and I were speechless. Yoochun looked at me, pleading for help.

“I’m a Jaejoong fan, Ayden.” I answered him.

“Really? Jaejoong suits you better than daddy, I guess!” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

“Aw, even Ayden thinks Jaejoong is cooler than his own daddy!” I smirked.

“You just made my only son betray me, you know that?“I didn’t know how to respond to that accusation, so I just stuck my tongue out to annoy him more, and yielded myself a few strands of hair loss. Yoochun childishly pulled my hair out of his annoyance!

“Yoochun!” I screamed at him, and he still grasped my hair!

“Daddy! Let her go!” Ayden—my little angel—tried to save me

“Ouch, Ayden!” Apparently my little saviour kicked his daddy’s right leg, hard. Hahaha! Junsu must’ve taught him how to kick ball.

“Stop it daddy. The last time I saw you do that to a woman, you ended up kissing her!” Ayden huffed. Again, Ayden managed to make our jaws drop.

Gulp! Yoochun, you really have some serious matters to handle here. Serves you right!

To be continued...


Beta reader: Skye Lin

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