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Saturday, June 11, 2011



I think I’ll have a major heart attack if I continue staying here. Believe it or not, that handsome jerk didn’t hug me again. When I thought he was going to, he just smiled and put the phone back in my hand. It’s killing me. He is killing me!

This is my entire fault! I asked God everyday to do something to my boring life, and I got a famous superstar and his kid under my sleeves. Great! Nothing better than that... Should I be thankful? Of course I should!

“Yoochun-sshi,” I took out all the stuff I had in my large bag in order to find some emergency medicine. I took out a bottle of cough syrup and a packet containing pills, handing them to Yoochun.

“Are you trying to drug me off?” He chuckled.

“No, I’m avoiding the inevitable, I don’t want you to get sick, but clearly you already are.” I touched his pale forehead; it’s not burning like Ayden’s, but it was warmer than it should have been. I watched him chug down the medicine. A sudden coldness struck me and I shivered. I sat on the sofa, cuddling with the soft cushion. The air conditioner was already turned off, but I still felt the foreign coldness.

“Are you cold?” I chose to ignore his question. I saw him walking to the closet, pulling out a blanket and handing it to me...

“Thanks...” I pulled my cold feet up on the sofa and rested my tired back on the arm of the sofa.

He went back sitting next to the sleeping Ayden, and I watched him take Ayden’s small hand in his larger one, examining the small wound. I saw his right hand tracing Ayden’s wounded knees; I never thought the scene before my eyes would be heart-warming.

“Where’s his mother?” I can’t stop myself from asking that question. His back stiffened. He sighs, rubbing his temple a few times...

Yoochun has a son... so did the other members hold any big secrets too? Like were they already married or actually gay?

“She died last year...” That’s something I didn’t expect. I was expecting something like ‘his mom didn’t want him’ or something along that line... but she died? Now I didn’t even know if I should carry on asking questions. There’s hurt in his voice.

“I met her 6 years ago. She was an American, and we’ve been dating for about a year. She broke up with me, not knowing that she was pregnant. When she found out, she didn’t tell me about Ayden at all, since I was too busy promoting TVXQ and Tohoshinki at that time“ 

He sat on the other end of the long sofa, pulling his legs up, just like I did. We faced each other, and I smile at him, offering him to share the blanket so he could cover his cold feet too. It’s funny how we just met a few hours ago, and now we’re sharing a blanket and cuddling on the same sofa.

“So how did you end up knowing about Ayden?”

“When his mother died, Ayden was sent to a protection house by Sara’s relative...” So Ayden’s mom was called Sara...

“They didn’t want to take care of him because you see, they didn’t approve with Sara dating me so they didn’t like the idea of Ayden being at their home.” That hit me hard... They threw Ayden away? Who could’ve had the heart to do such thing to such a darling boy? Humans are unpredictably cruel…

“You know, my mom lived in the US at that time. She always visited the protection house near her workplace, volunteering to tell stories and play around with the kids...“

“Ayden’s there right?” I tried to give a guess...

“Yes...” he nodded.

“My mom called me, saying that there was a little boy that looked just like me when I was little. I just laughed at her, not seriously thinking about it. She asked me teasingly if I ever had any out-of-wedlock relationship or hid a son in the US because that child was a Korean American mix. I immediately remembered Sara. I ask my mom if she would like to take that boy for adoption, because my mom always said she was bored living alone ever since my little brother moved back to Seoul . She said she’d love to, but only if I’m the one adopting him.”

“So you went to America to adopt him?”

“Yes, I did. It turned out that one of the nurses there was Sara’s good friend and she knew about the whole Sara-Ayden-Yoochun thing. She told me everything, so I ended up taking him home with me.”

“So why did you came here of all places?” If he is taking Ayden home, why does he seem to be running away from his life in Korea and Japan?

“My already twisted life is becoming even more twisted after that. You see, four months ago, in our battle against SM Entertainment in court, every little scandal and secrets being revealed by SM just to win the case... We strived a lot through the case... Thank god the Cassiopeia had great faith on us even though some of the rumours were true. When SM revealed the YunJae thing, they supported us by saying they didn’t care about our sexual orientation, but SM used it as a way to pull us back”

“So it’s true? Jaejoong and Yunho are dating?” I felt myself smiling; I loved YunJae coupling.

He chuckled, and there came the mischievous glint again; adorable!

“No, but the fan’s support makes Junsu happy though.”

“What?! Junsu—“I was speechless for the hundredth time today. Who could’ve guessed that Junsu is a gay.“He’s dating one of you?”


“Who is it? It’s Changmin right? But Changmin looks so manly! Oh wait, maybe that’s why Junsu is dating him, right?“I can’t stop myself from being excited.

“You sure are excited... Hahaha.”

“Who would not be excited hearing the real thing from the real person?”

“You will not publish it right? I’m tired of lying to people... I just want to tell people for once the real thing without being concerned about the whole world knowing about it the next day...“

“Of course not... I still love my quiet peaceful life. It’ll be hectic if I told the media...”


“So, it’s Changminnie?” He laughs again.

“No, it was me.”

Huh? What was it again?


Did I hear him wrong? Junsu was dating Yoochun back then? Or are they still dating?

“You?!” I can’t hide my surprise. I think I need a strong coffee right now, so I made myself move to the pantry and brew two mugs of black coffee.

“We’ve been together for a short time after we got the encouragement from the fans, but then I came home from America with Ayden, and the rumours of me having my own family in the US broke out. I can’t tell people he’s my adopted son, because he is my son, so I told Junsu about Sara and Ayden. He didn’t take it well and felt insecure, knowing I’ve been having a real relationship with a woman before, So we broke up—“I hand him the hot mug.

“Now that’s shocking... Didn’t you love him?” I sat back at my place, sipping a bit of the hot steaming coffee.

“I don’t know. We’re all stressed out, and we only have each other. We can’t date; we can’t get married until the contract is over unless the company lets us get married. We literally had become drawn to each other, and I care a lot about him... But now my priority is to protect Ayden from all the scandals! The press had been hard on him, and they’re waiting in front of our house, following where ever my family went. I need to protect my family from all of this mess...“

“Wow, I never thought your life was that hard. You are famous and all, but it’s twisted... No wonder most of you went depressed.”

“Well, I never thought I’d date a guy too you know, and I don’t even think I could after this. Maybe Junsu was right; I’m attracted to him, but not entirely. Before I dated him, I’d gag whenever the idea of dating a guy came to mind...”

“Are you trying to say you have completely changed sides? The idea of dating a guy is no longer gag-worthy?”

“Haha, nope. After several reconsiderations, I’m sure as hell I will not date any guy after this. Junsu will be my first and last; I don’t think I suit being a.. you know? gay. I just felt comfortable being with him-- feeling secure whenever we’re together. There were no sparks, and I knew there’ll be sparks when I fall in love...”

I smiled at that. Thank god he is now gone back straighter than ever.

“I agreed to date him when I got to know his feeling for me, but I don’t know why on earth I agreed to do that. It was fun, and nowadays, I think about it as my fun experimenting days... Haha!”

“Your experiment in identifying your sexual orientation… Poor Junsu. You are a prick, you know that don’t you?—“We brought our eyes together, looking into each other’s eyes intently.

“Yes, I know that, but he’s the one who can’t accept the fact that I have had an actual relationship with a woman before—“

“Hmm... I still think Junsu deserves someone better.” I commented sarcastically, and he laughed at my point.

“Things started to become out of control when the fans found out about Ayden. They came to our house; to the nursery my mother put him in. That child lost his privacy at the age of four! I don’t want to take his freedom from him. My mom suggested sending him back to the US with full financial support. She even offered herself to take care of him at our house in the US , but things didn’t go as we planned. The Korean and Japanese media went digging more about our scandals, which included following my mom and Ayden to their flight to US secretly...”

The price of fame.

“That’s why you came here of all place? Thinking that the media won’t find you here?”

“I just think we’re less known here, and your media didn’t expose much about us...”

“Yes, that’s true. Most of us knew you from the internet, but I bet someone has already posted your picture from Petaling Street on the internet by now. You got thousands of fans here in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley alone. We might not be as crazy as your fan base in Korea or Japan , but still, seeing you in Kuala Lumpur will excite Malaysian fans exceptionally.” I drank my coffee silently, looking at his stoic exterior once in a while. He stayed silent for quite some moment; lost in thought.

What was he thinking this time?

“I’m hungry...” He said, out of the blue. That was absolutely unexpected.

“Ahahahaha!” I laughed. He is so funny! When I thought he was lost in deep serious thought, he was actually thinking about his hungry stomach!

“Let’s order something to eat—“I got off the sofa to get the phone.

“Elle...” I heard him call my name.


“Jaejoong would absolutely fall for you.” With that, he giggled. I sent him a deadly glare which seemed to fail on my mission to stop his infectious laugh.

“Shut up!” I felt like strangling him all over again! My lips were twitching at the corner, betraying to smile. Damn his infectious laugh...

“Do you know how cute you look wearing my shirt?” Is he trying to flirt with me? Does he think I’ll fall for that? Hell no! This one man was voted by Korean netizens as the most dangerous male in Korea for god’s sake! I will absolutely not fall for that!

“Okay… You hate it when I tell you that Jaejoong-hyung would fall for you if he met you, right?”

I just stayed silent and glared at his amused face.

“Then, what about this one. Urmm...” I hate to admit it, but wanted to wait for his next word.

“Maybe… I’ll be the one falling for you. Will that be okay?” He looked at me with his mischievous, smiling eyes.

“I am so going to kill you!” Yes, I absolutely am going to strangle him to death!

I hate you! You know I’ll fall for that, don’t you? Damn, I hate you!

To be continued...
Beta reader: Skye Lin

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