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Friday, July 1, 2011



*A/N: Back at Elle’s POV.... XD*

Beta-ed by Skye Lin :)

My dad stared at Yoochun with an unreadable expression. “You’re married?” I noticed that Yoochun had his hands grasped into a tight fist. Maybe he was nervous.

“No sir—“Yoochun tried to explain his Ayden relationship situation, but was cut off by my dad.

“So this child here—“

“I’m Ayden!” Ayden huffed at my dad for referring to him as ‘this child’. My dad’s lips seemed to be twitching; I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. My dad had a soft spot in his heart for this smart kid—I knew he did.

“Yes Ayden. I perfectly know your name is Ayden. Let me talk to your dad here for a moment, okay?” I saw my mom rolled her eyes when my dad patted Ayden’s head.

“He is my biological son, sir.” My dad nodded at Yoochun’s answer. Everyone stayed silent for a moment, letting my dad say whatever he needed to.

“It’s Joe.” I smiled at my dad’s words. My mom did so too, but Yoochun seemed confused.

“Pardon, sir?”

“If you want to stay here, stop calling me sir... Call me Joe.” My dad gave Yoochun his serious look.

“Dad, just let him call you Uncle.” I rolled my eyes at my dad’s silliness. He always thought he looked cooler when people called him Joe...

“Can’t I just call you dad?”

“Yoochun-sshi—“I tried to stop him.

“Do you have any intention on marrying my daughter?” There you go. Here comes my dad’s million dollar question.

“Huh?” Yoochun seemed confused.

“Just call him Joe, daddy.”Ayden put his tiny hand on Yoochun’s, rolling his eyes at his daddy’s rare stupidity.

“Haha...okay...” Yoochun smiled at Ayden’s serious tone. Suddenly, Ayden plopped his body in my dad’s lap without shame and asked, “Joe, can I sleep with Miss Elle tonight?” His eyes looked up at my dad adorably, full of hope. No one can hold back their smile at how adorable Ayden was sitting in my dad’s lap.

My dad pinched Ayden’s sharp little nose adoringly and said “Call me Grandpa and I’ll let you sleep with her as long as you want.” I felt like rolling on the floor at the whole sweet yet cheesy situation. My dad had totally fallen for Ayden.

Damn... I think I could probably make a lot of money with that kid! Hahaha!

“Okay, Grandpa...” Ayden smiled brightly.

“You sure got a smart kid here,” I saw for the first time my dad smiling genuinely at Yoochun. I knew my dad just acted the ‘are you going to mess with my daughter’ look while interrogating Yoochun earlier.

“Yeah, but his smart mouth always makes me wonder if I’m good enough to be his dad.” Yoochun ruffled Ayden’s hair lovingly, making Ayden squeal in delight in my dad’s embrace. My sister already has three children, so my parents are already used to have little children around the house. I’m sure Ayden will get much love in this house. Just wait until my younger brothers are home; they’ll spoil him like hell. They love little kids.

“Haha... Don’t worry too much. Being a parent, we’re always full of doubts.” My dad affectionately ruffled Ayden’s already messy mane, earning him giggles from the child. 

My mom abruptly stood up and asked “Do you want to eat anything? Aren’t you hungry?” She already moved to the fridge, pulling out vegetables and noodles.

“We already ate some pizza, but I’m still hungry...” I whined to my mom, helping her carry the vegetables to the counter.

“Miss Elle, I thought you said you wanted to have a long bath when you reached home.”
I forgot that I hadn’t had my bath yet today!!!

“No wonder I smelt something weird when I walked into the kitchen!” My dad was laughing at my flustered expression, and then I saw everybody start to laugh at my silliness.

“Do you really have to say that dad?” I rolled my eyes annoyingly as they start to laugh some more and moved out from the kitchen, heading to my bedroom to get a bath and hide my flushed face. I heard Ayden running behind me.


“I want to see your room!” He seemed excited, tagging along with me as I waited for him to walk next to me. “My room is upstairs; don’t laugh at it because it might not be as elegant or beautiful as your dad’s at your own house.” I held his tiny hand as we climbed the stairs.

“Don’t worry... As long as you’re in it, I bet your room will look pretty, Miss Elle.” I gaped at his remark. How can a four year old kid said something like that?

I smiled at the beaming child who clasped his right hand in my left hand. “Ayden, you know what, if only you were older… I think I’d ask you to marry me.” I laughed at myself inwardly.

Is loving a four year old kid like this considered pedophilic? Dammit! I think I’m in love with Ayden even more! Hahaha!

Ayden laughed at my comment. “Then you should just ask my dad to marry you. He’s an expert in saying sweet, romantic stuff.” I heard him chuckle. “But I still think you should go for Jaejoong. He’s very kind.” Ayden looked up at me with a bright smile.

“Marry me, okay Ayden? Will you?” I mask my face with a serious expression. Ayden looked at me with a blush creeping over his cheeks.

“Haha! I’m just kidding Ayden! Don’t give me that look... I know I’m too old and not pretty or sexy and all—“

“No Miss Elle! I like you very much! You are not too old or not pretty...—“That boy seemed to take things seriously when I just meant to joke around. He was practically frowning.

“Ayden, I was just kidding... Hahaha!” I laughed at Ayden’s silliness, but my laugh died when Ayden suddenly hugged me around my hip. I touched the top of his head.

“I love you Miss Elle... I know you’re just kidding, but I really hope you’ll stay with us. I need you to help me take care of daddy...” I could feel my left leg getting wet.

“Ayden, why are you crying?” I lifted Ayden up. He encircled his small arms around my neck and nuzzled at the base of my neck. I continued walking up the stairs, carrying him to my bedroom. His tears were wetting my neck.

“Jaejoong said something was wrong with daddy and he was so worried for him. He asked me to take care of daddy. Jaejoong said I have to look after daddy when Jaejoong’s not around.” Ayden murmured his worries; I was stunned at them.

“Did Jaejoong tell you anything else?” I put Ayden down on my bed. He sat there quietly, looking at his small palms with a hurt look as if someone had ripped his heart out and put it in his palms for him to watch while he died. I saw him bite his lower lips, and then shake his head.

“Are you worried?” I pulled him into my embrace, trying to comfort him. I felt him nodding his head. “You don’t have to worry so much, Ayden. Your dad is a grown up. He’s fine on his own. Jaejoong was asking you to take care of your dad because he himself was worried about your dad, so don’t think about it too much… Okay?” I heard his breathing hitch up all of sudden.

“The problem is, Miss Elle, I always heard daddy crying in the bathroom. I always saw him waking up at night having nightmares. I always saw him drinking alone all night when he couldn’t sleep, and I always saw him in pain...” Ayden’s fists clutched the front fabric of my shirt, hanging onto it though I was already holding him tightly.

“Ayden, while you’re here living with me, let me be the one to worry about it, okay? Calm down. I’m sure he’s fine. He’s just stressed out working his guts out, right? So it’s a normal thing for him to have sleepless nights and looking stressed out. Okay? I’ll look after him for you as long as you’re here. Will that be okay?”

“I’ve promised Jaejoong...We’ll look after him together?”

“Okay Ayden...” Deep in my heart, I felt like kicking Jaejoong’s butt for burdening this child’s mind with adult worries, but there must have been something serious happening to Yoochun. Jaejoong must’ve been in a desperate position to ask the little kid for help. He must be so worried.


To be continued...

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