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Saturday, June 11, 2011



I hate you! Damn, I really hate you!

“What were you thinking? Ahahahaha!” that stupid Yoochun is still laughing...

“Shut up! You’ll wake Ayden up!” I knew my face probably resembles tomatoes right now, showing embarrassment.

I hate you! Damn, I really hate you! I cursed the day I came to know TVXQ, but not entirely.

“Did I scare you?” he asked, his eyes gleaming with mischief. I panicked when he came closer, jumping and falling backwards on my butt. Thank god the carpet is thick and fluffy!

“What? No! Give me that!” I denied, trying to avoid further embarrassment. I took the towel he was holding and walked over to the bathroom, but his voice stopped me from going further.

“I’m sorry if I freaked you out, but you were spacing out back then, and you are wet! Hehe“

“It’s okay...” I cut his amusement off. He caught me off guard.

“Actually, I just wanted to ask you if you could show me where the police station is... but you came all over here—“

“For Ayden’s sake—“I cut him off again. Silently, I removed the wet scarf from my head. It’s raining anyway, and I’m not heartless enough to leave a child in the rain.

He only wanted to ask me to show him where the police station is? He should’ve just asked me if I could call the police for him. There are so many police officers patrolling the area usually, but on rainy days, they might’ve scattered around to find shelter from the heavy drizzle of the rain.

“Yea, I know, but still, thanks for the umbrella. I think I’ll ask the hotelier to help me call the police, so you can leave after your clothes dry up. It’ll be better if you go back to your house...” he said, carefully. I smiled, nodded, and went into the luxurious bathroom.

“I’ll ask the housekeeper to dry-clean your clothes.” I heard his voice muffling from outside the bathroom’s door, but I didn’t answer him. I continued to rinse myself until I heard the bathroom’s door being open. I froze when the realization hit me hard.

Oh my god, I didn’t lock the door, did I?!

“YAA!!!” I screamed at him; the situation is just unbearable! I heard his chuckles; how dare he enter the bathroom while he knew perfectly that I’m using it?!

“Ya! Stop screaming and give me your clothes! The housekeeper is already here.”

“Are you stupid?! How dare you—“I stayed in the shower, thankful that the wall around the shower is not transparent.

“About an hour ago, you were telling me that you were my biggest fan, and now you’re calling me stupid? Calm down, will you? I’m not even looking! Just throw your clothes to the door. Hurry up!” He tried to release the tension that had built.

“When I said I was your biggest fan, I didn’t mean it as I am your biggest fan! I meant it for TVXQ! It’s Jaejoong that I love the most—“I lied; I’ve always favored Yoochun, but I just don’t want to inflate the insufferable gut’s pride by admitting that I love him more than the other four members.

There is no way that I am going to throw my underwear at him! The housekeeper was stupid for coming at such a bad time! Yoochun was stupid for trying to be nice! The rain was stupid for flooding Kuala Lumpur an hour ago!!! Wait, did I just blame the rain? Sorry God, I didn’t mean it.

“No! Furthermore, what am I going to wear while my clothes are dry-cleaning?” I started to panic again. Where’s the bathrobe? I heard him laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I felt like punching someone, or even my own face for getting myself stuck here in a hotel room with a complete stranger that loves to laugh at my silly action and words.

“The bathrobe is in the closet on the left of the door; just wear my shirt first. I don’t want you to get cold. “He retorted.

“Just, just get out.” I told him to leave because it felt awkward being in here with him.

“Okay, but your wet clothes—“

“Tch, here!” I moved my head out of the shower to get a better look at him and handed him my clothes. He took them and just stood there, staring at my wet head; stunned. I spun around to look at my face in the mirror and examined my flushed red face.

What makes him so stunned? Was it my real face without make up on? It’s not like I applied some heavy makeup, so my face should look the same, right? I hoped that he would please just leave and not make any comments on my lingerie choice

“Red lace? Nice... Haha!” I knew it! Damn. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, stop looking at my clothes! Shut up and get out!” I’m annoyed! Men will always be men; perverts.

“Sorry... ahaha!” he laughed again. That addictive laugh that I always love to hear whenever TVXQ was on variety shows was so real; sincerity with glints of mischief. 

I heard the door slam gently, he left; thank god! I placed my right palm on my left chest. My heart is still racing. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself, and put on his big, black shirt and shorts. It was good that his shorts weren’t that big. Thinking about wearing his clothes without my underwear sent shivers down my spine. I made a mental note to take the shirt and shorts home later. I took a deep sniff of his shirt. Good move, pervert! I inwardly kicked myself, but it smells nice. I heard Ayden’s voice from outside; crying…

What’s going on out there? I should have told Yoochun to bathe Ayden first! Ayden might get a cold… or worse, Pneumonia. What am I doing here again? I never thought I would feel this way after meeting him. I was supposed to get giddy like a crazy fan girl right?

“Elle!” Again!? Is he trying to get himself killed by entering the bathroom twice?

“What?!” I sounded annoyed, because I am annoyed, even though my heart softens up by just looking at his panicked face.

“Yoochun-sshi... what is it? Why are you so troubled?”

“It’s Ayden—“panic mirrored his face.

God, what am I doing here?

“I think Ayden’s sick! What should I do?!” I was right; he is in panic state. It was written clearly all over his face; there is a crease formed between his eyebrows.

“What do you mean you don’t know what to do? He’s your son. It’s impossible you don’t know—“

“I have never taken care of any child before!” veins were starting to pop on his temple; there’s a thick tension in his flawless face.

“What?!” And you said you are his father... Tch!” I retorted, ashamed at his lack of knowledge.

“Don’t you read anything about the TVXQ scandals lately?!”

“No, Move. Let me take a look at him—“I pushed my way past him, getting out of the bathroom. I assumed he followed me. My heart clenched uncomfortably, listening to that little boy’s heart-wrenching sobs. I saw Ayden’s small body, lying on the king-sized bed on his right side, sobbing and shivering. I felt weak all of sudden as I climbed onto the bed, getting next to Ayden. I touched forehead, covered with his wet bangs; it’s burning. I noticed that Ayden is wearing a different shirt and shorts. Despite his burning skin, his fragile body shivered vigorously, and his lips were turning blue. His flawless skin was red from the burning heat.

“You changed his clothes?” I asked, more as a statement than a question, since I already knew the answer. Yoochun came with a small towel in his hand.

“Yes, what’s happening to him?” Yoochun sat next to Ayden, wiping away the sweat that was forming on his son’s face and neck; concern is adorning his face.

“Fever, I guess... maybe we should call the hotel’s doctor.” I suggested. His pale face brightened up a little and he stood up to get the room’s telephone.

“Yoochun-sshi, are you okay? You look pale. Let me call them; go change your clothes—“I don’t want to end up staying here nursing two complete strangers that were falling sick.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Elle, thank you… I don’t know what I’m thinking, but I just get panicked when he cries and shivers like that...“He handed me the phone.

“Yoochun-sshi, don’t worry. My opinions do not matter right now, though I do think you are being silly for panicking over this little thing. Even so, I completely understand, because parents tend to be irrelevant when it comes to their kids.“

I put up my indifferent expression, not wanting him to sense my own panic state. I picked Ayden up from his lying state and put him on my lap, cradling him in order to calm him down. His sobbing was killing me as I dialed the numbers on the phone. I saw Yoochun hesitantly head to the bathroom.

“Mummy...“I was speechless. Ayden is now on my lap, his small arms trying to encircle my waist, and he just unknowingly called me ‘Mummy’! What’s trickling down my cheeks right now? Am I crying?

Sensitive bitch, Stop crying!

“Ayden—“The only response that I can give him at that moment is by saying back his name, and then I heard that my call is being answered.

“Hello... I need a doctor. It’s my son—“

To be continued...
beta reader: Skye Lin

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