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Saturday, May 14, 2011


love is red though your life turns out gray

 Another fic to be cramped here in this lonely blog~ haha! =D This fic is for that certain person, which was crazy enough to request a oneshot from me~ XD


He can’t breathe. The deafening sound of music was mixed up with irritating laughter. The room was filled with smoke and stenches of cigarettes. Some of the staffs were lying unconscious over the comfy sofa, too tired or too drunk to move. Some of them, even after two tiring days, were still having the energy to indulge themselves with more songs, alcohols and cigarettes. The two days concerts were indeed a multiple success. He could see their prides elates in every puff of smoke they exhaled. Despite the depraved looking situation he was stuck in at the moment, he too felt the same about them. But the almost drunk man next to him made him feel the direct opposite about himself.

“You… You don’t have to say anything…” That man’s word was slurred. His eyes appear to be unfocused. “I know everything!” His tone went one octave. His heart drops and rolls on the floor. What that man knows about him? “You have to stop it! It will ruin everything!” By the look of slight tint of blush on his small face, he knew the younger man isn’t totally drunk, yet.

“Hey, let’s get back to the—“

“Shh!!!” That man places his second finger on his lips- silencing him almost immediately. He shortens their head’s distance and whisper. “I know what you feel about me…” Again, his heart skips a beat. “I know exactly how you feel about me!” He gasps at the other male’s remarks. “I beg you to stop it right away coz I cannot… I cannot accept it… I’m a straight guy… I am! You cannot feel anything more than just brotherly love over me… You have to!” That man grasps his left hand. “Swear to me, you will never ruin everything we’ve fought all these years just because of your feelings…” He brought both of their hands over his chest right on top of his heart. “Swear to me!!!?”

He can’t utter even a word towards that man. That demanding whispers ripped his heart. “I can’t… I love you…” Tears streams down his perfect cheeks.

That man groans, frustrated over his stubbornness. “Sorry, but I don’t love you that way… You are my best friend… And I would like for it to remain that way…” That man let his hand go and left.

[Dhusit Thani Hotel- Bangkok]

Drag… One step… Drag… Another step… Drag… She sighs… Her limping legs seem heavier than anything she had ever carried in this world. The dim lighted stairway blurred her already bleak eyes. She heard a vivid sound, coming right from inside her. She tried so hard to listen to it… Ah, it’s the continuous sniveling sound. She’s crying, is she? She stops herself from touching her face as she saw her filthy hands. She studied them- nails so black, filth and covered with drying dirt and her palms; both tattered with small scrape of wounds. The fresh memory hits her like a monstrous wave. She falls to the ground. Her body screams painfully at the relapsing twinge she felt. Her chest tightens as another sobs came out. She has to be in her room- to clean everything. She turns her gaze up the ordinary high stairway, she sighs for the umpteenth time. There is no way she could reach her room with her weak state. Her feet, they are too heavy, just like her lolling head.

“Lea?” A familiar voice echoes through the vacant stairway. “Oh my God! Lea! Is that you?!” Here comes a noisy sound of footsteps- running down the stairs. “Fara!!! Come down here!!! It’s Lea!!!” That voice screams. She opens her eyes and felt a smile creeping up her stiff face as she saw the owner of that panic voice right n front of her. Despite her aching body, her heart seems to ease with unusual warmth.

“Yuu, is that you?” Her voice sounds so weak. She hates it.

“Lea, what happen?” She felt Yuu’s hands strongly trying to grasp her sides, to help her standing up.

“Hehehe… Accident… “She laughs funnily as she let the other girl help her, pushing her urge to wince at the pain aside.

“Yah! You look like crap!” Another voice booming. She raises her gaze at the top of the stairway. It’s her other best friend, Fara.

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” She immediately rejects Yuu’s idea by shaking her head vigorously. “Help me, Fara.” Yuu demands Fara’s help as her energy is not bringing her any success in carrying the limp Lea up to their room.

“Oh, sorry!” Fara skips some steps, rushing to the other two’s side.

“What had happened, Lea?” Fara asked. Through the dim light, she could see the worries etching all over Fara and Yuu’s visages. She shook her head a couple of time. “I’m so sorry for leaving you out there… I thought you had gone back to our room… I don’t see you anywhere, so I get back—“

“Fara, it’s okay… I went back to the store… I left my hand phone there…” She lied. She was actually distracted by a person. She was too distracted until she lost Fara from her sight. Too distracted, that she lost everything she treasured the most; her self-respect.

“You should have told me! Aigoo… We are in Bangkok for god sake! Not KL! Anything could happen to you when you wander alone at night! Man, I feel like smacking you now… Don’t you know how worried we were? You went missing for almost two hours!” Nags Fara.

“Two hours only, Fara… Not two days…” She laughs heartily. “Don’t worry… I’m fine… I… I fell down the street…” She lied again.

“Are you sure you don’t need a check up? Coz you look like hell, Lea?” Yuu who seems to be so quite, suddenly asked.

“No Yuu, I just need a shower,” Yeah, she needs shower. To remove all the filth she felt at the moment. “And I’ll be just fine.” She forces a smile. Blocking all the mental image of her-self, being violated unwillingly at the back of an empty wet alley, by the man she loved the most.



A beautiful sound of piano … Bickering voices… Giggling sounds of a young boy and an older male…

Despite the noisy background, absentmindedly he turns his ring over his left thumb, mind wandering towards unreachable distance. He can’t think straight. Something was missing. No, something was definitely wrong. He just knew it. What the hell is it? His eyes swept over the happy face of his group member. Yunho is happily spinning a little boy around while Junsu and Changmin are bantering over a frigging remote control. Yoochun is sitting at the corner of the room over a piano, one hand entangled with the woman of his life’s smaller one.

His heart starts to throb with a tinge of jealousy. It’s not that he loves that woman. And no, he doesn’t homosexually love his so called soul mate. It’s the fact that Yoochun had found his other soul that brought irk to his sensitive heart. The fact that he never knew how it feels to be madly loved back like Yoochun had, had brought jealousy to his lonely soul. His eyes move from Yoochun and his wife to the ever happy Yunho. His heart secretly used to beat for that man. But even before he got the chance to voice it out, Yunho had firmly told him that they can’t be together for the sake of their friendship. And hell, that man solemnly declares that he is as straight as any normal man could be. Yunho unknowingly had killed his tacit dream.

“Hyung! What is that?” Junsu asked, snapping him back to reality. Junsu’s eyes innocently staring straight at a dirty card he’s holding in his right hand. He took that card out with his left hand and shows it to that younger male. “Ah… A name card… Fad… Fad… Hyung! How to pronounce that name?” Junsu ignorantly ask for his help to read the Romanized name stated on the yellowish card.

“It’s Lea Fadzliana—“ Yoochun’s voice approaching them from distance. That lanky handsome man moves closer to them while that woman just stays there and smiles at the sight of Yunho and the little boy playing on the floor. “I thought you study ABC at school Junsu-ya!?” Comment Yoochun in between his giggles over Junsu’s innocent daftness. Junsu pouts.

He drags Yoochun away from the pouting Junsu into his bedroom. He needs to talk to Yoochun, alone. “Yoochun, tell me again, where did you find me that night?” Yoochun looks confused. “I went drunk after our post-concert party, remember?” Yoochun’s confused face went rigid for a while, but then he appears to be serious.

“Hyung, is something bothering you? Coz you have been asking me this question like more than ten times now—“

“Chun, I need to know! I need to… Gah!!! I don’t know! I just… I just—“He is in fact, hyperventilating. He can’t breathe.

“Whoa… Jaejoong hyung… Calm down…” Yoochun’s eyes wander over the bedroom’s door. Briskly he shut the door and forces the older male to sit down. “Hyung… Tell me, what the hell is happening in Bangkok? You seem to be too caught up with the fact that I found you unconscious at the back of that alley…” Yoochun sit next to him, looking at him in serious manner. “Yunho hyung told me you keep on having nightmares lately… What’s bothering you, hyung?” Yes, lately he had always been having recurring dreams about someone he doesn’t even know exist…

“Chun, when you found me, am I naked?”

“Wh-what?!” Yoochun seems to be taken aback by his query. After a while, the younger male shook his head, “No hyung… Yes, you look like crap that night… But you were properly clothed…” Yoochun had a very suspicious expression plastered over his face. His forehead momentarily forms a deep crease before his eyes snappily went wide at a sudden false realization that starting to hit him. “Don’t tell me you were raped by some gay fans!?”

“Yah! No!!!” Jaejoong feels like strangling Yoochun. “Well, I don’t know…” When he saw Yoochun was about to make another unnecessary comment, he cut him off with the thing that had been bothering him since this past two weeks. “I found this card inside my jean’s pocket… I wore that jean that night, Chun… This card belongs to a girl… Lea should be a girl’s name, right?” He smiled as he saw Yoochun nods his head in agreement.

“What’s the connection of that card with the fact that I found you not naked at the back of Bangkok’s alleyway?” Yoochun ask as a matter of fact.

“Take a look at the back of it, Chunnie.” He flips the filth covered card. There, their eyes found a line of messy hand writing embedded at the back of it. “I was drunk… So… Urm… Do you think, I possibly… Urm…” He swallows his thicken saliva as he saw how Yoochun’s curious expression turns out darker than the storm outside.



[Kuala Lumpur]

“Honey, I think I’ve found her.”

“Really? How did you find her?”

“Ever heard the word Facebook, honey? ‘

“Ahahahah! You are brilliant!”

“Well, thank you… Hehe”

“Are you sure it’s her?”

“Hmm… I think so… At least her name and address fits the name card”

“How’s she?”

“Yah! What do you mean, how is she?”

“Did she have baby bump or anything—“

“Yah! Yoochun! You should have known… If she is two months pregnant, it’s obviously impossible for her to have baby bump yet! Duhh… “

“Yah! I’m just asking—“

“And you should use your head first before asking… Why am I marrying you again? You didn’t even know the basic fact of pregnancy when you yourself are a daddy… Aigoo…”

“Ahahah! You were marrying me because I’m too sexy to resist, remember?”

“Ahahaha! Whatever… Okay, I’m going to approach her… Wish me luck, honey!”

“I love you—“

“That is not a good luck wish—“

“It’s not… I just feel like saying it—“

“Ahahaha! Pabo, I’m hanging up.”



“Don’t tell Jaejoong I made you do this spying thing coz he’ll definitely murder me—“

“He will not kill you, Yoochun-sshi…”

“He will. You know how much he cares about you… Plus, he’s freaking over the fact that he might have, you know, raped someone… He’s thinking too much about his career and all… He’s losing his focus here…”

“If that girl wants him in jail, he would have been in jail right now, honey—“

“I know that… That’s why I want to clear everything up…”

“What if he did have done something wrong on that girl?”

“I don’t know… I just want his focus back on Dong Bang Shin Ki… He needs to know the truth.”

“Yah! She’s here! Talk to you later, honey! I love you!”

“Ok, bye! Good luck! I love you too!”

“Keep Ayden away from my ice cream please? Ahahaha!”

“Ahahaha! Okay… Bye!”


[Anthra Florist- Kuala Lumpur]

“Lea, are you intending to deflower all of my flowers?” Nanthini raises her left eyebrow, questioning.

“Oh! I’m sorry Nanth… Hahaha! I’ll pay for them—“ Nanthini, her friend, the florist waves her right hand to let it pass.

“No need, Lea… What were you thinking about? Are you getting married soon?” She smiled as she heard Nanthini teasingly asking her and laughs at the latter.

“Duh… No… I’m not.” She answers Nanthini shortly.

“Then why are you acting like a damsel in distress?” Nanthini get her focus back to the roses in her hands as she asks her. Her hand that has been busy plucking a red rose’s petals froze at Nanthini’s question. Was it too obvious?

“I’m not stressed… I am just… Well, bored.” She tried to carve a smile.

“Really?” Nanthini seems unconvinced.

“Yes, Nanthini… I’m fine…”

“Yuu and the rest were spazzing over the Bangkok Concert until today, yet you don’t even blurt a line about how gorgeous Jaejoong is during that concert… What had happen?” Nanthini put the roses down and sat across her at the opposite of the table. She ignores Nanthini’s question by shaking her head.

“That woman who came here just now, she’s Park Yoochun’s wife, right?”

“Huh? No… She’s just a look alike—“

“Really? Hmm… What a coincident must it be? The famous Park Yoochun is married to a Malaysian girl and she has a Malaysian look alike? Impressive…” Nanthini’s remarks caught her off guard. Her focus over the ruined rose is now moved to the stately Nanthini. “Don’t tell me you play a mess with his wife, Lea—“

“Yah! No I am not! I’m not that crazy okay? Hahaha!” She laughs at Nanthini’s accusative thoughts. “She said she saw me at Bangkok Concert, so she dropped by to say hi…” She lied. That straight forward woman came to ask her about her encounter with Jaejoong in Bangkok last two months. That brazen woman asked her if Jaejoong ever did anything to her that night. She felt humiliated. She thought Jaejoong must have sent her to keep her mouth shut, but that woman proves her wrong. She said Jaejoong knows nothing about it. So he didn’t remember… Sigh…

“Really?! Wow! Did you ask her for Jae’s number?” Nanthini seems to enjoying herself with the fact Yoochun’s wife dropped by her flower shop to say hi to her husband’s random fan. “Yah… You are stupid if you didn’t ask her—“

“No, Nanth… I didn’t… Urm, I have to get going… Bye—“Abruptly she left; leaving Nanthini alone, clueless.


Her heart thumps like crazy. She needs to be home. The mention of Jaejoong’s name creates a new nauseating sensation at the pit of her stomach. She used to love that man. No, she still loves that man. Damn, she thinks she is still in love with him. Really? Well, she doesn’t know what she felt over him now. She was left empty, yet filled with confusion. The memory of that night, it was rather confusing. She is supposed to feel mad at the man who took her virginity with force, right? But why on earth did her heart longs for him more than ever at the moment? She felt filthy. She has indeed trapped in the labyrinth. Her running feet made an abrupt stop as her lungs screamed for air. Her gaze falls over an empty dark alleyway nearby her apartment.

The memory replays on its own…

She was about to run across the road to catch up with her friend Fara when she heard a sobbing sound of a man nearby. Her eyes fell over a sitting figure on the ground not far from her standing place. “Hey, are you okay?” Other than his shaking shoulders, she noticed that that figure has a shiny short brown hair. His face was hidden in between his knees as he was crying while holding his knees close to his body. His upper body was rocking back and forth, as if trying he was trying to shake off all the sadness he’s having.

“It hurts…” That man sobs… “It hurts so much…” His words muffled. His head was still covered in between his arms. His whole body shook.

“Urm… Do you need any help, sir? Are you okay?”She really shouldn’t come near any random foreign unknown man that she found on the street, she knew that. But her logic seems to fail her at the moment as she notice the familiarity of that voice to her ears and heart. She reached out her hand to touch that shaking body slowly, yet the thing that happens after that was irrelevantly fast and violent.

That man lunged towards her, hugging her in a bone crushing manner. He was then moaning his heart out over her shoulder. She froze when she felt her shoulder being wet by hot tears. So that man was seriously crying. The air was polluted by a foreign smell of expensive perfume. There were hints of alcohol’s pungent stench too. The smell though hadn’t made her into nauseating. After a few minutes of waiting, she tries to gather her strength to push that broken man away. That man seems to notice her effort as his embrace tightens around her and his sobbing sound seems to ebb away.

“Are you leaving me too?” That man asked in heartbroken manner. His voice sound so fragile. She lost her words to reply. That husky voice sends an unusual familiar vibes to her spine. “Can’t you stay for a bit?” His breathe hitched. He broke into another sobbing fiasco. “Why can’t you understand?!” His voice turned harsher than it was before. “I love you! Why can’t you let me stay?!!!” He was practically shouting. His tight grips dug in more than ever. She was startled by his confession.

“Come with me!”Abruptly that man stands up and starts to drag her.

“Oww!!! Hey! Let me go!!!” She struggles. Yet her energy is incomparable with those muscular arms. Her body was dragged, to somewhere she can’t tell. Tears start to prickle down her face as panic took over her calm state. She could see the calamity happening at the end of this event if she fails to stop the raging man. She fought her way out. Yet she was shook hard by those strong arms. That drunken man forces her to hold her gaze at him, his right hand clutching the sides of her jaw painfully.

Her heart stops beating. Her breath totally hitched.

“Stop fighting!” That man, his sad red eyes… His clenched jaw… His flaring nostrils… His everything… She knows him with her heart. “I need this! Please…” His voice, trembling with such pleads. She lost her words as she saw how broken that man was. He drags her shaking body into the back of the alley. It was dark and wet. The stench was almost unbearable.

“I need you…” His voice still holds that trembling sound. As if he was actually nervous over something. He touches her cheek, almost admirably soft.

“Don’t fight me… Stop fighting…” She almost screams as she felt where his other hand was roaming. Yet her attempt met a dead end as those pink chapped lips sought hers in violent manner- shutting her fully. He tastes endearingly bitter. Her hands roughly smacking those covered hard chest in order to stop him.

“I want you…” Everything was as vivid as a dream. The pain she felt as the back of her head banged in a hard way with the scrappy surface of the wet wall behind her when he tried to shut her, it’s just the imminent of everything that comes next. She prays hard, that God would come to save her… When his calloused hand starts to inch her blouse up, she bit his swollen lips. He snaps, earning her a full ten seconds of that man’s attention.

“Kim Jaejoong…. Stop… Please!” She begged to differ. “You don’t want to do this! Jaejoong… Please…”

“Why don’t you want me too?” He starts to cry again. The sight was rather heartbreaking… “I need to feel loved again…” Despite his drunk state, his undivided focus on her face shows her how determine he is. “Can’t you feel me?” He sunk his teeth over her pulse, biting the nape of her neck slowly. She stifles her painful moan by biting her own lower lip. She has to stop him before it’s too late.

“Jaejoong! God… Jaejoong-sshi! Stop….!” She begs. But the more she did, the more he ignores her… She can no longer scream for help as his lips, efficiently covering her mouth in continuous needy kisses. They fall onto the wet ground, brutally trying to defeat each other. To win his and her own battle. But nothing could be done as nature’s cruel fact dawned upon her. Her fragile female body was in no avail to defeat Kim Jaejoong’s crazy needs. There, on that slimy dark back alley, unwillingly, he claimed her as his. 

“Lea?” A voice snaps her from falling further into that painful memory. “Why are you standing in the middle of the road?” A girl she’s familiar with pulls her to the side of that empty road.

“Jas, I… Urm… I’m okay…” She swept away her sweaty forehead with her hand and fakes a smile to Jaslyn.

“You don’t look okay to me… Do you want me to walk you home?” Jas links her left arm over Lea’s and drags her towards her apartment. “Ah, I forgot to tell you… I saw your housemate let a guy get into your apartment…”

“Really? Did you saw who he was?” She politely asked though deep down in her heart, she doesn’t even care since she’s too distracted by her sudden memory replay.

“I can’t see him clearly… But he’s tall…”


Her bag falls to the floor with a great thump as she saw the man Jaslyn had mentioned. Aina giddily runs towards her from their living room and announce, “Lea, I bet you know who he—“.

“I don’t know who he is! Now I want him out of my house!” She cuts her off. Aina looks taken aback by her sudden outburst.

“Lea?” That man, his voice shook her to her very core. Her insides feel like rolling in repellent manner. “I need to talk to you.” His handsome face is filled with guilt. “Please?” His eyes are partially covered with his long bangs, glassy and pleading. She’s torn between her stand. She doesn’t want to have any conversation with that man.

“We have nothing to talk about.” She stated firmly. She can’t even look at that man in the eyes.

“You left a name card—“His reply strikes her hard. How can she forget about that stupid name card she left in his jean’s pocket? “You left me this name card… So I assume you would want me to find you… Right?” That man move closer to her, showing her the yellowish card she recognize. His graceful movement amazes her. As he comes closer, her nose starts to sense that familiar expensive perfume, making her heart to jump in pain. It reminds her of the alley’s stench.

“Aina, can you give us a moment?” She asked her housemate to leave. Aina huffed. With a sulking face, she gets out of the house.

“Kim Jaejoong-sshi. It’s foolish of me to leave it there. It means nothing. I just leave it there because I was angry at you at that moment… I just want you to know that you had hurt someone…” She holds up her tears from bursting. “You were drunk—“That is the truth. She wanted him to feel bad of himself and beg for her forgiveness. But as time fades away; so do her wants.

“I really… raped you?” There’s a horror written all over his blushed perfect face. His voice shook. She remembers how broken he looked that night. A bead of tears falls down his left cheek. “I really did?” She doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. She can’t bear seeing his broken face ever again. She loved him too much. So she did the only thing that she knows would bring back the smile on his face. She shook her head. Once again she lied- just like she lied to that woman earlier.

“I’ve told you… I only leave that card to annoy you… You were drunk, you scared me off… It was terrifying… But you didn’t raped me,” She’s bad at lying. She prays to god that Kim Jaejoong wouldn’t notice it. Her head is shouting the truth, yet her heart told her to say the other way around.

“Really?” He smiled in relief. She missed that smile. He let out airy chuckles, exhaling loudly. “Gosh! You are not lying right?” That smile still wouldn’t leave his face.

“If you really had raped me, I would have report you to the police, Jaejoong-sshi.” She could hear her heart being torn apart. A part of her wants him to know the truth. But nothing would come out from the truth other than a single apology from that man. “I’ve told your friend about it, she’ll tell you everything.”

“My friend? A woman?”

“Yeah, she’s pregnant, maybe… I don’t know… I kinda saw her baby bump… She’s Yoochun’s wife, right?”

“Neh? Oh… Yes… She’s here?” Jaejoong smiles in amusement.

“All of your friends are worried over you… I’m sorry that I made you feel bad about yourself, Jaejoong-sshi…”

“No! Don’t say that! I should be the one apologizing! I hurt you…” He moves closer to her. “I’m really sorry…” He grabs her left hand. “Is there anything I could do to earn your forgiveness?” He earnestly asked.

“Jaejoong-sshi, I left that card with hope that you’ll feel bad, tormented by the fact that you had hurt someone because you were drunk… If you were tormented all these while, so you’re already forgiven.” She pulls a small smile, pushing the electricity she felt running through her skin as he softly touching her hand. A part from her angry soul is starting to forgive him.

“I was dumped by the person I love that night before I even got the chance to tell him my feelings… I made a mistake… I let it get into me… I thought I need something to make me forget… So I let myself drunk… I can’t remember what I did to you… But at the back of my head I know I must’ve hurt you badly… Things always turn ugly when I got drunk… For that, I am so sorry Lea…” His eyes are once again gleaming with guilt and fear- threatening to be filled with another puddle of tears.

“Let me tell you something, though you are a royal pain in the ass when you were drunk, but all these while, you had been my aspirin when I’m in pain.” She chuckles at her own remarks. Jaejoong was looking at her in awe. He must’ve never heard about himself being compared as an aspirin, a common drug that relieves pains. “You have been the cure whenever I was down… You and your friends… You all had always been that way to me…” He smiles at her remarks.

“Well, too many Aspirin is not good right? So I take things that had happen between us as the after-effect of taking too many… Hehe—“ She chuckles- earning her an airy amused laugh following from the fine man in front of her.

“You don’t hate me, right?” He asked after a while.

She sighs. “I practically love you, you know? That’s why I’m giving you a second chance…” She forces a smile to carve over her face. “Stop sulking and work harder, okay?” He laughs listening to her advice. “No more drunken night…” She continues.

“I will not, Lea.” His voice contains unhidden sadness. “I’m sorry, and I will not do that again.”

“Stop saying you are sorry and work it, okay?” She firmly stating. He just nods his head.

“Thank you.” He pulls her into his warm hug. She stops herself from shedding any tears. She is indeed once broken, yet she wants to start anew.



“Hyung! Where the hell have you been?!”

“I met her—“

“What?! You ditch our recordings for—“

“Yes, I met her—“

“Hyung where are you now?“

“Listen to me! I know you sent your pregnant wife here to investigate things happening between us, so don’t you pretend to not know where the hell I was—“

“Yah! I don’t actually send her; she’s visiting her parents, and she really cares about you, so…”

“Hmm… Okay, I understand that…”

“So, you’ve talk to her? How was it?”

“She lied to me—“


“I know I’ve done the worst to her that night, I kinda remember about it… But she said nothing had happened and she just left me her card to freak me out…”

“So what are you gonna do now hyung? It’s not that she wants to have anything to do with you now—“

“Chun, remember when you said everything went black when you fall in love?”

“Err… Yes… What is that have anything to do… Gosh, hyung… Are you—“

“It’s red, Yoochun.”

“Red? Yah! Hyung! You can’t be serious?—“

“Yeah, I’ll paint her heart red too—“

He turns his phone off and ran back to Lea’s apartment.

“Lea!” he shouts at her open door. She looks startled at his high pitch voice. He strides faster into the house just to get near to her shocked figure,

“Jaejoong-sshi, what are you doing—“ He pulls her slim body into his embrace and sought her lips with his. Sealing hers with a single long kiss.

“I know it’s you…” He whispers as air seems to leave his lungs at the long kiss. He opens his closed eyes, only to witness the confusion on Lea’s.

“I want to make everything right again… I want you to really forgive me… I want you to be by my side…” A woman that can forgive his monstrous behavior is someone he can’t ever let go. He wouldn’t want to lose that one chance to be loved unconditionally like that.

“Jaejoong, you’ve done nothing—“

“I remember everything… “ He cuts her off.

“What?!” Her eyes went wide at his revelation.

“I’ve been thinking about you all these while, and when I saw you today, I know I can’t let you go…--“

“But, Jae—“

“I know I sound like a selfish bastard right now, but I promise to make it right…”

“It’s not that simple…” Lea diverts her gaze. She looks confused.

“It’s not, but I wanna try this out, okay?”

“I… I don’t hmmph!!!” He shut her again, with another sealing kiss.

“I have fallen for you…” A bead of tears streams down his cheek. Seeing that, though a smile starts to crept her visage, she cried.


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