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Sunday, June 5, 2011


A single smile can trick millions of beholding eyes. People tend to hide their troubles and sorrow with a smile. What if what you see is not what you’ve expected to look at?

Park Yoochun and the other TVXQ members are widely known for their witty and charming yet playful attitude. They are now on the height of fame. Everybody knows that they have everything; love from millions of fans around the world, money, looks, talent and family members that loves them unconditionally. What if in real life, they are not as happy as what we might think?

Background in Malaysia and a little bit in Seoul, this fanfic brings you to another dimension of the meaning of happiness and sorrow. Elle, a fan of TVXQ –especially Yoochun-- became accidentally stuck in Yoochun's life battle.

Elle was stuck in the middle of his love confusion, and between his battle with time in order to find someone who could take care of his secret 4 year-old son, Ayden. From Elle's Point of View, you could see that Yoochun's perfect life is actually not as perfect as it seems to be.

There's something deceiving in his bright look; secrets were revealed piece by piece as Elle gets through the most challenging moments in her lifetime: saving the heartthrob, his genius-cute child, while she tries to get Yoochun to his happy old life back again with the help of her BFF(Best Friend Forever) Ryn and the other TVXQ members.

Elle wonders if Yoochun's heart is actually for Jaejoong or Junsu, or someone else as she saw. His love confusion is related to his denial over his sexual orientation over and over again. Was he gay? Is he still gay? Is he finally able to realize that he was straight? Or is he actually as straight as any man could be?

A/N: I wrote this up for fun, it's fictional and I suck at writing intros... Hahaha! XD This is my first fanfic ever, I write it long before I did Marching The Black Parade and Jae fic... so just enjoy reading it and review okay? You’re most welcome to throw bricks at me from far away, but no harsh comments please... Just criticize my grammar or the storyline or just point out anything I've done wrong... I’ll try my best to correct them! Cheers! XD

Beta reader- Hainexazien from Season of Mists

Tohoshinki- Begin Live in Tokyo Dome


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