Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Sunday, June 5, 2011



I hate my job... I hate my work place… I hate my colleagues… And most of all, I hate my boss! God, please…do something and make my life better!

My name is Elle. I had been chanting the exact rants for the last two months over and over again –every time, everyday, when I set my foot into my office. As a fresh graduate, I don’t want to complaint about my first ever real job… I’m okay with all the work handed to me… After all, it’s recession time… No one should complaint about loads of work when there are thousand out there jobless! I am thankful… yes, I am… Whenever I went out for work, I would smile… I happily bid my mum goodbye too… but not after my boss stopped me from using internet during office hours...

“Hey...” My supervisor, Mr. Dean said as he smiled teasingly at my door.

“What?” I snapped at him... Did I? I need to check my calendar... maybe my PMS syndrome is starting to kick my self-consciousness off.

“Aw... don’t tell me you’re still mad at Mr. Zack...” 

Yes, that’s his name... Mr.Zack... My boss. I felt like crying... I miss using high speed internet! I miss watching online dramas on mysoju.com... I miss chatting with my YouTube and Facebook friends! And most of all, I miss TVXQ! Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of them? I’m 100% a Cassiopeia –If I live in Korea of course....

“Just let go of it... it has been two months! You refused to use my computer... You refused to upgrade your house internet connection, and you refused to buy your own broadband modem!” He huffed. Did he just huff in front of me? Hehe... adorable! Damn~

“You know my dad hates seeing me in front of my laptop 24/7 surfing the net! You know I’m saving up for my Masters program. I’m tired, stressed out and friendless! I hate this place!” It’s my turn to huff and pout.

Mr. Dean laughs... I know he thinks I’m exaggerating. But hell its true...I am stressed out without my friends! They are working as consultants all over the nation, so I need internet to stay connected to them! Argh! I feel like screaming out!

“Relax... tomorrow’s your day off. Go out and have fun, okay?” With that, he went out to meet some unknown –not that I interested—client.

Yes, he’s right, I need my BFF...I need to release my stress!

“Hello Ryn... Let’s meet up tomorrow... Please...? I missed you so much... I think I’m going to be dead because I’m so bored here...okay?” I called up one of my best friend. Apparently she faces a stressful working life too, and agrees to meet up with me tomorrow for some window shopping and movies. Hmm... Movies and shopping... I smiled. My favorite things to do whenever I’m stressed out...


I felt like crying again... How on earth could a person be so cruel? Ryn’s boss called her to come to the office ASAP or else she’ll lose her job. So she left to her office after meeting me for 5 minutes just to inform me that she felt sorry she couldn’t accompany me today... I hope he’ll rot in hell! So here I am, standing like a fool, underground, waiting for the LRT to finally arrive –so that I can go home and live my boring life again. It is still early to go home. I glanced down at my cell phone... 11:30AM. 

Man, I need to take a break. Unconsciously, I got on the train, and went to a famous crowded place in Kuala Lumpur, namely Petaling Street... I hate being in a crowded place alone... but fortunately I love window shopping, and Petaling Street offers tourist and local people to shop at the most unreasonably low priced items in Kuala Lumpur! Of course, the items are all fake items... but the quality is still relevant...

Oh My God! A fake Coach handbag that looks just like the original!

I walk faster through the crowd to get a better look at the bag. Damn, It looks so... original. Hahaha! It could’ve fool many eyes! While I absentmindedly listened to the salesgirl’s provokes about me being so stylish wearing that white handbag, I felt something tugging my left jeans... right above my knee. My heart thumps as if it’s going to burst...

It can’t be... there’s no way for any animal to be here on Petaling Street! Is it a dog nudging my leg? Oh my God! I hesitantly lowered my eyes to the object that keep on nudging my left knee... If it is a crazy dog, I swear I’ll just... Run.

“Eh?” I’m a bit confused... A child?

“Watch out!” I heard another voice screaming. I don’t know what is actually happening, but the salesgirl is –In slow motion—falling on her back from the ladder she was on while showing me more handbags. She’s falling right onto me. The child... Where is the child??? Ah...there he is. I don’t know where I got that reflex, but I manage to pull that little child away from the falling salesgirl.

“I’m sorry miss! I’m sorry...” The shop owner kept apologizing after she helped her shop assistant to stand up.

“It’s okay, I’m not hurt or anything...” I smiled.

“How’s your son?” Did I hear her right? She’s asking about someone’s son?

Mine was it? Ridiculous… I’m not even married... How on earth would I have a... Wait…
I look down at the little boy in my arms... sniffling his tears. Unconsciously, I saw my left hand go to the back of his head and into his soft dark locks, rubbing it to calm him down.

“Shh... Don’t cry... What’s your name?” The little boy –maybe age 3 or 4 years old-- just looked at me with those innocent gleaming gray orbs with tears... “Where’s your mum?” I put him down, and pull out some tissue paper from my bag... God, his palm is bleeding… There are also some scratches on his uncovered knees... “Honey, where’s your daddy? Did you fall?” I asked him again while cleaning his teary face –and snot of course!

He blinks several times... “Daddy...” and with that, he cried louder. Poor kid... Sigh.

“Hey, don’t... Oh My God... Shhh…” I hug him, trying to comfort him in that crowded place. I actually panicked!

Is his parent some tourists? Asian? His hair color and facial features told me that he is an Asian... His looks remind me of someone. Silly mind... thinking about a Korean heartthrob at this moment is so not cool! But his gray eyes...your dad must be an American, and your mum is an Asian... Hehe... Genius!

“Ayden—“I heard a man’s voice.

“Hey!” I heard my own voice screaming back. The little boy was snatched away from my embrace. I froze at the moment my eyes caught the man’s face.

What the hell? No way! There is no way this guy is real! No way! There is no way this guy is in Malaysia! It is impossible! I must be crazy! Did I just lose my mind? Can loneliness cause me to be delusional? Oh My God! I need to see a doctor! Yes, he must be a look-alike... There is no way... But he seems so real...

I’m speechless... in front of me, standing with his arm embracing possessively at that little boy that I had just saved not longer than 10 minutes ago, is the guy that I never thought would be standing in Petaling Street. Not of all places in Malaysia except the Stadium for concerts. My heart stops beating right away.

to be continued...

photo credit: FRAPBOIS
beta reader: Hainexazien


kenit said...


Wallaweyyy!!! Nice!
very well written!!!
what's the ending?!
who's dat kid and the guy?!
u better x say its just a crazy wild dream of urs...

to be continued...

bass's mistress said...

haih baru start dah tanya ending? :P
ade banyak chapter la...
if rajin nk baca boleh la tggu :P
oh this fanfic is based of a dream ^^

rose mewangi said...

citer apa ni? nape kita tak jumpa pun ...(emmm)..tapi bila baca your comment macam best...hihihih

bass's mistress said...

citer ape? ini bukan drama ye... ini fanfiction yang i tulis hehe! ala2 novel but the character is really out there in real world..