Jika terdapat sebarang cadangan, anda boleh menyatakan candangan anda di mana-mana entri yang dipos-lajukan di sini. Sebarang hasutan berunsur fitnah adalah tidak dibenarkan di sini.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

in d chapter: ear cracking k-oke vs runny nose ayam penyet

so we did scream our lungs out of air...n d ES LILIN part was kinda STUPID...but d whole k-oke tyme was SPLENDID! CONGRATES GIRLS!!!

* no one sing aerosmith's i dun wanna miss a thing better than us*

fact of d k-oke day:
1. nana suddenly become d techni-gal >_~
2. We cramp ourselves (8 of us) in d box >o< 3. Our usual guest star are menk n apai, but yesterday...hahaha...
FARR suddenly over throned them!*
4. We r supposed to sing 17 songs, not 16~
5. Surprisingly we just sang 1 dangdut song???
6. we met cak,cik, pia n edottochan plus fidadida ^^
7. siti's es lilin suddenly jadi
makcik indon's es lilin
8. indon2 kat box belakang at 1 tyme were actually singing mengadap box kita
(adekah diorg nak nyanyi free mcm yg kite slalu buat???)
9. we ate ayam penyet after that...yum3x!!! got runny nose just by thinking of it ~
10. leann is a great photographer!generous too!
*dat's y a pic with me inside it is sumthing rare...u better appreciate it if u find one!*

*i'll post d pic ASAP! wait up yall!!*


menk said...

ngeh2.. yo, i tod on last nite we’d gotta bomb d k-box wif our “most powerful voice” lol especially to our special appearance (farr).. leann, less, tumi and opie was not too bad, but nana seem like not pretty much sang along wif us.. she’s in no mood for k-oke maybe, or bcuz da box is too crowded wif da cutie girls btw ahahha.. yet, and still es lilin is da spoiler one.. so unlucky =[ cuz can not throwing out our(apai&menk) great voice towards da last song huhuhu.. but thank god, it was oredy covering of wif dun wanna miss a thing, sebelum&sesudah and other songs as well hehe..

plus, we had a great nite onwards during our dinner tyme.. ayam penyet is so sedaaaap n sambal belacanz r most wanted!!! No regrets goin there babe, i think we shud catch a 2nd round on next time lol..xoxo!!

:: u nOe u LuV mE :: said...

wah!!!d sambal belacan ROX!!! make my nose runs wif ayaq idung!

hey menk, i'm always not bad laa...if u said not too bad, that mean u r saying my voice sounds horrible!* i'm pissed* hahah! neway, it is too crowded...n tumi said she got dizzy sitting on d floor...poor our 3 friends...maybe next tyme we hv to book a bigger room...in daiman jaya or angsana maybe...by that tyme we'll bomb d k-oke place for real!true about nana our techni-gal, i wanna hear her voice more~


menk said...

hehehe.. pls dun get me wrong leann.. okey, let me do sum correction here.. not bad means ur voice isnt terrible n not horrible too!! sorry for my wording error, my apologies!!! yaya, i do admit ur voice is nice and greater than others.. rite guys? bunch of us were noticed oredy hohoh!

Owh, bout the plan yeah i agreed.. we shud book a bigger rum nxt time.. poor tumi and others, got dizzy sitting on the floor huh? Act, i oso got cramp even tho sitting on the chair..too crowded lol!! But, nonetheless da day was really great..

:: u nOe u LuV mE :: said...

ya guys.....
chinca boya!!!dun forget bout me...im da main vocal.... hahaaaaa....jom!!!!ble 2nd round???